May 28 - June 3, 2004 • Vol. 24 - No. 22

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Shrek 2
—Shrekingly Funny the Second Time Around

by The Blonde and The Maven
Film Columnists

Shrek 2 revisits the loveable ogre played by Mike Myers (Saturday Night Live and Austin Powers) and his ogre-rific new bride Fiona, played by the adorable Cameron Diaz (Something About Mary and Charlie’s Angels). After a hilarious honeymoon montage, the newlyweds happily return to their home in the swamplands. As soon as they return home, they receive a summons from Fiona’s parents to come to their Kingdom of Far Far Away. Fiona’s mother, Queen Lillian, portrayed by icon Julie Andrews (The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins), and her father, King Harold, portrayed by John Cleese (Monty Python), want to meet her new husband. The donkey, played by Eddie Murphy (Beverly Hills Cop and Dr. Doolittle), insists, as always, on tagging along. The Royal parents and the townspeople are not only shocked to find out that their beloved Fiona married an ogre, but learn she’d become one as well.

Eventually, the plot introduces us to the sinister world of the Fairy Godmother, played by Jennifer Saunders (Absolutely Fabulous), who operates a vast factory manufacturing potions and hexes. One such potion is her Happily Ever After elixir, which transforms ogres into humans and makes anything beautiful.  The Fairy Godmother will stop at nothing to have her precious son, Prince Charming, wed Fiona and eventually wear the crown of the Kingdom of Far Far Away.

A  few new colorful characters are present in Shrek 2, which really enhance the movie. The Casanova cat, Puss and Boots, meowed by, I mean played by, the forever sexy Antonio Banderas (Zorro, Desperado, and not to mention Melanie Griffith’s hubby) after being sent as a hit man for Shrek, comically and adorably winds up ironically joining forces to help Shrek. Larry King gets some laughs as the Ugly Stepsister. The pompous and pouty Prince Charming, Rupert Everett, (My Best Friend’s Wedding) beautifully demonstrates the relentless arrogance of a spoiled “mamma’s boy.”

Shrek 2 keeps you on your toes, just like the first one did, as it races against the clock to keep the damsel in distress Fiona from ending up with the wrong guy.
The Blonde: Shrek 2 was like Meet the Parents and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner meets Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast meets Pretty Woman! I loved every second. I didn’t want it to end. It swept me away, just like a new hair-do. Did you know this was a true story?
The Maven: Only in your fairy-tale world, honey.

The Blonde:  Even though this was a simple little story, it kept my interest. I wondered where they would take the characters. I was so impressed by the unique and original characters that I really had a great time watching. I kept having to remind myself that they were only animation and not real people, very much like the characters in my own life.

The Maven: I was enchanted with the fairy-tale bashing humor of Shrek 2. It was as imaginative as it gets. This is summer escapism at its best. The ensuing hijinks take you through parodies of Disney as well as Hollywood. Along with the theme of the original Shrek, this story emphasizes the danger of only looking skin deep.

The Blonde: Sorry to interrupt, but what’s wrong with only looking skin deep. I don’t have a problem with that unless the skin has wrinkles. Then there might be some dangers of plastic surgery.
The Maven: I rest my case!  And by the way, did you notice that all the woman characters had big boobs.
The Blonde: Of course. They all had implants! That’s Hollywood, babe.
The Maven:  How do you know they weren’t real?

The Blonde: Too perfect! Speaking of purr-fect, Mr. Banderas really is typecast when it comes to the cats meow! He shines sex appeal even through animation. I think he stole the movie.
The Maven: Definitely!  Only he could make a cat so hunky and desirable. I thought the Fairy-Godmother character was genius.

The Blonde: “Ooooooh,” and how the story was alive with the voice of Juuuulieeeee……Sooooooo,  oooooo,  ooooo,  poised and  proper as always. Sorry, now back to you…Ga-head….

The Maven: Another wonderful thing about this movie is its vast appeal to all ages.
The Blonde: I totally, like totally, agree. Everyone will enjoy it. One more point I’d like to add is that the musical production interludes beautifully tied the whole story together. Also, being shallow and vain as I can be sometimes, I would have liked to see a different ending.

The Maven: I disagree. The ending was as it should have been. The whole point to the movie is to be happy with who you are.
The Blonde: Yeah, if you are gorgeous like Cameron Diaz…otherwise, I always recommend change. “Can we talk?!” And, by the way, Joan Rivers also did a cameo. Whatever! This is an outstanding, originally brilliant, old-fashioned fairy-tale gone modern. It’s funny, creative, and not to be missed. I want to see it again just for the laughs alone. Being a sweet little movie, I rate Shrek 2 accordingly and give it an A. Any snack you want will work well. However, for the movie, they have made ogre sized M and M’s. Enjoy!

The Maven: I agree! I, too, rate it an A and raise you one. I already saw it twice!
The Blonde: Ouch, I feel so betrayed. You cheated on me.
The Maven: It wasn’t the first time either. I saw Troy twice, too…
The Blonde: Witch!

The Maven: Ha, ha, you’re being censored!
The Blonde: Fitch!

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