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The Blonde and The Maven Review July Movies: “Sicko”… Is It Ever!

In “Sicko,” Michael Moore is calling attention to the treatment of a sick U.S. health care system. He does so with inteligence, comedy and incisiveness. Moore asserts that this problem MUST be fixed. Even though Moore has a knack of ticking people off, this film may be his least controversial film to date. Moore's new documentary sets out to investigate the American healthcare system and sheds light on the complicated medical affairs of individuals and communities as well as the dilemma of 47 million uninsured Americans. In addition he films those who think they have health insurance, paid for with years of premiums, only to be denied a medical procedure they desperately need. SOUND FAMILIAR, FOLKS?

Moore traces this tragic situation back to President Nixon (oh, what a shocker!) caught on the infamous White House tapes. He takes on the challenge, going not only to Canada, but to Britain, France and Cuba to get to the bottom of what the rest of the world seems to be doing right!

The Blonde: I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican (okay, yes I do, but let’s let that go for now), this is a MUST SEE film for EVERY single American! This is such an important film about such a crucially important topic. Health care for every single American is now a crisis in this country. Yes, CRISIS. Well that is, unless, you are working for a big corporation (Paris Hilton) that gives you health care which actually takes care of you and your pre-existing conditions and pays for your meds, ridiculous co-pays, and doctor’s and hospital visits.

The Maven: I was certainly disappointed in the film “1408.” I was not scared at all. John Cusack, as usual, turned in a solid performance. Had the movie been advertised as a tense drama, I would have been happier. The movie is not bad, it’s just not fulfilling in a Stephen King way.

The Blonde: NOT SCARED, I’ll give ya somethin’ to be scared about, girl! Why are you ignoring me? And when you submit a doctor’s bill, they actually pay it like the policy says they will and when you are let out of the hospital for a major health condition, they actually pay it and don’t drop you and … you then don’t pay the high premiums each month that go up like crazy every year until you cant pay it anymore and….

The Maven: Thank G-d the movie “Transformers” was not a disappointment. I remember my oldest son watching the “Transformers” cartoon and how real they seemed to me. The movie brought them to life even more so. The action scenes are incredible. Shia Lebouff has a great future in the industry.

The Blonde: Great future? Where are your politics? Why are you skirting this issue?

The Maven: While I never liked Vanessa Redgrave’s politics, her acting is top notch. Her performance in “Evening” is truly stellar. This movie was a true tearjerker! The story was worth the tissues. It was sweet and a must see for all women!

The Blonde: Tearjerker? I’ll give ya somethin’ to cry about! Why are you changing the subject? You don’t work for a major corporation! Today, even if you are an individual with a pre-existing condition, you cannot get health coverage even if you want to pay the $1,000 premiums each month, plus deductibles! Hey Mav, YOU ARE IN THE SAME BOAT! Why are you acting like you are oblivious to this issue?

The Maven: Now that I’ve seen “Oceans 13,” I can’t wait for “Oceans 14!” I love the camaraderie between the guys. I always enjoy the tension that mounts through the movie until they pull off the con.

The Blonde: Con? I’ll give you a big con! Even if you hate Michael Moore -- and many people do -- this is a brilliant, thoughtful, sensitive, accurate, and very well done film. I have a new respect for the man. I am sure every person either has or knows someone who has been put through the ringer from the health care in this country. I think Moore has brought this problem to the forefront for all to see, even if they are or have been oblivious to it all along…. Like our Mav here!

The Maven: OKAY! YOU GOT ME! Go ahead, make fun of the fact that I have moved and now live in such a hick town that “Sicko” is not even playing in any theater near me.

The Blonde: EXCUSE ME? You did not see “Sicko”? Now that is sick! You had time to run all over town seeing “Oceans 13,” “Evening,” “Transformers” and “1408,” stuffing your face with popcorn, and you couldn’t even drive a few extra miles to a bigger town? I am SO disappointed in you!

The Maven: Well, I could have driven an hour to Jupiter, but I don’t like their popcorn!

The Blonde: Well, at least THAT IS a good excuse! By the way Mav, did you get to see the concert for our Princess Diana that her sons gave to raise money for her charities? I cannot believe she has been gone ten years!

The Maven: My dear, darling Blonde, I WAS THERE!

The Blonde: That is why you didn’t see “Sicko”! Bad popcorn, Jupiter, yeah right! “Sicko,” although upsetting at times because it is real and true, is presented in such a wonderful style, adding humor, which only brings the point home more. I applaud Michael Moore for asking why our great nation cannot do better by its people! I say, thank you Michael Moore for this film that might help to WAKE UP AMERICA! I rate this film an A…WHO INVITED YOU, WILLIAM OR HARRY?

The Maven: I’ll let you just fester on that and get sicko!

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