July 2 - 15, 2004 • Vol. 24 - No. 27

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Fahrenheit 9/11—A Temperature-Raising
Movie Experience, Not to be Missed

by The Blonde and the Maven
Film Columnists

Hold on to your hats, folks, because we have much to say about this daring documentary/film. Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 is a documentary on what Moore sees as a failing and dangerous presidency and less of an expose of George W. Bush. Unlike Moore’s previous documentaries, Roger and Me and Bowling for Columbine, which included diverse views for both sides, Fahrenheit 9/11 only exposes one side. Through mostly news footage and commentary by Moore, we see that George W. Bush owes much to family and friends of his family. We see, time and again, how they bail him out of bad business ventures. When your family’s friends are Saudi Arabians in high places, you get the benefit of 1.4 billion dollars in financial aid. The film takes you through the contested presidential election of 2000, Bush’ beginning months of presidency, the devastation of September 11th, the American attack on Afghanistan and Iraq, corporate scandals, the aftermath of the wars, and Americans who have personally suffered through all of this. He attempted to give answers to questions left on the minds of many Americans.

The Blonde: Well, this movie was like, like, like? This movie was like nothing I have ever seen before... It stands alone! Fahrenheit 9/11 was an extremely overwhelming, powerful, mind-blowing, enlightening, informative, emotional, in-depth, behind -the -scenes account, as we have never been told thus far. BRAVO to Michael Moore for having enough courage and human conscience to write and research this brilliant documentary.

The Maven: I disagree. Although the movie doesn’t reveal anything we haven’t heard before, it does put everything together in one concise neat package. The film is very one -sided, of course, and while hindsight is 20/20, nothing in the past can be changed. However, Moore knows this and probably hopes to keep Bush from being re-elected. By selectively editing stories to meet his agenda, this film may do just that, while entertaining you as well. It is one man’s crusade against the current incumbent of the White House.

The Blonde: Okay! We are given the right to freedom of the press, but we are not allowed to print lies and false allegations without risking defamation of character. Don’t you think, if this information we were presented with was slanted, false, or inaccurate in any way, the Bush administration would have used their power to stop this movie from coming out and sued Michael Moore... or worse? Especially in an election year! I am not the biggest fan of Michael Moore, as he has pulled many stunts before. Remember the outburst at the Academy Awards ceremony last year? Maven, I just can’t disagree with you more about Moore’s one -sided view. I was initially worried that this film would be slanted unfairly and without documented proof. I was apprehensive it would be uniquely and unfairly opinionated. To my utter shock, there was more evidence and proof than I even wanted to know! Maven, I also want to say that I don't like the nail polish you are wearing this week. GA-head…

The Maven: Blonde, how can you not see how one -sided this film is? Moore reduced decades of American foreign policy and blames the Bush family, ignoring facts like the arming of Afghan rebels, which began with the Carter administration. Let’s not forget either that Clinton failed to pursue Al-Qaida after the 1998 embassy bombing in East Africa. This is the nail polish you bought for me!

The Blonde: Mumbo, Jumbo! I don’t think that Moore cared to focus on those facts as much as the current situation we are all living through today. That was the past. The problems he addressed are now, and he wants a president to address the current foreign policy and problems that face Americans today. I found myself living through so many emotions watching this film. I was crying, laughing, disgusted, amazed, shocked and experiencing some feelings I didn’t even know I had. Hey, sounds like the common P.M.S. attack!  A little warning: don’t get to the theater late. The first 10 minutes grab you so intensely that you will be completely glued to your seat. The next two hours will be a ride like you have never seen before. Some scenes are quite hard to watch, but you will. Maven, your shoes have seen better days as well. There is a sale at your neighborhood thrift shop… You should go!

The Maven: The entire movie was a recounting of the past and how it led to our present foreign policies. The mumbo jumbo is what got us into the predicaments we now have. That said, I too felt very emotional throughout the movie. My anger kicked in with the powerful scene detailing the voter disenfranchisement in Florida. There were 10 representatives who wanted to open a debate on the 2000 election and were silenced because no senator would sign off on the document. Oh my gosh, you’re commenting on my shoes. You’re just jealous because they didn’t have your size the day I bought them….
The Blonde: I don’t want to come off too political in any way, as that might hurt my blonde reputation that I truly cherish and stand for. But…I insist that every American must take the privilege of voting to heart and run out and vote this election year. I don’t care who you vote for, if you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Just vote! I strongly urge everyone, however, to see this documentary no matter what your political views may be. It is the responsible thing to do. To learn things you might not know or realized is crucial before voting.

The Maven: I agree at last, with your previous comment. Michael Moore makes a good start for me in educating my son on the importance of making informed decisions. My son is now of voting age and he will see this movie.

The Blonde: After seeing Fahrenheit 9/11, I found myself speechless for hours. I am never speechless. I started talking at eight months old and haven't shut up since. The last time I felt this nauseous, I was in my first trimester of pregnancy. I, unlike the Maven, felt Moore’s film was more fact than personal agenda or crusade. I am confident more of you will feel as I do about Fahrenheit 9/11.

The Maven: Where was I when you were ever speechless? This movie contains some intensely serious scenes, mixed with absolute hilarity. The ironic humor makes the seriousness Bush’s White House policies all the more real. This movie is reality like no Reality T.V. show could ever be. The American people have to “Survive” the “Fear Factor” without any million-dollar prizes!

The Blonde: Despite the brutally honest commentary in this film, it wasn’t hard to watch the whole time. Don’t be afraid to go see it. Moore interjects so much humor, and in the most creative ways. You will find yourself laughing and enjoying the documentary as well. Michael’s usage of music, old television and movie scenes, news broadcasts and newspaper articles, brings to the screen his points with style.

The Maven: The ultimate compelling storyline involved Lila Lipscomb. She represents the average American in her patriotic support in Bush’s initial involvement in the Iraq war. After reading the letters sent by her son, who died there, she now feels betrayed by the system that should have been protecting her son and not Bush’s administration which was seeing to its own agenda. Many of us question why we were ever involved in this war and the anger continues. I rate the film an A.

The Blonde: I found myself thinking three very interesting facts as I left the theater. The sold-out audience’s reaction astounded me. At the end of the picture the crowd applauded and cheered aloud, “Bravo!” This reaction was in a movie theater and not for an action-movie. Are we finally waking up as a country? It also makes you question who the real evil-doers are. Finally, the major thought Fahrenheit 9/11 left me with was how would I feel about this war if my child were killed fighting in it? How would you feel? I proudly give it an amazing A+++. Don’t even buy the popcorn. You won’t be able to eat it…Unless you are like the Maven who managed to down a whole bucket!

The Maven: Hey, it was really good!

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