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The Blonde's Picks for the Best Shows in Las Vegas

by Robin Roth, The Blonde
from The Blonde and The Maven
Contributing Writer


A Wonderful Night at La Cage, Starring Frank Marino

This legendary, award-winning, energetic and fabulous female impersonation show will surely provide you with a delightfully fun evening filled with amazement. You will visit with some of your favorite stars including Celine Dion (funny, funny and perfectly executed), Madonna (scary good), Jennifer Lopez (with an even better tush), Britney (she wishes she looked as good), Liza (skinny and sober), Judy Garland (dead-on perfect), Cher (so real, down to her body language and expressions), Dolly Parton (still young and beautiful), Diana Ross (you won't believe your eyes), Bette Midler (as you remember her), Reba, and let us not forget Michael Jackson (WITH a nose)! One of my favorite parts of the show comes at the end when you get to witness a woman turning back into a man right in front of you to the wonderful singing of Charles Aznavour! This is truly stunning! The show concludes with the show-stopping production of ìI Am What I Amî (The title song for La Cage ), with the entire cast and beautiful Las Vegas show girls!

I must say, however, the real STAR and reason for La Cage's 20-year successful run (at the Riviera Hotel; for tickets, call 702-794-9433, nightly 7:30, except Tuesdays) is due to the multi-talented, Las Vegas icon, Frank Marino ! YOU GO, GIRL!!! Marino now holds the title of Las Vegas' longest running headliner. Frank is THE STAR of the show whose role is to introduce the shows female impersonators. He changes wardrobe (designer, I might add) between each act and brings a comedic style that only Marino can do! In addition to his nightly performances, Marino has many other success stories. He is an accomplished author. His first book, His Majesty the Queen , became an immediate bestseller! If that isn't enough, Frank is also an accomplished news commentator, columnist, spokesperson and America's favorite ìMALE ACTRESS.î Yes, you most likely remember him in his wonderful role in Miss Congeniality 2.

February 1, 2005 was pronounced Frank Marino Day. He is now forever immortalized with a star along the Las Vegas walk of fame with a key to the city, and a street bearing his name. Did I forget to mention that Frank has a body to die for? Ladies, you will be green with envy. I haven't eaten chocolate since the show! Now, here is my one-on-one interview with the gorgeous and handsome Frank Marino!

Robin: Frank, How did you begin?

Frank: I was in college in New York, going to school to become a doctor. I worked in a pharmacy and spent too much time at the makeup counter and found that I actually became very good at it. I went out dressed in drag for Halloween one year and I ran into an agent. Well, the rest is history.

Robin: Would you like to have children?

Frank: I probably won't have children, and that is my biggest regret in life, especially coming from a large Italian family.

Robin: Is it still fun after all these years?

Frank: Absolutely! Ya know, people complain about going to work. Especially after 9/11, when people were out of work, I know that I am a very lucky person to be in the situation I'm in with such a fun job!

Robin: What's your favorite thing to do when you are not working?

Frank: Disney World. I go every year around Christmas time.

Robin: Why didn't you do any impressions in the show?

Frank: In 1996 I was sued for impersonating Joan Rivers by Joan Rivers for $5 million. I lost the taste to impersonate anybody. I would rather be Frank Marino is to comedy like Rue Paul is to music.

Robin: What would you like to see for yourself in the future?

Frank: I would love to do a reality show because my life is all over the place and CRAZY! One night I am out with a porn star and the next night I am having dinner with Celine Dion.   My life is extremely interesting and would make for a great show!

Robin: What would you like your fans to know?

Frank: I don't only work one hour a day. To do what I do is a full-time job. I work from eight in the morning ëtil two at night!

Robin: I HEAR YA! Frank, continue doing what you are doing because you are TOTALLY the BEST!

If you would like to find out more about this amazing man, go to   Find out for yourself what all the hype is about! For more on La Cage, visit

Lance Burton

World-class, Louisville, Kentucky-born master magician and superstar illusionist will astonish even the biggest non-believer at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino. (For tickets, call 702-730-7160- two shows nightly.) Lance Burton is quite the classy gentleman with his southern drawl and dressed in a perfectly fitted tux. He is truly magical from his youthful boyish charms to his humble demeanor, his wit, right down to his uncanny feats of illusion. In this fast-paced show, you will see Lance make doves, birds, ducks, fire, pretty Vegas showgirls, cars and even people disappear right before your very eyes. ìHow did he do that,î is the thought that will constantly be running through your mind. Don't feel bad; everyone around you will be gasping as well! His soft spoken manner is all part of his mystical style. This is absolutely a wonderful show for all ages.

Starting magic at an early age, Lance appreciates that when he invites children up to the stage, it will assuredly leave them with a fond, life long memory! In the Lance Burton show, you will also get to see guest juggler and comedian Michael Goudeau. He is TERRIFIC! Goudeau will not only leave you laughing, but yelling out for more! If you have already seen this show, go again. Lance updates his show all the time. I also want to go on record stating that I feel that this is the most fairly priced show in Las Vegas. You will always be guaranteed a magical journey and a fun-filled experience at the Lance Burton show of magic.

Blue Man Group: Bluephoria

This is a must-see show! These wacky and crazy guys appear at the Venetian Hotel and perform two shows nightly. They have recently moved their production from another hotel, but don't worry, the show is now BETTER THAN EVER! (For show tickets, cal l702-414-SHOWS). This international sensation features three bald and blue characters that combine music, drums, comedy, and multimedia theatrics to create an amazingly funny and totally unique form of entertainment. You will feel as though you are at one big fabulous party that is fun for all ages! You will see toilet paper and lots of it, marshmallows, drums, gum ball throwing, Twinkies, Captain Crunch Cereal and lots more. If this sounds crazy to you, well, IT IS! However, it is imaginative, creative, humorous, and a look into a child's ability to just be silly. A warning: don't be late or the show comes to a screeching halt and you will be the focus of some memorable embarrassment! Go, let loose and have a wonderfully fun evening.

Cirque du Soleil: Mystere

This masterpiece show is directed by Franco Dragone . Mystere is THE show that changed the face of Las Vegas entertainment. This Cirque du Soleil production is presented at the Treasure Island Hotel. Two shows nightly, dark on Monday and Tuesday. (For reservations, call 702-796-9999). Simply put, Mystere is the celebration of life; a voyage to the very heart of life where past, present, and future merge and all our emotions converge! Mystere is an enigma of time, the bearer of hopes and dreams, but also of tragedy. It is above all the remembrance of time past, memories of life unfolding following its course and ultimately surviving against all odds. This wondrous show is filled with spectacular acrobats, contortionists, dancers, comedy, and musicians, who serve as guides on a journey to the edge of human potential. You will not only be captivated watching this thrilling and truly super human production, but you will also be ìWOWEDî by the colorful and outrageous costumes, dramatic sets and original live music. It will be hard to believe the IMPOSSIBLE body control and strength you will witness. One thing for sure, these performers don't eat a lot of candy and ice cream! I recommend Mystere for all ages. This is a show you MUST see, at least once in your lifetime. It is an experience you won't ever forget! Mystere displays the power of imagination and creativity. Go and find out the mystery behind Mystere !

Penn and Teller

What a team! One walks you through the show by non-stop talking, and the other stays totally silent! Just like a successful marriage! Penn and Teller perform at the Rio Hotel from Wednesday through Monday at 9pm. (For tickets, call 702- 777-7776). Penn Jillette is a towering presence and grabs you into his web immediately. He begins the show by stating that, ìWe don't do a Vegas style show because we don't want to!î He is quite intelligent and a stunning magician. He MAKES you think! Actually, he FORCES you to think! He is talented, funny, sarcastic and articulate. Teller is the ìCUTE ONEî and the non-speaking part of this dynamic duo. Don't let him fool you, as he gives up none of the stage to Penn. He proves to be outstanding and witty even through his silence. Their style of magic is quite different from the other magicians. Twisted, perhaps at times but, it works! They have a way that is uniquely all their own! You will watch as they juggle broken liquor bottles, fire-swallowing, a shadow puppet show, turn money into fish (they might have this trick backwards), chop up bunny rabbits (not really), teaching the audience how a particular trick is done, and feats while escaping the jaws of death or rather a bear trap. Closing the show you will see Penn catching a fired bullet from a gun in his teeth!   Now, that is something you don't see every day! If this all sounds strange, it is, and wildly funny as well. The Penn and Teller show is like no other in Las Vegas. It is off-beat, humorous, clever, odd and intelligent. For an evening of fun, intelligence, humor and of course illusions, run to see this magical and unique team of Penn and Teller!

Rita Rudner

How adorable is this funny, clean, wholesome talented lady! She is like sugar! If you are like me, you won't get enough of her. Rita Rudner , who has been voted ìComedian of the Yearî several times, performs nightly at the New York New York Hotel and Casino. (For tickets, call 702-740-6815). Her show is not only funny, but Rita displays a great deal of truth with her comedy. She pulls from her own life experiences. She speaks about her marriage, all the way to living life as a woman, to her quirks, to all her perceptions of life. She tries to let men IN on the secrets of women. That is in-and-of-itself comedic! She even picks on a few audience members. Don't worry guys, it's all for fun! Well, at least it is for the rest of the audience! Rita is different from all the other modern-day standup comedians. She is natural, innocent (or wants you to believe she is), open, honest, realistic and tells about life and things as she knows it. Like when she says to her husband, ìI don't care what you say, I know I'm right!î How cute is that! Spoken like a true woman! Rita is the comic to see on your next Las Vegas vacation. You will love her!

Mamma Mia!

Wow, this IS a musical treat and a must see ticket performed nightly at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. If you have already had the pleasure of seeing Mamma Mia! , go see it again in Vegas. It is truly wonderful, uplifting and fun! If you are like me, you will be swept away from the very first note. What is so amazing and brilliant about Mamma Mia! is how they took the already hit music of Abba and turned it into a touching fantastic story. The intoxicating music will have you tapping your feet throughout the entire show. Mamma Mia! is the story about the struggles of human emotions and relationships. It is a tale of a mother, her past boyfriends, her hard times and good times and her close relationship with her only child. It is a hit Broadway musical that is funny, charming and tender. The other characters are colorful and fantastic as well. The entire cast is stellar, from their voices to their acting performances! Mamma Mia! is a show that is impossible not to LOVE! At the end of the show and their standing ovation, the cast gets the ENTIRE audience on their feet for a final Abba song! You will most assuredly leave the theater singing and dancing. Be careful though, people might just think you are crazy! Oh who cares, go see Mamma Mia! and sing and dance the rest of your night away. (For tickets, call 702-632-7580).

Michael Johns

Hypnotist Michael Johns will have you roaring with laughter at the Stardust Hotel in his show ìHypnosis Gone Wild.î It is, and I do mean IS, an adult show with an original twist on hypnosis. He is funny, dirty, hip, cool, and a blast to watch. DO NOT BRING YOUR KIDS! His whole act has a different slant on hypnosis that you have never seen before. He has taken this art form to a whole new level but, as he says, he NEVER actually crosses over the line. He gives the most insane and fun suggestions to his victims and some even get suggestions to take home with them after the show. I would love to follow them home just to watch! Michael states, ìI come from a stand-up background, so there's a lot of comedy in my show, off-the-cuff stuff. In my show I never try to embarrass anybody. There's a line I refuse to cross. Nobody is going to walk off my stage and feel ashamed!î What is also great about this show is Michael is having as much fun as the audience! Go, have a fun night and watch suggestions become reality right before your very ìlaughingî eyes!


1. The cast of La Cage
2. Lance Burton in his new show
3. Blue Man Group -
Photo courtesy of Blue Man Group ©BMP
4. Cirque du Soleil Mystere - Photos by Tomasz Rossa
Costumes by Dominique Lemieux, Cirque du Soleil Inc.
5. Teller of Penn and Teller
6. Penn, of Penn and Teller, with Robin Roth
7. Rita Rudner
8. Mamma Mia!
9. Michael Johns

Unique and Divine Restaurants in Las Vegas

by Robin Roth, The Blonde,
from ìThe Blonde and The Mavenî
Contributing Writer

One of My Favorite Restaurants Ever: Michael's

Michael's Restaurant, located in the Barbary Coast Hotel and Casino, is without a doubt the BEST kept culinary secret in Las Vegas! As you enter this beautifully decorated 5-star restaurant, you will know immediately that you have entered into a special world of elegance. The deep rich colors and Victorian plush furniture (high winged-back chairs to provide privacy) only accentuate the ultimate and truly intimate dining experience. Each table (of which there are only 16), accented with a rose and lace tablecloth will take you back to the ìOld World Vegas Class.î Those were the nostalgic days when dining was everything and, might I add, served tableside!

You will experience impeccable, cheerful service by two waiters, a captain and a bus boy, all serving you with a special touch. I attribute the long success of Michael's to the very classy Maitre D' Jose Martel and award-winning master chef Fred Bielak , who have both been with the restaurant (day one) for over 20 years. Both gentlemen are there nightly to keep and guarantee that Michael's service and food shine brightly.

My elegant dining captain, Tim McGarry (who, like the rest of the staff, has been at Michael's for 15 years) started us off with the complimentary assorted relish dish (lovely array). To begin with, I suggest you try any of the following appetizers as they are all fresh, sweet, huge, delicious and originally presented in an ice sculpture with flowers and lit up (totally picture worthy). My suggestions include the Jumbo Stone Crabs (out of this world), the Maryland Lump Crab Cocktail or the Shrimp Cocktail (the best I have ever had).

The fresh Caesar Salad, prepared, tossed and served tableside, is heavenly. Check out their brilliant soups, as well!

For your entree, Michael's is famous for their many signature dishes. Pick anyone of the following and then call me to thank me! Michael's Dover Sole with lemon and white wine is moist, delicate, delicious, female sole and farmed in Amsterdam. You have never enjoyed sole this amazing. The 32 oz. succulent Chateaubriand Bouquetierre for two is not only a work of art, but an explosion of amazing flavors with the finest presentation fit for a king. (It is Chicago stockyard prime beef and hand trimmed)! The stunningly fabulous Veal Francaise, sauteed in egg batter and wine, is hand trimmed, tender, Provini Veal out of Wisconsin and the best you can buy. It is superb and will literally melt in your mouth!   For the Lamb Chop lover, you have come to paradise with Michael's famous Double Rib Spring Lamb Chops, which is farmed privately in Colorado especially for Michael's! I want to interject that, although these are my suggestions, you can't go wrong with ANYTHING on the menu!

Dessert is a dream come true with Michael's complimentary bowl of fruit and assorted fruits hand-dipped in the finest white and dark Belgian chocolate. Life just doesn't get better than this! But, don't stop there! Go ahead and splurge, as it is well worth the two-hour workout in the gym the next day! I will NEVER FORGET the sweet assorted fresh berries with ice-cream, the Tiramisu or the, ìOH MY GOODNESSî flourless chocolate cake. Don't forget to experience some of the fine wines from their excellent and extensive wine list! Michael's will NO DOUBT be one of your most memorable dining experiences. The food, service and ambiance are all A+!   I am so proud of this superb restaurant that I BRAG about it openly and OFTEN!

For reservations, call 702-737-7111; open 6-10 nightly.


When you enter the doors to Alex, you are entering into the world of spectacular! To begin with, your breath will be taken away by the visual grandeur of this gorgeous restaurant. The dramatic staircase leads you into the warm, rich, comfortable, elegant, ultra-plush dining area designed by Rodger Thomas and Jane Radoff . Readers, this is, hands down, the most beautiful restaurant I ever (yes, ever!) seen in my entire life. Now THAT is saying something! Alex possesses the epitome of elegance. Ladies, you will even be given a purse-chair for your handbag, so bring your very best designer one! This is not a restaurant for the simple ìmeat-and-potatooesî kind of diner. This is where the most, sophisticated, educated and worldly tastebuds will be dancing. Here is where Alessandro Stratta (Alex), the executive chef, has been given free reign to create to his heart's content and does Alex ever! He was also given the dream-come-true opportunity to design his own kitchen! Renowned Chef Alex's menus and cuisine are innovative, creative, original, imaginative, adventurous, contemporary, modern and always changing and growing! Alex changes the menu every six weeks. So, it is almost impossible to offer you suggestions. Go with whatever you are in the mood for! It is ALL stupendously delicious.

The service at Alex is impeccable and you will not want for a single thing. Although the staff of waiters jump to your every need, you will still feel as though you are experiencing an intimate evening.   

There are three menus from which to choose: the tasting menu, the tasting menu with sommelier's selection and the three-course menu; all of which are fixed prices. This fine restaurant is famous for its ULTIMATE wine selections from all over the world. I tasted a selection of wines that I dream of having again. From start to finish, and in every way, this will be an unparalleled gourmet and contemporary cuisine dining experience. BRAVO ALEX!

Alex is located in the Wynn Hotel and Casino; 702-770-3301.

Bradley Ogden

Award-winning Bradley Ogden certainly raises the stakes at Caesars Palace. This is a FINE restaurant where a great deal of imagination and innovative creativity is the playground for master chef Bradley Ogden and his son Bryan . You will find that its elegantly masculine, linear design provides a relaxed atmosphere with its rustic touches (along with oil paintings by California artists that adorn the dining rooms) and seems to enhance the spectacular food. Bradley Ogden has so many new and exciting food concepts that the menu changes on a daily basis. The culinary results that make up each seasonal menu is composed of an array of superb ingredients that form the foundation for the creative new take on classic American cuisine. Ogden brings in the freshest ingredients. Even if you consider yourself as having a discriminative cosmopolitan palate, you will be impressed as you dine here. Some of my recommendations might be the slow roasted monkfish, the Berkshire double-cut pork chops, or perhaps the oak-grilled Colorado rack of lamb. If you are in the mood to splurge, go ahead and treat yourself to the Iranian Golden Osetra Caviar! This is what I would call, a bite of paradise! In addition, don't miss out on their very impressive wine collection. Dining at Bradley Ogden, you will also experience impeccable service. My server, Terra, displayed just that! Not only is the food outstanding, but the presentation is lovely as well. This fine restaurant, along with Chef Ogden, are dedicated to tradition and quality which result in a stunning cuisine with balance and depth of flavor. GO AND ENJOY!

Bradley Ogden is located inside Caesars Palace; 702-731-7731.


If you are a worldly food connoisseur and have a love of great wines, then you simply must dine at this truly wonderful restaurant! Aureole looks as though it came right off the pages of a romance novel, with its unique and distinctive style and its graceful modern entrance will ìhave you at ëhello.'î Aureole is chic, seductive, trendy and sophisticated. With its lovely ambiance and cuisine, it is the place TO BE and BE SEEN. Don't miss seeing the Swan Court with the cascading waterfall. This multi-faceted, striking, and award-winning four-story wine tower--which prides itself on having one of the best wine lists (over 4,200 selections of wine)--is nothing short of grand and IMPRESSIVE! Okay, it is very COOL too! Aureole is renowned for their famous flying ìwine angels.î There are four dedicated ìwine angelsî to deliver your selection. It's quite an original concept, as well as lovely to watch! Aureole presents the culinary talents of contemporary gourmet, Chef Charlie Palmer (a trend-setting force in American restaurants and highly respected by his peers) and executive chef Vincent Pouessel (raised in France and quite a celebrated world-famous masterful chef who is passionate about food). Together, their acclaimed cuisine is exquisite and exotic, with bold flavors. Their menu is not only original, unique and imaginative, but they dare to experiment with intriguing combinations that are simply superb! I can't advise you as to what to order, as the menu changes every 12 weeks or so. Have no fear, for whatever your heart desires, go ahead and order it as it will assuredly be a delectable food experience! Aureole is expertly run so beautifully that I simply must extend kudos to the worldly and exceptional general manager, Kevin Dimond . (Handsome devil as well)! From Aureole's upscale ambience, its succulent irresistible food, its service of perfection, to its knowledgeable sommeliers (mine was Adam Turner , wine expert and cute, too), you will enjoy this VERY fine restaurant. Keep in mind there is a prix fixe at Aureole. Reservations are required (as everyone wants to dine here) and jackets are required as well. So flaunt your best at the best!

Aureole is located at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino; 702-632-7401.


Lawry's IS and will ALWAYS be a classic! Since 1938, Lawry's is warm, inviting, comfortable, and just plain terrific. Dining at Lawry's on Christmas Eve was truly a memory I will forever cherish. No matter what your occasion, (Lawry's celebrates the holidays all year long), I recommend Lawry's every day of the year, but particularly throughout the holiday season. People make it a family tradition for their holiday restaurant destination!   It offers Christmas charm at its finest!   From the decorations to the Christmas carolers who go from table to table singing your favorite holiday songs, you will beam with joy. I can guarantee that you will most assuredly delight in all of Lawry's world-famous signature dishes. YES, Prime Rib is a MUST (five cuts to choose from of 100% USDA certified Prime--slowly roasted to perfection and served tableside from their famous silver carts)! You simply will not find it better anywhere in the world. The Yorkshire Pudding is wonderful and authentic. Dinner also includes their famous original spinning-bowl salad--yummy, fresh and crisp with a tangy secret dressing all their own! And the mashed potatoes, that are simply heavenly, come with dinner as well! There are other dishes to choose from, but I say, when in Rome, (which means get the Prime Rib)! Now don't forget to get one of their divine desserts! This is Lawry's, for heaven's sake. IT IS SUPERB! It is the same restaurant that brings us the famous seasonings we use and enjoy in our own kitchens. You can also dine at Lawry's in Beverly Hill, Chicago, Dallas, Jakarta, Indonesia and Singapore. In a sentence, Lawry's is filled with tradition, delicious food, fine wines, exceptional service with a smile and a good value! YOU ARE PRIME WITH ME, LAWRY'S! Go, and say hello to my waitress, Barbara Thorne , for the Blonde!

Lawry's is located off the strip; 702-893-2223.

Top of the World

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS ROMANTIC, FABULOUS RESTAURANT! I love everything about Top of the World, from the very best view you will find anywhere in all of Las Vegas (800 feet about the strip) to the stunning cuisine that stimulates all the tastebuds and the tremendous and personal service!

This 360-degree rotating restaurant (make sure not to leave your purse on the floor) is not only a hot spot in the city, but an absolutely ìMUSTî on your next trip to the city of non-stop flickering lights! You won't miss a single one of them from the breathtaking view at the Top of the World, not to mention the glorious mountains that surround the city. There are more marriage proposals asked here than any restaurant in the city. I myself am waiting to get lucky! Whether you come for brunch, lunch, dinner or cocktails upstairs, you will be in for a magical and spectacular time that you will NEVER forget!

A few of my recommendations at this A+ establishment would be: the Chilled Prawns to start, along with the Lobster Bisque Soup. Don't miss out on their Caesar Salad, either. For your entree, the Chateaubriand-for-two is gorgeous, tasting as well as the out-of-this-world encrusted Chilean Sea Bass! You can't go wrong with anything on this menu! DO NOT SKIP DESSERT! HAVE ALL OF THEM! Please don't miss the Chocolate Stratosphere or the Flourless Chocolate Cake. Don't miss the Tiramisu or Berry Delight either! Run, and enjoy the alluring sights and tastes of Top of the World. TRULY EXCEPTIONAL!

Top of the World is located in the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino; 702-380-7711.


Readers, this is my first destination the minute my plane lands in Vegas! As Joe's (in Vegas) is one of my all-time favorite restaurants, I just have to say that I love everything that it has to offer. It is relaxing and casual yet elegant and fun, yet totally COOL and sophisticated. It is OUTSTANDING and simply delicious! The food at Joe's is scrumptious, delectable and yummyÖthere I said itÖYUMMY! Everything here is not only top-notch but fresh-served and displayed perfectly. One of the reasons why this is my favorite Joe's restaurant is due to the outstanding manager, Jason Caparelli . You can't go wrong ordering anything on the menu, but let me guide you as my fantastic waiter, Neil King , guided me!

The following signature dishes, as far as I am concerned, are ìA MUST!î OF COURSE, start with the fresh jumbo stone crabs, as they are killer great here! The Maryland jumbo Lump Crab Cakes are to die for as well. For your entree, order their renowned Bone-in Filet Mignon. Treat yourself and make it the 22 oz. one. Equally fantastic are the Lobster Tail Tempura, the Double-cut Colorado Lamb Chops and the Veal Cutlets. To go with your dish, I order you to order their WORLD FAMOUS golden Hash Brown Potatoes (I can taste them now), crispy onion strings and Joe's Cole Slaw! Wine is also a must to enhance the unbelievable tastes you will experience! As far as dessert goes, get one of everything. See you on the treadmill! Don't worry; Joe's is MORE than worth every mile!

Joe's is located in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace; 702-792-9222.

The Following Restaurants are for Casual Dining with Super Food:

Rainbow Bar and Grill

This legendary, 30-year-old Sunset Strip restaurant in L.A. is now also in Las Vegas and in my opinion is THE BEST BET IN TOWN for a DOWN HOME AMERICAN/ ITALIAN CUSINE! The food here is so wonderful that I cannot even begin to tell you! The menu includes a traditional assortment of foods, all of which are deliciously AFFORDABLE! Rainbow Bar and Grill is a great family restaurant as well as the place to bring your favorite date! Rainbow is a guarantee for a fun and informal, casual dining atmosphere! It's also a very COOL and HIP place to be. You never know which rock and roll personality, Hollywood actor or actress or band might just show up, which makes eating at the Rainbow an adventure.

Guests can order from an amazing array of food from 4pm until dawn! WE ARE TALKIN breakfast lunch dinner and just a place to hang and have a drink. The Rainbow features its super star chef, Craig Reynolds . Man, can he produce some incredible dishes! Here are my MUST order recommendations, along with my very cute, sexy, server Shawn Foster's suggestions: the Chicken Soup is better than grandma's! The meatballs are better than your Italian Aunt's famous family recipe!   The pizza is as good as Brooklyn's! The Zuppe di Pesce (loaded with huge lobster, shrimp, mussels, clams and calamari), is the best I have ever eaten! The Chicken Parmesan is out of this world, as is the Filet Mignon. Keep in mind, the portions are humongous! This will most likely be one of your favorite casual Vegas hang-outs, as it is DEFINITELY mine!

Rainbow Bar and Grill is located on Paradise Road; 702-898-3525.

La Salsa Cantina

Go to La Salsa Cantina for a fun Mexican experience and ambiance, with outrageous frozen margaritas and other fun drinks by the yard! The chips, guacamole, fajitas and wraps, and just about everything else on the menu, is authentic, fresh, and outstandingly good!  

La Salsa Cantina is located at Caesars Forum Shops.

Planet Hollywood

For a fun, relaxing, come-as-you-are dinner, this is a wonderful place to go; not to mention, MY Favorite Planet Hollywood of all. Sit back and EAT, EAT AND EAT and just look around you as you dine with the stars! The menu has a tremendous selection and range of foods to choose from, so everyone in your group will be happy! Here are just some of my suggestions: To start, have the Texas Tostadas (great) or their simply wonderful World Famous Chicken Crunch (coated with the sweet Captain Crunch and Corn Flakes Cereal on tender strips of juicy chicken breast. Then go ahead and get the Shrimp and Bacon Club, the classic Cheeseburger, the Asian Chicken Salad, L.A. Lasagna or my FAVORITE Planet dish, the BBQ ribs! They are succulently delicious, tender and sweet, mouth watering, St. Louis ribs that truly fall off the bone. Don't forget to order one of their famous exotic drinks and their super-duper delicious desserts! You will find the waiters are warm and friendly. For casual, out-of-this-world dining, visit Planet Hollywood!

Planet Hollywood is located at Caesars Forum Shops.

Guadalajara Bar and Grill

For the best authentic and traditional frozen margaritas, pina coladas, chips and salsa, chicken quesadilla, shrimp bacon and cheese appetizers (and more) at the BEST prices, put on your jeans and visit the Palace Station Hotel and Casino off the strip at the Guadalajara Bar and Grill!


1. Michael's 32 oz. succulent Chateaubriand Bouquetierre for two
2. Choose from three menus at Alex: the tasting menu, the tasting menu with sommelier's selection and the three-course menu
3. Bradley Ogden's creative and fresh cuisine is consistently outstanding
4. An exquisite entree at Aureole
5. At Lawry's, holiday carolers sing to every table
6. View from Top of the World
7. Joe's manager Jason Caparelli proudly displays their signature dish, Jumbo Stone Crabs
8. Joe's waiter Neil King shows off two of their famous desserts, Key Lime Pie and Peanut Butter Pie
9. Rainbow Bar & Grill's authentic and very Italian chicken parmesan
10. Margaritas and more at La Salsa Cantina
11. Planet Hollywood's signature dish: mouth-watering BBQ ribs that are out of this ìplanetî

Photos by Robin Roth

The Magical David Copperfield Interview with Robin Roth, The Blonde from “The Blonde and The Maven”

Waiting for David Copperfield to call me for our phone interview, I realized that I felt like a high school girl waiting impatiently for her new crush to call. Oh, will he ever call, and then, suddenly, the magical, warm, silky voice of Copperfield was on the other end of MY cell phone. Since I’ve had (okay, I’ll admit it) a crush on David for years, I had to seriously pull myself together in a hurry and get back to being a serious professional journalist!
I quickly lowered my voice an octave and proceeded. Yes, Mr. Copperfield, thank you for calling. Let’s get down to the interview. Pound, pound, pound went my little blonde heart!
Robin: David, how do you keep your performances fresh?
David: I have a great time with the audience. They mold, change and modify my show. My show is based on people’s dreams. They hope to win the lottery, so I show that it is possible. They dream of having a dream car and traveling around the world. I put that into the show as well. I involve the audience and show them that their dreams can come true.
Robin: Have you fulfilled all YOUR magical dreams yet?
David: No! A lot! I’ve done a lot and have really enjoyed myself. I get to travel and be with my family and friends. They travel with me. I get to create new dreams and make people happy, so I have the best job!
Robin: Where would you like to be in five years, both professionally and personally?
David: I would like to know that I would be a 150-year-old performer. My dream is to be doing this forever and to lead a reasonably happy life.
Robin: Oh, you are good at this! Do you invent and create your own illusions and design them or are they a collaborative effort?
David: A little of both. Mostly my own, but some are a collaboration of my team. Traveling to Hawaii and the lottery pieces are mine. I am really proud of my Museum of Magic. Half of it’s of Houdini and the other half is in the Library of Congress. It’s not open to the public, although sometimes I take exhibits on the road; but only the things that don’t reveal the secrets!  I am also very proud of my show and the things that I’ve created that didn’t exist in the past or by people who came before me.
Robin: Are you planning any television specials?
David: I am having too much fun right now performing around the world. I am actually doing 50 shows in the next two weeks. I perform four shows on some days.
Robin: That alone is magic! Is there anything in particular you would like your fans to know about you?
David: I am a good listener. I am actually a better listener than I am a magician.
Robin: What do you do for fun?
David: Lots of things, like movies and dancing. I have a good time. I like being with friends and people who I care about and help make their lives better.
Robin: Awwww... SA-WEET! What is your favorite food?
David: I like teriyaki steak and chicken, pasta, penne pesto, onion soup, a big salad and Sambuka, which is the only alcohol I drink.
Robin: Favorite film?
David: There are a bunch of them: Citizen Kane, Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz and Harold and Maude.
Robin: Ever think of doing a film?
David: I have, actually. My work and my creative magic process are based on the cinema. People like Orson Wells, Victor Fleming, and Walt Disney have influenced my work.
Robin: What individual do you personally admire and respect the most?
David: Leonardo DaVinci!
Robin: Okay, now the dreaded question: Would you like to see marriage and children in your future and, if so, I will volunteer. I am a blonde but not a tall one like you prefer, so, I am out! (I CANNOT BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT...SO MUCH FOR PROFESSIONALISM. AND I WAS DOING SO WELL! MAYBE HE DIDN’T HEAR ME! YEAH, RIGHT!)
David: All sizes are welcome.
Robin: You’ve escaped the biggest “escape trick” of all-- MARRIAGE! So, what about that? (HEY, IF BARBARA WALTERS CAN PUSH, SO CAN THE BLONDE!)
David: I love meeting people. I am very romantic. I like chick flicks, so I am a very good date.
Robin: David, thank you for the interview. I will see you at your show!
Copperfield could not have been more genuine and real. He was so kind and unaffected. I was not disappointed with Copperfield, THE MAN. He turned out to be everything I hoped he would be. As I expected, he is truly a very special man and a genius magician.
And Then…the Copperfield Show!
Allow me to present just a few facts about this MASTER magician who is considered the greatest of our time. He was born on September 16. Yes, ladies a Virgo! He is appearing in Las Vegas periodically at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Just call the MGM ticket office or simply go online and find out his performance dates. Do not miss the chance to see him perform live. It will be one of your absolute fondest show memories. David is the first living magician to receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He has received 21 Emmys! He has grossed the largest amount of money earned by a magician. Copperfield is the ONLY living magician to appear on postage stamps. He has the largest Broadway attendance with the most tickets sold. He holds 11 world records in the Guinness Book of Records and is the most awarded magician in history. Copperfield has received the Living Legend Award by the Library of Congress. His “Project Magic,” which is used as therapy for patients in 1,000 hospitals in 30 countries worldwide, promotes and boots self-esteem in patients.
His show begins with Copperfield’s voice saying, “Imagine if you could close your eyes and be anywhere you wanted to be in a blink of an eye.” (I was imagining dinner later that night with David)! While you watch him perform, not only is his magic exiting, inventive, creative and amazingly imaginative, he is mesmerizing, sexy, charming, witty, scary handsome and will magically take your breath away with each illusion. 
He will mysteriously take you on a journey to Hawaii, and involve you in his childhood memories of his grandfather. You will witness his grand illusion encore of making 13 members of the audience disappear right before your very eyes. He successfully tempts fate with a black scorpion, walks through a wall of steel and predicts winning lottery numbers. If you catch the ball that he throws into the audience, you might be the lucky gal or guy that he brings up to share the stage with him. I wanted to catch the ball (like a 50-year-old virgin wants to catch the bouquet at a wedding) and be a part of the “having his baby trick!” I won’t tell you anymore, as it will spoil the fun! But, no I didn’t catch the ball, not even close!
Run, and catch Copperfield! Treat yourself to an intimate evening of grand illusion. You will thank me later. May the magic be with you!
1. David Copperfield

O, What a “Prime” Evening
by Robin Roth, The Blonde from The Blonde and The Maven
Contributing Writer

If you are looking for one of the most memorable Las Vegas nights of your entire life (or any night for that matter), then read on! To begin with, you must make reservations way in advance. Prime is the finest restaurant and O the best show in Las Vegas!
To begin with, make a 7:00 reservation at Prime (702-693-7111) in order to have plenty of leisure time to dine. This is a dining experience you will want to last forever. TRUST ME! When you enter into the world of Prime, you are entering into a world that captures the epitome of elegance with the most delicious fine food you will EVER experience anywhere in the world. It is hands down an “A” restaurant. Prime not only has the finest, most PERFECT food and most exquisite menu from which to choose, but the most glorious décor, right down to the velvet curtains and beautiful mirrors. You will delight in the spectacular vision of Bellagio’s dazzling dancing water fountain show that you can see from anywhere in the restaurant every 15 minutes. Guests will have their every need met by the staff of waiters and their stunning service. You are in for a treat! Prime (which has been at the Bellagio for 7 years) is just one of the company’s 16 restaurants around the world, but is the leading grossing restaurant of all. It is NO WONDER!

If you are lucky, you will be greeted by the very classy, charming and handsome general manager, George Martin. As you are escorted to your table, you will no doubt be swept away by the lush and richly decorated restaurant designed by Michael DeSantis. The exquisite and comfortable seats will put you in a comfort level you dream of experiencing. I was expertly guided through the menu (creations of Partner Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Executive Chef Jonathan Snyder) by my waiters Kenny Lai and Tommy Lynes.

A bit of advice, although the variety of breads are so fantastic and hard to resist, save room for your dinner! You have been warned! I suggest you start with the succulent Chilled Shellfish Platter. I don’t care how sophisticated your taste buds are, this is a true delight. The fresh, huge, thick crab legs are out of this world. They are unusually sweet and filled with white crab meat. The jumbo shrimp are to die for! The gigantic lobster is cooked to perfection and I defy you to find it better anywhere! The oysters are the best I have ever tasted, large, plump, sweet and fresh. To accent this perfect dish are the garlic mustard saffron mayo roville and the mignonette cocktail sauce. Try mixing the two sauces together for a taste of heaven! If you are not a shellfish lover, go for the tasty and delicate Soy Cured Salmon to start. You must not miss Prime’s cold, crisp Caesar Salad, with their brilliant dressing topped off with croutons and parmesan cheese which is artistically presented. For your entree, if you are a rack of lamb lover, you have found paradise. It is strikingly perfect! It is prepared to your liking and cooked with a red bell pepper crust; so uniquely Prime! You will enjoy this double thick, tender, lean rack of lamb with the perfectly designed sauces to accent the already sinful flavor! For fish lovers, say YES to Prime’s delectably delicious, moist, thick, light, delicate and rich in flavor, slow baked Chilean sea bass! As for me, I had a food dream come true with the 12 oz. filet mignon. Oh MY, oh MY! I am still not over it; thick, glorious with its soy ginger sauce on a bed of vegetables. Fa geta bout it! Don’t forget to order some of their specialty potatoes and vegetables to go with your meal.
Now, for desserts: let me just say that your mouth will dance! I suggest the caramelized banana cake, the creme fraiche cheesecake and the lime yogurt pavlova. For the true chocolate lover, there is only one choice and I would fly to Vegas and dine at Prime alone for their warm chocolate valrhona cake. This is a dining experience worth every calorie, ladies.
You have not lived until you come to Prime! Tell everyone there that The Blonde says “hello!” Enjoy!
Bravo for O
After dining at Prime, set off for the 10:30 late show and experience the world of Cirque du Soleil’s O, (a phonetic take-off on the French word for water), also at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino (two shows nightly: 702-796-9999). O, MY, MY, MY! What an amazing show! You enter into a lavish 1,800-seat, state-of-the art theater. This show is an explosion of creativity and a fusion of talent! O is one of the many Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas. You will be astonished for two hours by the brilliance and creativity of its writer and director, Franco Dragone. The amazing tour de force that is O comes to life as the two ADORABLE warm-up clowns exit and the colossal red curtain shrouding the stage flutters to the floor and a pristine pool of water appears. You will not know where to look first as the incredible cast amazes you with agility, strength, accomplishment and beauty! This show is truly eye-candy! You will be witness to SUPER HUMAN TALENTS by synchronized swimmers, dancers, gravity defying trapeze artists, street performance, acrobats, fire dancers, contortionists, theater, and breathtaking feats of balance. O is an unbelievable blend of perception, sight, sound and music. This is a stunning, stellar and surreal work of art. Divers plunge into the mysterious aquatic depths of its (25-foot deep) 1.5 million gallons of water. Then, right before your very eyes, the water simply disappears altogether in an instant, replaced by a solid floor. The staging alone is an art form. You will be watching gorgeous, visual elegance at its best!
The vocal artists are more than amazing as well. Your heart will soar with joy and passion as you hear their angelic singing. The music is so perfect that you actually feel as though you are in a recording studio.
I promise that you will find yourself saying, OH, over and over as you watch this production. Just when you think you have witnessed the most amazing stunts, you will be amazed even more and more as the show goes on! It is as if the cast are rubber people or fish people. What these performers do is nothing short of miraculous.
Although O is pricey, I absolutely know that you will agree with me that it is worth every penny. You will certainly want to go again and YOU SHOULD. Each time you see this show, you will not only enjoy it more, but you will be assured to see it differently each time as there is so much to see at once! O is nothing less than thrilling! If you have time for only one show on your Vegas trip, O is one to see! This show will blow you out of the water! Bravo, O!
For more information about O, call 702-796-9999.
1. Dazzling, spellbinding performers in Cirque du Soleil’s O, at the Bellagio in Las Vegas
Photo by Tomasz Rossa; costumes by Dominique Lemieux, Cirque du Soleil Inc.
2.&3. Deliciously fine food at Prime
4. The phenomenal view at Prime
Photos 2-4 by Robin Roth


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