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  May 8, 2006
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May 08, 2006
 Mission: Impossible III—This Film Hits the Mark
 by The Blonde and The Maven

Sometimes, movie franchises lose their steam with continued sequels. Look at The Matrix. The third installment couldnt hold onto the fan base. Maybe the studio should have hired J. J. Abrams (Armageddon, Regarding Henry, Forever Young, “Alias,” “Felicity,” “Lost”) for that one. He co-wrote as well as directed Mission: Impossible III, and he more than holds the fan base on this one. You expect action and violence with a Mission: Impossible movie and you get that and so much more.

We find the IMF operative Ethan Hunt now retired from active duty. He trains IMF agents and his recommendations determine weather an agent goes into the field or not. Ethan, played by Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible and Vanilla Sky), is about to be married to Julia, a nurse. Julia is played by Michelle Monaghan (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) who thinks her fiancé works for the Transportation Department. When Ethans protégé Lindsey is captured while on her first assignment, he is compelled to rescue her. He gathers together his team for this impossible mission. Working tech support is his old, wisecracking friend Luther Strikell, played by Ving Rhames (Dawn of the Dead and Entrapment). Declan, portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Velvet Goldmine and Match Point), is the transportation man and Zhen, played by Maggie Q (Manhattan Midnight and Gen-Y-Cops), is the undercover operative. They rescue Lindsey and now Ethan is involved in taking down the man who captured and tortured her. He is an arms dealer and a really, really bad guy named Owen Davian. Owen is played by Best Actor Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote and Along Came Polly). The IMF Agency has been trying to bring Owen in for a long time, but he is impossible to get close to. Ethan and his team manage to get him, but cant keep him. When Owen escapes, he threatens to kill Ethan, while his wife watches. Now, Ethan must protect his wife as well as the security of the USA!

The Blonde: COOL MOVIE, DUDE! Don’t ya just LOVE the theme song? Mission: Impossible III was like all the other Mission: Impossible films (only better) meets Bond, James Bond meets Die Hard meets Face/Off meets Star Wars who all meet Superman. I really wanted to hate this film, as I am not too happy with Tommy these days. However, it was really a terrific, BIG BUDGET, action packed film, just over-flowing with some of the best most unbelievable special effects ever seen on film. The first few minutes started out with a bang, but quickly became a bit dull. Then, out of nowhere, the film just took off like wild fire. The storyline was great, as were the characters, acting, and directing, not to mention the fabulous complex editing. This was a very well done, high tech, brilliantly paced film. The directing formula of taking some time before the action and reaction was simply outstanding and lead to a greater build up of true, old-fashioned suspense. OKAY, TOM, kudos to you!
The Maven: I am a big fan of J. J. Abrams. I love his work on “Lost” and credit his input on this film to be why it worked so well. His artistry is most obvious in the action sequences. They were well grounded to the characters and their storyline. The consequences of the action were real to the plot, not just a sequence of events to dazzle you. The film delivers on its promise for high energy, excitement and intensity. Although some of the plot is unbelievable, a good filmmaker can elicit belief anyway. I didnt think I would enjoy a film starring an opinionated weirdo, but I did. In fact, Toms acting was good in this film. It was obvious that he did many of the stunts himself, but he also was able to summon an intensity to his acting that worked well for the character he was playing. Or maybe it was the fact that he broke several ribs while doing some of those stunts that he was able to produce believable tears!
The Blonde: I thought the tears were just a lot of Visine! It was kind of cool to see Philip be such a bad guy. He turns every role he has ever done into a stellar performance. He is just THAT good and versatile. The girl Maggie Q was just stunningly beautiful in her red dress and up-do with a body to kill. I hardly noticed her acting! Mav, didn’t you think Tom looked MOST excellent and quite young. I thought he looked particularly handsome in a yarmulke! It is obvious, though, that he has been hitting the Botox bottle hard on his forehead. Either he has been doing LOTS of plastic or Katie has been very good for him! Although he is quite the handsome mega-star, I will stay faithful to MY Clooney and Banderas! By the way, I really loved Tom’s shades! Do you think he shaves his chest? SO MAV, what was all that choking you were doing in the middle of the film? Like, everyone was staring at you!
The Maven: I was so into the film that I was stuffing my mouth full of popcorn and I was choking on it! But thank you for your concern. And maybe people wouldn’t have been staring so much had you not been banging on my back so hard!
The Blonde: Oh, that was your back? Girl, do you need a massage! You are just so ungrateful. What about the concern I showed you when I threw water in your face to help you?
The Maven: Don’t quit your singing job; nursing is not for you! Philip Seymour Hoffman raised the quality of the movie as well. When he was on screen, there was no one else to look at. He gets better with each movie he makes. Wouldnt it be interesting to see a prequel to this film, with the storyline centered on Hoffmans character, Owen Davian? Ya know, how he became the evil man that he was. A nice romance went bad with a little government betrayal thrown in for fun. Maybe he was doing business with Dick Cheney and Dick accidentally shot his lady. Its possible!
The Blonde: But of course, it is possible! So Mav, do you think that Katie was jealous that Tom was quite cuddly with Michelle Monaghan?

The Maven: Well, hey, let’s not forget that sweet Katie had a love scene in her film, Thank You for Smoking! I think Katie will keep Tom on his toes and I do mean literally, as she is taller then him. I really liked how this installment of Mission: Impossible went back to the theme of the TV show—a well-connected team of agents centered around a bold and heroic leader. That mask-making process was so cool and Tom playing Philip in a mask was just like the old show. Why doesnt someone do that for George W. so he doesnt come off looking so stupid?
The Blonde: OUCH! I want to add that the music in this film was fantastic. It really added to every scene. It was absolutely thrilling. Dant dant dant dant dant dant DANTTTT!!!!!

The Maven: Although it pains me to say it, I enjoyed this Tom Cruise movie. It was more personal and intimate than I thought it would be for an action movie. The special effects were great without overpowering the story. The supporting cast was very good and there was just the right amount of humor to take the edge off. I rate this film a B+ for its better writing and its back to basics style.
The Blonde: This was my favorite performance Tommy has given since Jerry Maguire. I am still upset with him, though, and think he should stick to making films. I too rate this impressive film Mission: Impossible III a B+. For your movie snacks, enjoy some Whoppers, as this movie is a big one!



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