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A New Star for Siegfried and Roy

Siegfried and Roy
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by Robin Roth

At long last, the LEGENDARY duo and Las Vegas ICONS Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn were honored on October 3, 2006 with the “Las Vegas Walk of Stars Award.” They were presented with their OWN star which reads, “Siegfried and Roy, Magicians of the Century.” That just about says it all!

It was very obvious how honored they both were, as they offered words of great appreciation and gratitude. The magical superstars displayed smiles of gratitude, not only for this very prestigious award, but to the Mirage Hotel and Casino as well as the city of Las Vegas, who made them a household name. Siegfried stated, “Las Vegas is the most exciting and famous city in the world!”

After performing over 5,700 shows at the Mirage, their sold-out-nightly show came to an abrupt halt after Roy’s tragic accident on October 3, 2003 when he was attacked by his beloved white tiger Montecore. Ironically, this award comes three years later to the day, which also happens to be Roy’s birthday. No matter what you might have read in the gossip rags, it was QUITE clear how much respect and admiration Siegfried and Roy share for one another. They share a strong bond and solid commitment. Both born natives of Germany, they met almost 50 years ago on a German ship cruise. Siegfried was performing magic and Roy was a waiter with a passion for animals. The rest is history!

After receiving their glamorous award, they offered the press (which included Robin Leach) words such as, “Life is good” and “You have not seen the last of us yet!” Roy spoke with great excitement that he is happy with his progress and is ready for another show! Well, I for one would be the first one in line to see it! CONGRATULATIONS SIEGFRIED AND ROY!

Visit www.siegfriedandroy.com.

Photos by Robin Roth

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