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The One and Only Steven Wright…Is He Alright?

Steven Wright

Robin Roth

Comedian Steven Wright recently concluded a run at the fabulous Orleans Hotel and Casino. Don’t miss him when he returns or comes to your hometown. He walks out onto the stage sporting simple jeans, a T-shirt and jacket, a beard, and stands there for an hour and a half, making the audience of his sold-out show laugh until they cry. I was almost glad to see the show end because I was laughing so hard that it hurt. I almost walked out to rest for a second, but I couldn’t do it. After all, laughing is healthy and, if that is true, Steven Wright will keep you very healthy!

Readers, I can’t tell you what I would give to spend a day exploring the inside of this man’s mind. You really gotta give this funny man a lot of credit, if for no other reason than his unique approach to comedy. His humor is monotone, dry, understated, silly, sarcastic, smart, and there is absolutely NO ONE like him. He is so original that no other comic could possibly steal his comedy material, even if they tried.
Steven Alexander Wright (born December 6, 1955) is an Academy Award-winning stand-up comedian, actor, and writer from Burlington, Massachusetts. Steven is best known for his slow, deadpan, delivery of ironic, witty, deeply philosophical and sometimes confusing jokes and one-liners.

His comic timing is uncanny. His ability to turn any and everything into comedy is nothing short of genius. He makes everyday mundane things into something to laugh at right down to the lint in your dryer. In my opinion, he is the most under-rated comic out there. I warn you, however, that it does take a few beats to get into his rhythm and his monotone delivery. Wright crams five hours of comedy into one hour. While in his audience, YOU MUST THINK FAST AND KEEP UP! He leaves very little time for laughter before throwing another joke at you. Don’t ask the person next to you, “What did he say?” or you will miss the next five jokes!

What I find most miraculous about Steven is how he manages to memorize his act. Most comics have topics that lead into the next topic or they use notes. HIS comedy routine is so random and no joke connects to the next. I find this astonishing alone. In his act, Steven also plays guitar to lyrics that he wrote himself.

He is a rare breed and his humor is too funny to explain. Well, let me give it a try….For example:

“My problem is I was reincarnated without being alive the first time.”

“The end of the cold war started global warming.”

“Why are pictures square if the camera lens is round?”

“I finally figured out what to say on my tombstone…YOU’RE NEXT.”

“I think it’s wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly.”

“I was married to a trophy wife, but apparently it wasn’t first place.”

“It doesn’t matter what temperature a room is, it’s always room temperature.”

The audience loved Steven and screamed out for more at the end of his show. Steven Wright is a true comedy star. He is one of a kind! GO SEE THIS VERY FUNNY, INTELLIGENT, INTROSPECTIVE, VERY STRANGE GUY and enjoy a thousand more of these jokes for yourself!

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