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Halloween to the “Hilt-on”

Paris Hilton at LAX nightclub on Halloween

Robin Roth

On Halloween evening, Oct. 31st, at the beautiful Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas (and future home to Chris Angel), the very stunning Paris Hilton made a guest appearance at the trendy and fabulous LAX Nightclub.

Adoring fans waited anxiously for the gorgeous blonde to appear on the red carpet; and the anticipation of what she would wear caused a stir in the crowd. LAX patrons were dressed up in every possible costume imaginable; all hoping to win from a pool of 20,000 dollars in prizes. It was truly unbelievable and Halloween at it's best!

However, the real winner was Paris, who was dressed up like “Army Barbie”, sporting an adorable and sexy military costume and Halloween contact eyes to match. She quoted, “I wanted to dress this way to support our troops”.

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