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You, Me and Dupree: Sometimes Three Can be a Crowd

Owen Wilson in Universal Pictures' You, Me and Dupree - 2006

Carl and Molly are just starting their married life together, complete with a cute house, stable jobs and the routines of newlywed existence. Into this idyllic lifestyle walks Carl's best friend, Randy Dupree. Carl, played by Matt Dillon (Crash and Wild Things) is a real estate developer and has given up the carefree lifestyle that Dupree still follows. Dupree, portrayed by Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers and Starsky and Hutch) is a perpetual bachelor, "works to live, not lives to work" and rarely holds a job for long. Molly, played by Kate Hudson (The Skeleton Key and Raising Helen) is an inner-city school teacher whose father employs Carl. Dupree has no job (again) and nowhere to live, so Carl invites him to sleep on the couch for a few days, but doesn't consult Molly about it. Initially, Carl is happy to have his old friend around. It is Molly who bears the brunt of Dupree's immature antics. Meanwhile, Carl is dealing with his father-in-law's passive-aggressive dislike toward him. Mr. Thompson, played by Michael Douglas (Wall Street and The In-Laws) is a successful architect/real estate developer who tries to emasculate his son-in-law whenever he can, but he does it in such a way that you think you may be misreading him. As Carl buries himself in his grown-up job, Molly and Dupree find a common ground for a friendship. Everyone seems to fall for Dupree's carefree wisdom and charm, even Mr. Thompson. This frustrates Carl to no end. Well, there is eventually an end, but it seems to take forever to get to it.

The Blonde: Okay, Kate has GOTTA be the cutest actress out there. She is ‘SO’ the NEW Meg Ryan! This film was like all the other romantic comedy films that needed more comedy, umph, and a better storyline to make it a true hit!

The Maven: I wanted to like this movie and a few times I did. This was a romantic comedy and a buddy comedy rolled into one. It had potential, especially with its stellar cast. It wasn't the actors who failed, it was the writers. Owen Wilson had most of the funny lines and his character was the most well-defined. I am a little tired of his whiney voice and his Zen-like delivery. He is cute, but are you a little distracted by his nose? I know he has broken it several times. Maybe it is time he fixed it.

The Blonde: Would it be too tacky of us to put down Owen’s nose? Have we become this shallow? Aren’t we better than that? The heck with it… OWEN, FIX YOUR NOSE!! Is it broken, bent, crocked or all of the above? It actually looks like it hurts him all the time. He must need pain killers when he has a cold. He must use 10 hankies to blow that thing. Okay, I am done now. Other than that, I do like him. I hope in the future, however, he tries for some characters and films that show him off more as a versatile actor. He is beginning to type cast himself. Owen, look for a drama and stretch as an actor and go seek out a plastic surgeon! We still love you, though!

The Maven: Until the movie Crash, I was never into Matt Dillon. I am still not into him, but he did show he could act in that film. Unfortunately, he wasn't given much to work with in this film. When he was happy, he was boring. When he was upset, he was a grimacing bore. Even Kate's character wasn't written very well. She was too good to be true, a little too bland, but she looked good in a bathing suit and stiletto heels.

The Blonde: Kate is SO adorable and such a terrific actress. It is a shame she was lost and wasted in this bad script. However, she is just that adorable that her light was still able to shine in this film. Not since her mom, Goldie, has there been such an adorable precious actress. They are so incredibly alike, down to their bodies and voices, that it only seems natural that they play the same type of roles. Do you think Goldie is jealous of Kate or just simply put, proud? It was interesting to see Kate in a skimpy, sexy swimsuit like her mom wore in the film, Overboard. Both ladies looked amazing. As for Matt, he just doesn’t do it for me at all. I can take him or leave him, and in this film I would totally have left him and so should have Kate’s character! But… then it would have been a romantic drama.

The Maven: Kate is a lot like her mother, but Kate is good on her own merit. Should she be punished for taking after her mom?

The Blonde: NO, more like LUCKY!

The Maven: Okay then! This has nothing to do with the movie, but I would like to weigh in on something.

The Blonde: I find that a scale always works for me! If you’re going to step on one, though, I suggest you do so in the morning before you eat ANYTHING and make sure you are naked! Oh, and eat very light the night before!

The Maven: Maybe you should think of writing comedy. Anyway, did you see where the Italian magazine, Chi, ran a picture recently of Diana in that black Mercedes, dead? Her sons did and they were very upset. Even the British tabloids that are notorious for their lack of restraint never ran that picture without blurring her body. William and Harry stated that they felt the picture was disrespectful to her memory. They want to protect her in death as she had protected them in life. I am impressed with that!

The Blonde: AWWWWW! That is so sweet! GREAT, Now that you brought up my princess, you’ve made me sad! I need a minute….Okay, I am back and was just thinking ….What does that story have to do with weight?

The Maven: Oh you poor dumb BLONDE! NEVER MIND! Did you notice that Star Jones was not in the news this week? Now, if only George Bush and Dick Cheney would leave office! THAT WOULD SEND ME TO SEVENTH HEAVEN!

The Blonde: REALLY! I couldn’t agree with you more there, Mav! Speaking of which, why do they call it seventh heaven anyway? Are the first six heavens not as good?

The Maven: Maybe they have too many scales there to weigh in on!

The Blonde: MMMM….MAYBE!

The Maven: If you are a diehard Owen Wilson fan, then maybe you will like You, Me and Dupree. You certainly won't enjoy much else about it. This cast deserved so much more from the writer than they got. I rate it a C- for its conspicuously common writing and its constant failure to reach any potential of a good romantic/buddy comedy.

The Blonde: WOW, that is quite harsh coming from you, you sound like me! I too was disappointed in the lack of imagination in the writing and comedy. I too rate it a C- and I am being kind! I can’t make it less because Kate is too cute! For your film snacks, if you must go to this film, try some Milk Duds candy for this DUD of a film!

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