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Las Vegas: A Very Funny Town

Roseanne Barr Photo by Michael Hiller

Robin Roth

Roseanne Barr: All You Can Eat Comedy Tour

Roseanne Barr, the award-winning, reigning queen of comedy has gone back to her standup roots and is now appearing in her own show at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas performing Thursday –Tuesday at 8pm. May I just say that PERSONALLY, I just love Roseanne. To me she is like the modern day Lucy! Oh, by the way ladies, she looks fantastic!!!!! Young, thin, and fresh!

Roseanne is probably one of America's most well-known female comics. She brings new meaning to the word funny! She is frank and open, original and unique. She also has a rare gift of relating to American woman on every level. (And men too!)

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Roseanne knew by the age of three that she was going to be a comic and have her own show. Boy, did she ever deliver!

Opening for THE domestic goddess is (drag queen) Jackie Beat, who is quite entertaining both vocally and comically.

When Roseanne took center stage, the audience greeted her with an outpouring of love. It was thrilling to be able to see her work in person. Her comedy is quick-witted and charming, sarcastic yet sweet and loveable. She speaks just about everything, from weight to exercise. “There is nothing you can’t get a fat person to do to loose weight except, stop eating and exercise!” “I support a woman’s right to chew!” “Any fat people here tonight, I love to be your queen!” "Half the people in the world are starving and the other half are trying to lose weight!” 

She goes on to speak of menopause… “How many people here are going through menopause…just the woman?” “Now I’m wet where I am supposed to be dry and dry where I am supposed to be wet!” “I am a multi-tasker…I pee and sneeze at the same time!” 

Roseanne speaks about the dreaded aging process. “I am 54 years old. They say I am middle-aged, but no one lives to 108!” She speaks about being a grandma. Roseanne has 5 kids. “Grandchildren teach you life lessons like… you should never have had kids!” She also speaks about growing up: “We didn’t know we were poor, cause we were stupid, too!” Of course she speaks about divorce, as she has been married three times: “My husband needed more space so I locked him outside!” OH AND YES, SHE SPEAKS OF TOM ARNOLD…. I tend to agree with her about him myself!

Talking about her former, long-running TV show “Roseanne,” she states, "The show was about women, gender, politics, and the working class. Did I think that it would be successful? I actually did. Because I knew it was filling a void."

Back in Las Vegas, this truly brilliant, funny lady keeps the audience in a roar of laughter for over an hour. Roseanne closes her show with a tap dance and a song. I will not tell you any more than that….BUT IT IS VERY FUNNY! I really did not want the show to end. I could have stayed another hour at least and I know the entire audience felt the same way too!


For tickets, call 702-492-3960 or 866-6067111. You can also look up Roseanne's autobiographies, "Roseanne: My Life as a Woman" and "My Lives."

Bill Maher: The Funniest Man on the Planet

IT IS SUCH A JOY TO WATCH BILL MAHER, WITH HIS INTELLIGENT, WELL THOUGHT-OUT, CURRENT, UP-TO-THE-MINUTE, DARING, CONTORVERSIAL, and GENIUS LEVEL OF COMEDY. I would have to say Bill Maher is the BEST comedian of our time. I know if you are a Republican, you might not feel that way, but you have to admit, the man gets you thinking if nothing else! He also makes a lot of sense! Appearing at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (future dates coming up in May), Maher enters the stage running while blurting out a comment that recently got someone fired, (WILL NOT MENTION WHO) and I just cannot tell you how funny it was. He had the crowd from that moment on! He stated, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… that’s just cause no one can remember what happened the next day!” He reiterates that he loves America, as it has been said (a lot) that he doesn’t! He explains, “Any country that lets me talk like this I have to love!”

Okay, yes, he does speak a lot about Bush, but ya know what, how can he not! After all, he is THE master of political comedy! “Bush had a plan…it was to attack the wrong country, who would expect that!” He also tells the president to stop thinking out of the box, he tells him to just STAY IN THE BOX! He speaks of the five things Bush does when you pull his string. He states that Bush is all business… “He would sell the Red Cross to Dracula!” The laughter was thunderous!

He bashes all the other political figures as well and on both sides! He talks about sex, drugs, gay marriage, and the no child left behind act. “No child left behind? Come on, these kids can’t even spell the names of the teachers they are having sex with!” Folks this man is funnier than funny. The audience was stuck in laughter mode for and hour and ten minutes. Sometimes it was hard to even hear the next bit due to the lingering laughter from the previous one. His sense of timing is impeccable! He lights up the stage with his personality alone. Nice smile too, I might add!

Maher goes on to speak about restless leg syndrome, stress, legal drugs, the Pope, Regan and, of course, global warming and stem cell research, and yes, President Bush, again and again and again!

One of his funniest bits was on abortion. He states that the right wing believes that “life begins before the man even has a chance to light up a cigarette. Life begins even before the woman gets a towel. Life begins even before the woman asks, what are you thinking?” BILL IS A FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY, MAN!

Although Maher had been in numerous films and television shows and specials, he is best known as the former host of the late-night television talk show “Politically Incorrect,” which aired on the Comedy Central television network and later ABC. He is currently the host and star of “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO.

Back in Vegas, Bill’s relaxed manner and style puts the audience at ease, which they need to be to laugh so much! Most comics have an act and repeat it over and over again without updating it for years! Not Maher. His comedy is up to the second, topical and factual yet with a twist of comedy. He crams two hours of comedy into one.

I would rate Bill Maher’s show as THE NUMBER ONE funniest night of comedy I have ever witnessed. MAHERS SHOW IS AN A+, sensational, AND comedy perfection.

Don’t be afraid to come if you are not a Democrat. He picks on everyone! GO see him in THE JOINT AT THE HARD ROCK, ENJOY AND LAUGH!

Friday - 11:30 PM, May 04; Saturday - 11:00 PM, May 05; Friday - 11:30 PM, June 15; and Saturday - 11:00 PM, June 16.

For tickets, visit www.hardrock.com or call 800-279-4444.

Craig Ferguson: Witty, Very Scottish and One of Great Britain’s Leading Comedians


To begin with ladies, Craig Ferguson is a very sexy, adorable chap!! I mean, he is really cute! Let’s not even talk about his accent! I was so busy just watching him that sometimes I simply forgot to laugh!

That said, appearing periodically at The Orleans Hotel and Casino is the extraordinarily funny and very Scottish Craig Ferguson. If he comes to your city, or you go to Vegas when he is there, run to see his show. He is very clever and adorably funny, charismatic and quite charming. He is filled with animated expressions and his comedy is very physical. Craig is as much fun to watch as he is to listen to. He gets excited with his humor. It is evident how free he feels on stage. You just know he feels at home there. I am sure he is equally as much fun off the stage as well. I would love to find that out first-hand, though!

The tall, (6' 2") dark and handsome Ferguson was born on May 17, 1962, (Taurus) in Glasgow, Scotland, (where he humorously states there is a lot of stabbing and polyester). However, he grew up in Cumbernauld, Scotland with his two sisters. Throughout his show, Craig states how much he loves America. He tells stories of his childhood and when he came to America as a young 13 year old lad for a visit. He went to a rock concert where he was surprised and thought it was odd that five boys had to share one tiny little cigarette. After being given this cigarette to try a puff, he understood why!! 

He explains, "When I came here to live, I had nothing. I only had two bags, but I stole them from baggage claim!” He reveals (although divorced now… get in line after me, girls) that he married a Jewish girl… “At the wedding, I broke the glass and everything…My Scottish friends could not understand why I would break a perfectly good drinking glass”… He speaks of Oprah, and other stars and a lot about his family. His show was a total delight to watch. Lots of fun for all!

Ferguson took over as host of “The Late Late Show” on January 3, 2005 and is also one of its writers. The show has greatly evolved since its debut, and there’s no question Ferguson has made it a success! Early on, Craig decided against the written monologue told by most late night stars to do what he does best… improvisation, story telling and interaction with his audience.

Craig has also written his first novel, “Between the Bridge and the River,” which is set to be released this spring.

Keep on making America laugh, Craig Ferguson. We are staying tuned in!                                                                                                              

Check The Orleans Hotel and Casino for Craig Ferguson’s future appearances: www.orleanscasino.com.

Louis Anderson Celebrates his One-Year Anniversary at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino

The still boyish looking comedienne Louis Anderson got by with a little help from his friends April 23, 2007 to celebrate one year of successful performances at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. Joining Louis on stage was the incomparable Roseanne Barr, George Wallace, and the wild Carrot Top.

Anderson interacts quite a bit with his audience. His style of humor involves a lot of comedy about his mom and dad. How they are to blame for all that smoking, butter and alcohol. It does hit home with the audience members, as we all can relate. He is sweet and refreshing. His comedy is wholesome. He does speak a great deal about his weight, getting old, aches and pain and eye-glasses, and how he is turning into his parents. He states, “I miss my parents, but I don’t want them back!” Louis explains how we should take life a little easier; for example, if we are mad at our kids, “we should just let it go because you can’t get mad enough to get even!” Go visit Louis Anderson on your trip to the city that never sleeps!

Shows run nightly at 7:00 p.m; dark Fridays. Call the Excalibur at 702-597-7600.

Marty Allen: “Hello, Dere”

The newest show at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino is entitled, "Hello Dere!" starring Marty Allen and Karon Kate. The show runs Wednesday thru Sunday up until July. Legend Marty Allen turned 85 years young and is still doing standup. You go, Marty!!!

Call the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino at www.goldcoastcasino.com.


1. Bill Maher
2. Craig Ferguson
3. Louis Anderson with George Wallace, Roseanne Barr and Carrot Top
4. Marty Allen and Karon Kate

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