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July 7th, 2006
Cars Races into the Theatres

Pixar's twentieth anniversary is celebrated with the release of the movie, Cars. It features the voices of Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, Michael Keaton, George Carlin, Larry The Cable Guy, Tony Shalhoub, Richard Petty and Cheech Marin, to name a few. We leave it to you to match the voice to the car; that's what MAKES IT so much fun!

Lightning McQueen is a hot shot, rookie race car. His focus in life has always been to win the Piston Cup Championship race. He almost accomplishes this, but because of his selfish, immature attitude, he ends up in a three-way tie. The race-off will be in California, so McQueen slides into his custom Mack truck and embarks on his journey for the championship. Along the way, through a mishap, Mack loses McQueen. The rookie can't find his way back to the interstate and ends up on Route 66 where he runs afoul of a local sheriff. He winds up impounded in the town of Radiator Springs where he meets Mater, a rusty, old tow truck with a heart of gold. The judge and town doctor, Hudson, sentence him to repair the damage he did. Romance finds McQueen in the guise of a Porsche named Sally. Many of the town's people, cars, help McQueen learn the lessons in life he needs to grow up. Doc Hudson teaches the rookie his most important lesson, what racing is really about!

The Blonde: THIS FILM WAS LIKE ALL THE OTHER ANIMATION FILMS, ONLY WITH CARS! I couldn't wait to see this movie, no doubt because of Paul Newman. It was cute how Paul even had his famous blue eyes even as a car! The best part of this film was how sweet the characters were, and well developed at that. You will find yourself giving into them and forgetting that you are watching cars, and cartoon cars to boot.

The Maven: I am always amazed that an animated film can entertain me so well. After a few minutes, I forget its cars and just see people. That Hudson Hornet became Paul Newman to me (oops, I gave one away). This movie had pleasant chemistry, was nostalgic and technically astonishing. My heart was lost to Mater though. He stole the movie. I have a soft spot for old, rusty tow trucks that can drive backward as well as forward.

The Blonde: Well, there is no doubt that backward driving is always very sexy. I thought I was into the old thing more than you, though! Live and learn! Mater did steal the film, you are right about that. I just wished the end was a little bit less Disney-esque. Too sweet and moral for me! I enjoyed how the dialogue was so detailed and witty. It made the move more enjoyable for adults who are bringing their little ones.

The Maven: Pixar has a talent for conjuring imagery. Those scenes along Route 66 brought me a sense of nostalgia and I have never been on that road. I did take a road trip from Miami to Austin, Texas when I was a kid, so maybe it's that journey I identify with. I was about thirteen and my older brother and sister, as well as my parents, were with me. I remember you taking a road trip when you were about fourteen or so. Didn't your parents have an RV?

The Blonde: Yeah. I came home early with an ulcer! I didn't talk to my brothers after that trip as well till about…. Oh two weeks ago! I faked tonsillitis so my parents had to send me home early. Readers, think twice about road trips with your kids! I say FLY!

The Maven: Ah!! Those were the days. Can you believe our first tropical storm is here? It's only eleven days into the hurricane season. Of course we are in the middle of a drought, but that doesn't mean I want a storm. Thank goodness there is no global warming going on. The President assures us of this, so I am comforted in that respect. How about you?

The Blonde: Now who is ditzy? Are you on drugs? You are listening to the President now? You are in more trouble than just a hurricane coming. Let's hope it just fizzles out! The president, too!

The Maven: Well, I did accidentally take a double dose of my Zoloft, for about a week. However, I am fine. I lost my remote so my TV is stuck on the Fox News channel. It has been two days and I have given up on finding the remote. I am getting used to the news on Fox. Ya know, they really seem to think George is doing a great job.

The Blonde: Whoa! I will pick up a new remote for you. Meanwhile, TURN YOUR TV OFF! Pull the plug, whatever it takes. The combination of too much Zoloft and the brainwashing from Fox News has you speaking like a republican! Next you will be telling me that we need to stay in Iraq!

The Maven: Wow! How long have you been able to read minds? I am impressed.

The Blonde: I really did enjoy this sweet film, although, I found it a bit too cheesy at times. It was very clever in spite of all the cheese! I don't think it was the company’s best, but it was adorable. I rate Cars a C+. For your snacks go ahead and keep it simple with a bucket of popcorn with lots of butter!

The Maven: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I understand its opening weekend was the third largest of Pixar's, behind The Incredible's and Finding Nemo. While I think Finding Nemo was a better film, this was still pretty good. Adults AND children will enjoy it. I rate Cars a B for its beautiful imagery and its brilliant sense of adventure. Let's take a road trip on Route 66!


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