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 Golden Harvest Queen of Hearts Luncheon
to Benefit Miami Children’s Hospital

by Sir Ron Wetherington
Staff Writer

The 38th Annual Golden Harvest Queen of Hearts Luncheon was held at the Fontainebleau Hilton by the Miami Children's Hospital Auxiliary, where Katrina L. Peebles was crowned Queen of Hearts for 2004-2005 by the reigning Queen Martha Mishcon 2003-2004. Surrounded by her court, Katrina accepted the Queen of Heart Plaque from Kay Deal, President of the Auxiliary, as well as long-stemmed roses from the former Queen and friend Nicole Lozano. Accompanied by her husband, R. Donahue Peebles, Katrina took the traditional walk down the runway as she was serenaded by Walter Scarpella.

The Auxiliary presented a check for $65,000 to Robin Reiter, President of Miami Children's Hospital Foundation, representing a two million dollar commitment to the Hospital. After a fabulous lunch, special entertainment was provided by the Miami Heat Dancers, Joanie Edward's Little Theatre School and Bambi, with his beautiful music. It was a regal fundraiser with a royal flair for all whom attended.
1. Queen of Hearts 2004-2005 Katrina Leigh Peebles and Don Peebles
2. Queen of Hearts Nicole Lozano, Illene Isaacson, Dorothy Meyers, Ednagene Schofman, Norma Huttoe, Carmen Alexander Printup, Martha Mishcon and Katrina Peebles
3. Kay Deal, Michael C. Alexander, Robin Reiter-Faragalli
4. Helen MacLellan and Ann Lyons

Photos by Sir Ron Wetherington

Ticket Packages, Single Tickets Go on Sale
 2005 Millennium ITC: January 31-February 6, 2005

If you’re looking for a unique holiday gift for your family or friends, consider purchasing tickets to one of South Florida’s highly-acclaimed professional sporting events; ticket packages are currently on sale for the 2005 Millennium International Tennis Championships. The ATP professional tennis tournament, which will be held at the Delray Beach Tennis Center January 31 - February 6, is returning to an early-season date after being played last September following an ATP scheduling shuffle due to the Summer Olympics. The upcoming 2005 Millennium ITC follows the Australian Open and gives it the distinction of being the first tournament of the year on U.S. soil.
Delray Beach has a history of attracting some of the biggest stars in the game, including six former world No.1-ranked players—Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt, Carlos Moya, Jim Courier, Patrick Rafter and Marcelo Rios.

 “We are looking forward to returning to an early-season date to host our 13th annual tournament,” says tournament director Mark Baron, whose staff was able to put on the 2004 tournament despite damage to the facility following Hurricane Frances. “We’ll have the tourists and seasonal visitors back with us to enjoy great tennis and the best weather in the country.”
Championship Series ticket packages, which include priority reserved chairback seating for all 11 sessions, start at $220 while the Weekender Series starts at $140 and includes chair-back reserved seating for the quarterfinals through the finals (five sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Courtside box seats are also available in tournamentpackages.
Single session ticket sales begin Monday, December 6 for grandstand, reserved seats and box seats for the 11 sessions. Grandstand seats range in price from $10 for the early rounds to $15 and $20 for the semifinals and finals, respectively. The range for reserved tickets is $30 to $50 and box seats are between $50 and $75.

Championship Series and Weekender Series ticket packages, as well as individual session grandstand and reserved tickets, can be purchased through the ITC box office (561-330-6000) or online at Box seats—individual session and series packages—must be purchased through the on-site ITC box office. For complete information on the tournament, visit

The Blonde and The Maven Meet The Donald…
Two Apprentices Even Donald Trump
has Never Come Across Before!

 by Robin Roth and Shara Rosayn,
from “The Blonde and The Maven”
Staff Writers

Donald Trump is the definition of the American success story. He has made a world all his own, ranging from his real estate and hotel empires to the hottest reality television show to his latest venture, a new fragrance for men and a line of men's suits. Aramis and Designer Fragrances (a division of The Esteé Lauder Companies) have joined forces with Donald Trump, the icon of American businessmen, as their spokesperson for a new men's fragrance called Donald Trump.

“We are excited to work with Mr. Trump, whose commitment to excellence and desire for perfection is unparalleled,” said William P. Lauder, President and CEO of Esteé Lauder Companies. He also states that, “Mr. Trump’s extraordinary presence makes people take notice and ensures quality in all that he creates.” This fragrance will give men a sample of Trump’s passion and taste for luxury.

“You'll never be successful if you sell a product you don't like and you don't believe in,” stated Donald Trump. He goes on to say, “Men, when you wear this fragrance, you will get any woman you want. For you men that don’t want a woman, it will get you any man you want!” The fragrance is power in a bottle. This scent embodies the unparalleled confidence, success and character of Donald J. Trump. Like a magnificent New York City luxury skyscraper, the bottle is a tall, sleek architectural sculpture designed to echo the potent symbols of the Trump Empire. When asked what the fragrance smelled like, Trump replied, “It’s the scent of success, sweet and beautiful!”
In addition to the fragrance, Trump has also come out with a fabulous new line of men's suits. This holiday season has unveiled the “Donald J. Trump signature collection” of suits for men. His neo-classic suits combine classy traditional patterns and exclusive luxury fabrics. When Macy's at Harold Square unveiled Trump's signature collection, it set records selling 101 suits its very first day and outselling every other brand. It seems that everything Donald Trump does or touches TURNS TO GOLD!

The Blonde: What a thrill it was to meet and interview THE one and only Donald Trump at Burdines-Macys department store in Dadeland on Friday December 12, promoting his two new lines of merchandise. Wow, is this one class act or what? Trump, the brilliant Godfather of real estate and television superstar, is TALL, BLONDE and HANDSOME. I am so in love! Donald (we are on a first name basis now) has such an eloquent style of speaking. He's sophisticated, polished and has a genteel demeanor. He was truly impressive and breathtaking to witness. Mr. Trump was so generous and kind to his hundreds of fans who crowded for hours, hoping to get a mere glimpse of him in person or, better yet, an autograph. He spent nearly an hour signing autographs and posing for photos for the first people who purchased either his fragrance or a men’s suit. He added a caring, personal comment to each person he greeted. Only THE DONALD!

The Maven: Double Wow. THE Donald is everything I imagined him to be, well, at least all I can share with you in writing. He is much more handsome in person, and his magnetic personality pulls you into his charming web.  Just to inform our readers, he doesn't wear a hairpiece and that's not a comb-over. I couldn't see any bald spots and believe me, I LOOKED! His hair even looked soft to the touch.

The Blonde: You're right. His hair looked great in person and so did he! By the way, Maven, his hair WAS very soft to the touch.

The Maven: And where was I when you touched his hair?
The Blonde: Ya know, I don't share EVERYTHING with you! I will tell you that I am so in love. Speaking of love, what does he see in his fiancée, Melania, anyway? I mean, are BEAUTY AND BRAINS all he is looking for? That is so shallow of him. AND…Donald ONLY used to go for BLONDES! Why has he betrayed ME and crossed over to boring brunettes?

The Maven: Hey, watch it when you speak about my fellow BRUNETTE SISTERS! Maybe Don realized for substance, brunettes are the way to go.

The Blonde: Oh please, that's ridiculous, and everyone knows blondes have more fun.  I am so in love!

The Maven: Weren't you just in love last month with a presidential candidate?

The Blonde: Yes, but that was SOOO LAST MONTH!  By the way, I wonder who he voted for.

The Maven: NO, NO, NO! We are SOOO not going there! Did you notice the gorgeous male models standing behind Donald or where you too busy shooting photographs?

The Blonde: No, I only had eyes on my camera lens for MY Donald! I am so in love!

The Maven: SNAP OUT OF IT! He's taken, and I don't want to hear about the Donald for another month.

The Blonde: Okay “Cher”! Anyway, I have AMAZING SUITS and a FRAGRANCE to go buy! MAY THE DONALD BE WITH YOU!
1. Robin Roth and Shara Rosayn
(The Blonde and The Maven) with Donald Trump
2. Donald Trump
3. Trump with his associates
Photos by Robin Roth

Burglar Bars: When Seconds Count,
Can You Get Your Family Out? 

by Miami-Dade County Communications Department
Special to EN&V

Not too long ago, we all heard a particularly sad news report. The tragic story was about a house fire in Hialeah that killed four children. The tragedy was compounded by the reality that iron security bars, more commonly known as “burglar bars,” covered the windows, preventing firefighters from entering the home quickly enough to save them.

Security bars are popular in Miami-Dade County. Many families appreciate the protection, beauty and value their homes gain from having them. Unfortunately, however, security bars can also trap homeowners inside their homes if a fire breaks out. When you only have a few seconds to escape your home, security bars can end up being the cause of an unthinkable tragedy for you and your family. 

Miami-Dade County has launched a new educational campaign encouraging all homeowners to ensure their security bars have “quick-release” mechanisms, allowing a quick escape in an emergency. 

A quick-release mechanism is a special safety feature offered on new security-bar installations. The device can also be installed on existing security bars. Although there are several different kinds of quick-releases, the principle is the same: in the event of an emergency, family members can approach the exit where a security bar is installed, then either pull a lever or push a button (located inside so it can’t be reached by a burglar intent on breaking into your home), releasing the bars from the exit. Whether it is a window or door, your family can now escape to safety. 

Miami-Dade County’s building code requires all homes with security bars to have properly installed quick-release mechanisms. All new homes sold in the County with security bars on the windows and doors must have quick-release mechanisms to pass inspection. Older homes with security bars must have the quick-release mechanisms installed before they can be sold. We encourage all homeowners to install these quick release devices on doors and windows with existing security bars and, when they do, to use licensed contractors in order to ensure it is done properly and up to code.
For a list of approved contractors and more information on quick-release mechanisms for security bars, call the Miami-Dade Answer Center at 305-468-5900, or you can go online to 
But building code or not, we can’t emphasize strongly enough how important it is for you to have quick-release mechanisms on the security bars on your home. Now with the holidays and cooler weather coming—and many people using electrical lights for decorations and space heaters to heat up their homes, both of which can create potential fire hazards—is a good time to learn more. So please keep your family safe and contact us today. Remember, when the seconds count, make sure you can get out.
For more information, call Miami-Dade Answer Center at 305-468-5900.

The Official Poster of the 2005 Coconut Grove Arts Festival® Unveiled in Dramatic Style at
the Sonesta Hotel & Suites



On December 9, in a ceremony overlooking the bay, the Coconut Grove Arts and Historical Association, Inc., producers of the 42nd Annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival®, proudly presented to the public for the first time the official poster of the 2005 Coconut Grove Arts Festival®. The chosen artwork, titled Coconut Grove Revisited by Coconut Grove native Lisa Remeny, was unveiled at the Sonesta Hotel & Suites in Coconut Grove. Guests of the event were also among the first to preview works of artists that will be participating in the 2005 Coconut Grove Arts Festival®, taking place over Presidents’ Day weekend, February 19 – 21, 2005.

Those in attendance for the poster’s unveiling included the Festival’s President and CEO, Carol Romine Hawks, Association Chairman Donna Sweeny, past Chairman Monty Trainer, Coconut Grove artist Doug Adams, State Attorney Kathy Fernandez-Rundle, Coldwell Banker’s Pat Dahne, various Festival sponsors and always supportive Grovites.

Ms. Remeny, whose work is widely recognized for its tropical themes, has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and other tropical areas of the world in search of the unspoiled beauty, which provides the inspiration for her paintings. A graduate of the California College of Arts and Crafts, Ms. Remeny began exhibiting her work in 1979 in California and has continued showing internationally since that time. Her work is in private and public collections worldwide. Locally, many of her botanical paintings can be viewed at the Fairchild Tropical Gardens. Ms. Remeny was also the only artist interviewed on a Public Television documentary about Miami culture that was broadcast to an international audience of 240 million.  

The 42nd Annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival will take place over President’s Day weekend, February 19 – 21, 2005, in the village of Coconut Grove. Hundreds of artists’ booths will be erected along nearly a mile of streets through the heart of town. The atmosphere will have a distinct international edge as art lovers arrive from around the world to examine the artwork and soak up the scene. The Global Food Village will serve up a feast of international culinary delights. A nearby sound stage will feature entertainment. And as always, the turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay will provide a luminescent backdrop to the long weekend’s events. This year the festival will have a new layout along with new festival hours: Saturday, February 19—9am–6pm; Sunday, February 20—9am–6pm; and Monday, February 21—9am– 6pm.

Posters of “Coconut Grove Revisited” will be on sale at the Festival for $15 each. 250 signed limited edition posters will be on sale for $50 each. This year’s poster and other commemorative posters dating back to 1983 are also available for sale on the Festival’s website at or by phone at 305-447-0401.
1. The official poster of the 2005 Coconut Grove Arts Festival®, titled Coconut Grove Revisited, by Lisa Remeny

Scavolini by MiaCucina Selected to
Grace Emerald at Brickell Kitchens


Emerald at Brickell will feature kitchens by Italian manufacturer Scavolini, imported by MiaCucina. Custom-designed exclusively for the upscale development, the clean, contemporary kitchens emphasize practicality and high-style. 

Each contemporary-styled kitchen features stainless steel KitchenAid Architect series and Sub-Zero appliances. Quartz countertops provide a dense, durable alternative to granite, while exquisite cherry wood cabinetry can be customized with a range of choice finishes. 

According to Co-Developer Louis Birdman, “We took careful measures to note every detail so that residents feel they can not only make great use of their kitchens, but that they are also striking at every angle.”

Among other special touches are frosted tempered glass with aluminum framed edging gracing the wall units, satin nickel hardware and steel finishes on the exposed sides of the cabinets. Several upgrades are also available. MiaCucina, is the exclusive distributor for Scavolini, on display in their Miami and Aventura showrooms.

A 142-unit, 27-story glass tower with one, two and three-bedroom residences and penthouses, Emerald at Brickell is priced pre-construction from the $275,000s to over $1 million.

Emerald at Brickell is being developed by SunVest/Hamilton, a joint venture between SunVest Resort Communities and Hamilton Investment Group LLC. To date, the group has successfully developed 21 projects.
For further information, visit the new sales center at 1414 Brickell Avenue, Suite #2 in Miami, call 305-379-9500 or visit

Everglades on the Bay Relocates Sales Center
in Anticipation of Start of Construction


Cabi Developers has relocated the Everglades on the Bay Sales Center, formerly onsite at 244 Biscayne Blvd., to the Yale Mortgage Building at 141 NE 3rd Ave. The new location is directly across from the original location. The sales team is operating out of the 10th floor of the Yale Mortgage Building, until the permanent space on the ground floor is completed.

The move came ahead of schedule due to the exceptional sales success to date. Since the launch of the North tower only three weeks ago, 40 percent of the building’s residences have been sold as well as 98 percent of the South tower. As a result, the monumental implosion is scheduled to take place in January and preparations are underway to prepare the building for demolition. Construction is scheduled to commence in early 2005.

“This is truly an exciting time in the project’s development. Because of the sales center’s proximity to the site, we encourage residents and visitors to stop by periodically to view the building’s progress as construction moves forward,” notes George Mato, Director of Sales for Everglades on the Bay.

Everglades on the Bay will be a contemporary, mixed-use community with 849 residences. The towers will boast gorgeous bay and city views, and a generous array of amenities. The project’s crown jewel is the eighth-floor amenities deck, which sets the project apart from any other development currently being built in downtown Miami. The deck will house four pools, a 15,000 square-foot health spa, a juice bar, tanning deck, business center, meeting room, and billiards room. Both buildings will offer valet, concierge and business center services as well as direct resident access to a ground-floor retail promenade with 65,000 square feet of high-end shops and services. Prices range from $189,000 to over $1 million.

The developer aligned the development with pop artist Romero Britto to create the inspiration for part of the project’s marketing campaign. Turnberry Associates is the leasing agent for the commercial space.
For information on the retail space, contact Andrew Dieringer at 305-937-6200. Marka-Tech Associates is the exclusive sales and marketing company for the residences. Call 305-577-9877 or visit
 1. Everglades on the Bay

WCI Communities Names Coastal Condominiums
General Contractor for Mosaic on Miami Beach


WCI Communities has announced that Coastal Condominiums will be the general contractor for its new development, Mosaic on Miami Beach. The organization will oversee the construction of the only new residential property within Miami Beach’s Historic District—a boutique, arts-inspired building, comprised of 84 residences.

Coastal Condominiums, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coastal Construction Group, was chosen because of its distinguished reputation for quality construction. Coastal has completed more than 3,700 condominium units encompassing more than 15 million square feet. Previous condominium projects include: The Pointe, The Admiral and The Mariner at Jupiter Yacht Club; Sanctuary at Ocean Reef Club; and Milano, Verona and Siena at Deering Bay Yacht and Country Club. Coastal is in the final phases of WCI’s BellaMare at Williams Island, which is scheduled for completion in 2005.
The 84-unit Mosaic will be a sophisticated and upscale development, built on 1.65 acres of prized oceanfront property. A broad spectrum of decorative fine art as well as unique design features by Steven G. Interiors and architectural elements by Fullerton Diaz will be incorporated into the interiors and exteriors. Two- and three-bedroom residences are priced from the $900s to $3.9 million. 

“We are honored to be chosen once again by one of Florida’s premier developers of luxury residential communities,” said Jeff Lee, Vice President of Coastal Construction Group. “Each aspect of this project will meet the same standard for quality we set for every Coastal project.’’
The building will include an elegant porte cochere entrance with a fountain and mosaic tile mural, a fourth-floor social clubroom, complete with private wine lockers, 36 cigar humidors, and an elegant entertainment deck overlooking the ocean. Residents will also enjoy direct beach and boardwalk access.

Named America’s Best Builder in 2004, WCI Communities, Inc. has been creating amenity-rich, master-planned lifestyle communities since 1946. Florida-based WCI and its Northeastern U.S. subsidiary, WCI Spectrum Communities, cater to primary, retirement, and second-home buyers in Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Mosaic on Miami Beach is located at 3801 Collins Avenue. The sales center is located adjacent to the property site at Courtyard by Marriott Oceanfront, 3925 Collins Ave., Suite 927 in Miami Beach. For information, call 305-867-3340 or visit

 1. Mosaic on Miami Beach

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