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The Maven and The Blonde Review “Knocked Up”

Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen in Universal Pictures' Knocked Up - 2007

There are a lot of fun summer movies out there and we plan on seeing all of them, eventually, either at the theater or on DVD, or both….but for now, we begin with “Knocked Up.” We were afraid this would be on the raunchy side, but it wasn't.

An up and coming entertainment journalist, Alison Scott, played by Katherine Heigl (“Grey's Anatomy”), is out at a club with her sister celebrating a recent job promotion. She meets a funny guy and ends up taking him home for a one-night stand. Eight weeks later, she learns she is pregnant. After contacting Ben, her one-night stand, she decides to keep the baby and elicits Ben's help. Ben Stone, played by Seth Rogan (“You, Me and Dupree” and “40 Year Old Virgin”), is a likable underachiever who seems committed to the father tract, but we soon see that he is ill equipped to handle what should be the next phase of his life. This film was written and directed by Judd Apatow, who also did the same for “40 Year Old Virgin” and “Talladega Nights.”
The Blonde: LOVED this film. I was expecting a lot of stupid and over the top scenes. Therefore, I was so happy and surprised that it was a quality film. I actually didn’t want it to end. The characters were loveable and well defined. The pace was great, and at no time will you be bored. The characters grow and will surprise you in the end. Even though it is silly at times, it is warm, touching and funny.
The Maven: This film really surprised me. Yes, it was awash in the juvenile culture, but it has a very interesting message. It's time for these slackers to grow up. Ben wants to take the next step, but doesn't know how to accomplish his goal. When he figures it out, it may be too late. I liked how the film wasn't a storybook romance. These people were forced to get to know each other, and then they became friends. Each scene was hilarious. This ensemble cast hit every note perfectly. The writing, directing and acting meshed together well. I really enjoyed it.
The Blonde: Speaking of meshing together well…Poor Rosie. I don’t blame her for leaving “The View” early. She is so misunderstood and misquoted. I bet Trump is gloating more than usual! However, he is discredited, as he put down everyone of the show as well.

The Maven: He is really turning out to be a hateful man. I wonder if something has happened to him. He never used to be this way….

The Blonde: He was nice to us when we met him.

The Maven: He was. Now I wonder what he was really thinking of me behind my back.

The Blonde: Well, maybe he talked behind your back, but I know he loved ME!

The Blonde: You are so mean. Welcome back!!!! So, who do you think will replace Rosie?

The Maven: WELL, I think someone unknown to the television community. Possibly someone in print journalism. Someone familiar with gossip and politics and especially movies!

The Blonde: OH MY G-D! They are going to be calling us! HOW TOTALLY PERFECT. We would be so great.

The Maven: No, dear. They can only use one person to replace Rosie!

The Blonde: OH, Mav, I AM SO SORRY!!! IT WAS NICE WORKIN’ WITH YA’, though!

The Maven: Yeah right, Blonde ...Joy Behar would tear you apart!

The Blonde: Well, good. At least I won’t wonder what she saying behind my back! See you next month! Readers, don't worry... we will still write for Entertainment Nes and Views when I am on “The View!”

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