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Las Vegas: The New Entertainment Capital of the World

David Copperfield

by Robin Roth

Master Magician David Copperfield

LEGENDARY MASTER magician DAVID COPPERFIELD is considered HANDS-DOWN “THE” greatest of our time. When you just hear the name Copperfield, it automatically means magic! The ABUNDANTLY charismatic, charming, David Copperfield was born on September 16. Yes, ladies a Virgo AND AS HOT AS A MAN CAN BE! He is appearing in Las Vegas periodically at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Just call the MGM ticket office or simply go online and find out his performance dates. Do not miss the chance to see the masterful illusionist perform live.

David is the first living magician to receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He has received 21 Emmys! He has grossed the largest amount of money earned by a magician. Copperfield is the ONLY living magician to appear on postage stamps. He has the largest Broadway attendance with the most tickets sold. He holds 11 world records in the Guinness Book of Records and is the most awarded magician in history. He has been knighted by the French Government, voted Entertainer of the Year and earned the prestigious Golden Rose Award. Do I need to go on? I will, anyway! Copperfield has received the Living Legend Award by the Library of Congress. His “Project Magic,” which is used as therapy for patients in 1,000 hospitals in 30 countries worldwide, promotes and boots self-esteem in patients. This man gives back, too!

The show begins with Copperfield’s voice saying, “Imagine if you could close your eyes and be anywhere you wanted to be in a blink of an eye.” (I was imagining dinner and a movie later that night with David)! While you watch him perform, not only is his magic exiting, inventive, creative and amazingly imaginative, he is mesmerizing, sexy, charming, witty, scary handsome and will magically take your breath away with each illusion. All of this probably makes his illusions easier for him to perform as US women are so preoccupied with looking at him! By the way, each of his illusions takes two years to conceive and develop from sketches to the stage.

He will mysteriously take you on a journey to Hawaii, and involve you in his childhood memories of his grandfather. You will witness his grand illusion encore of making 13 members of the audience disappear right before your very eyes. (I, myself, have a few people I know that I wish were in that one). He successfully tempts fate with a black scorpion, walks through a wall of steel and predicts winning lottery numbers. He disappears and reappears, and even makes motorcycles and cars disappear! If you catch the ball that he throws into the audience, you might be the lucky gal or guy that he brings up to share the stage with him.

Run, and catch Copperfield! Treat yourself to an intimate evening of grand illusion. You will thank me later. May the magic be with you!

The Very Best “Phantom of the Opera”

Now appearing at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino (how totally apropos is that!) is the new production with all-new staging of the world’s most recognized musical theater masterpiece, “Phantom of the Opera.” The Las Vegas Spectacular of “Phantom” is uniquely presented in a new $40 million (out of this world) theater. The production features never-before-seen special effects and a sensational Broadway caliber cast…EVEN BETTER! The 95-minute production includes every song from the original and reunites Andrew Lloyd Webber, Hal Prince and others from the show’s original creative team.

The most successful theatrical endeavor of all time, “The Phantom of the Opera” has grossed more than $3 billion worldwide since its London premiere in 1986, having played more than 65,000 performances in 20 countries and 110 cities. It is estimated that more than 80 million people worldwide have seen "Phantom of the Opera."

Broadway show-goers, I have seen “Phantom” dozens of times all over the world. It is truly MY favorite show. Therefore, I was a tad (okay, more than a tad) concerned about seeing the Las Vegas version, as it is not the entire, nor the original show. I was literally holding my breath before the curtain went up and started wondering how, why and what they were going to cut out? There are NO WORDS GRAND enough to describe how incredibly amazing this Andrew Lloyd Webber “Phantom” production was. Those of you who are like me, who know and adore the Broadway show, will NOT be disappointed by the changes. Every song you know and love from the original is LEFT IN TACT! Much of the dialogue form the Broadway version has just been trimmed to make it a more fast-paced show. No need to worry, “Phantom” purists, the show is every bit as “PHANTOMY” and MAGICAL!

As for the stellar cast, EVERY artist in the show has the finest singing voice I have ever heard ANYWHERE! An absolute BRAVO, for the “Phantom” who literally caresses his character played by the BRILLIANT Brett Barrett (he will make you cry and believe that he IS the Phantom); Christine played by gorgeous Elizabeth Loyacano with her miraculous voice (you will feel her from the stage); Raoul played by the very handsome and spectacular Tim Martin Gleason (never been played better); Carlotta played by Geena Jeffries Mattox with her heavenly voice and diva attitude; and Madame Giry mysteriously portrayed by Rebecca Spencer (she nails this character).

“Phantom of the Opera” is the tale of the beautiful young Christine, an aspiring opera singer who is being tutored by a mysterious man she thinks is her “angel of music,” sent to her by the spirit of her beloved dead father. In truth, her angel is the feared Phantom of the Opera, a very sad, lonely, horribly disfigured man who hides behind his famous mask and lives in the eerie, dark and cold labyrinth beneath the opera house that he believes is his. The phantom not only falls desperately in love with Christine and her angelic voice, he also becomes obsessed with her. Enter Raoul, Christine’s childhood sweetheart. They quickly become engaged which is when all the trouble begins. DANT-DANT-DANT! This throws the poor phantom into a jealous rage, causing total chaos, bizarre accidents and fear thorough the opera house. Bottom line, confused Christine has to make a choice between her two loves. THAT IS ALL I AM SAYING ABOUT IT!

Whether you have never had the PLEASURE of seeing “Phantom” or you are a longtime fan and have seen it many times, DO NOT miss this production! It is the BEST VERSION of the “Phantom” with the finest cast that I have ever been lucky enough to experience.

For reservations, call 702-4923960 (7pm Monday and Friday, 7 and 10pm Tuesday and Thursday, 6 and 9pm).

“Mamma Mia!” is Better Than Ever!

This hilarious, non-stop, energetic, fast paced show has dazzled over 10 million show-goers around the world and is now one of the biggest hits on the Strip. This IS a musical treat and a must-see ticket performed nightly at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. If you have already had the pleasure of seeing “Mamma Mia!” go see it again in Vegas. It is the finest cast I have ever seen. This production seems funnier and more playful then the other productions I have seen in the past. The actors seemed to feel looser and maybe they have been given the opportunity to explore the essence of their characters as much as they wanted. It is truly wonderful, uplifting and fun! If you are like me, you will be swept away from the very first note. What is so amazing and brilliant about “Mamma Mia!” is how they took the already smash hit music of ABBA and turned it into a touching fantastic story and musical production. The intoxicating music will have you tapping your feet throughout the entire show! The unparalleled directing, orchestra, sound, staging and lighting are all a part of what makes this the best “Mamma Mia!” production.
It is the story of a mother, a daughter, three possible dads and a trip down the aisle you'll never forget! It is about the struggles of human emotions, relationships, and secrets kept far too long. It is a tale of a mother, her past boyfriends, her hard times and good times and her close relationship with her only child. It is a hit Broadway musical that is funny, charming and tender. The other characters are colorful and fantastic as well. The entire cast is stellar, from their voices to their acting performances! The cast features: Sophie the daughter played by the perky and talented Kelly Anise Daniells, the mother Donna brilliantly played by the amazing Carol Linnea Johnson and the amazing vocal and acting talents of Patrick Sarb (Sky), Rick Negron, (Sam), Jefferson Slinkard (Bill), Timothy Ware (Harry), Vicki Van Tassel (Tanya) and funny lady Robin Baxter (Rosie). What is so rare about this musical is that everyone in the cast has their moment to shine, and do they ever!
Set in the present day on a tiny, mythical Greek island, “Mamma Mia!” is a musical love story that crosses continents and generations. Without a doubt, “Mamma Mia!” is a show that is impossible not to LOVE! You will be smiling for 2-and-a-half-hours. At the end of the show and their thunderous standing ovation, the cast gets the ENTIRE audience on their feet for three final ABBA songs! You will most assuredly leave the theater singing and dancing. Be careful though, people might just think you are crazy! Oh who cares! Go see “Mamma Mia!” and sing and dance the rest of your night away. For tickets, call 702-632-7580.

The Wacky World of the Blue Man Group


Blue Man Group’s critically acclaimed show has been called “visually stunning,” “wildly inventive,” and “hysterically funny.” People of all ages and walks of life agree that Blue Man Group’s Venetian Show is an intensely exciting and wildly outrageous experience that leaves the entire audience in a blissful, euphoric state.

They May be Blue, but they, without a doubt provide the BEST show in Vegas to experience! Hands down, Blue Man Group has opened its most lavish production ever, in The Venetian's brand-new 1760-seat Blue Man theatre built especially for this spectacular show. It is the most unique choice in Vegas entertainment. This 90-minute, wild and crazy, colorful show features three animated bald and blue characters who take the audience into a tour of the senses, theater, percussion drums, music, art, science and into the world of the very bizarre! They don't speak, sing, or dance, but they DO challenge the audience to accept that art isn't always as you think it should be. They DO however, eat Twinkies, a lot of Cap’N Crunch cereal, marshmallows, walk on seat backs, throw Jell-O, spray the first five rows of the audience (plastic is provided), BRILLIANTLY perform different forms of drum sounds, (ALONG WITH A STELLAR BAND) throw a ton of paper around, play with pipes and paint, lots of paint, paint with their mouths, paint with drums, and of course STARE… A LOT! They will even go into the crowd and pick an audience member and put a camera that focuses deep into their throat. Strange sounding, YOU BET, and the audience LOVES IT and roars with laughter as they call out to the Blue Men to cheer them on! No doubt this will remind you of your silly and wild college days! There is a lot of audience participation, from sing-a-longs down to decorating yourself with paper before the show starts. A WARNING: DON'T BE LATE, for if you are, the show comes to a screeching halt and they play a very embarrassing, “YOU'RE LATE” song as the Blue Men flash spotlights on you!

This show is silly, ridiculous, and tons of good, clean fun. If you're a kid or even a kid at heart, then you will most definitely love Blue Man Group! Wait until the very end to meet, greet, and take photos with these strange, weird Blue Guys. Join the celebration and see the show that USA Today calls "an absolutely ecstatic experience” and Time Magazine calls “A Sensation.”
For tickets and show information, call 800-BLUEMAN (800-258-3626) or visit www.blueman.com.

Las Vegas’ Biggest Rising Star, Nathan Burton

Nathan Burton is appearing for a one-hour matinee performance in The V Theatre in the Aladdin's Desert Passage mall for "Nathan Burton Comedy Magic" at 2pm. Burton's show is kid-friendly, though not specifically aimed at youngsters. Grown up men will particularly enjoy the show for its gorgeous show girls that assist Burton. In actuality, they really do enhance the show.
Although Nathan is not quite yet a household name, he is going on an upward path towards it. He was featured on E!'s "The Entertainer" and received his first big break as a contestant in the summer of 2006 on NBC's "America's Got Talent." He appeared on this prime-time show six times.
His style of comedy magic is a bit different and uniquely his own. Burton seems to turn the formula around. He puts humor, punch lines and lots of fun into his classic stage illusions. He is so darn likeable, playful, and wacky that he is hard to resist. Burton plays to the audience and they are completely captivated by him. His show is high-energy, non-stop and fast paced.
You will see him perform levitation tricks, his famous "microwave of death" illusion, demonstrating tricks of magic both big and small, as well as his flushing a man down the toilet trick, and a whole lot of disappearing and reappearing, and street magic. Burton’s illusions are mostly original with some classic ones thrown in as well.
I predict BIG things for Nathan’s magical career in the very near future. His mischievous, warm, personality and masterful command of magic will no doubt put him on the map of magical greatness one day. You can’t go wrong; it is good fun. Run and see him before his price skyrockets! I AM PULLING FOR YOU, NATHAN!

The Stars Come Out through the Talents of Gordie Brown

If you are looking for an entertaining, fun-filled, fast paced, HIGH ENERGY SHOW in Las Vegas, then you won’t want to miss this very talented, BOUNCY, CLEVER, impressionist/singer/actor/dancer/musician Gordie Brown!

Gordie, known as the, “corporate comic,” has worked hard to perfect his many talents. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Gordie moved to Ottawa to work as a political cartoonist for the local newspaper. His dream led him to Vegas where he now has his OWN show at the very exquisite Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino. Comedian Gordie Brown leaves his audiences laughing uncontrollably, and ending with a standing ovation every single performance through his unique style, expressive, malleable and every changing face. He is able to become his characters using only a few simple props. What is so amazing about Brown is not only does he perfect the voices of his victims, but he actually has an uncanny physical resemblance to these performers as well. I must add that when he is himself, we are looking at once gorgeous man! I mean what a hunk! That said…audience members WON'T get the "typical" impersonators portrayal of familiar stars doing all, the typical familiar frequently over-done lines. You can expect the unpredictable when you see Gordie Brown. Since he considers himself first and foremost a comic, and he actually writes all of his own material, you can expect an evening of off-the-wall and original comedic impressions. Gordie does not simply impersonate celebrities; he has incorporated all of his characters into comedic situations throughout his routine.

You will most definitely need to pay attention and listen to all the lyrics that he has changed to thoroughly get this comedy packed show. Although he tries to be politically correct, he does incorporate the latest news topics, which of course include a lot of funny impressions on President Bush! Funny, funny stuff! It also isn't unusual for him to throw in some surprise material which is clear by watching the musicians on stage roaring amongst themselves. Speaking of musicians, Gordie is VERY fortunate to have a group of consummate musicians behind him. We are talking the best of the best. These five fine musicians are remarkable. I found myself enjoying watching them perform as well.

Gordie performs approximately 60 personalities per show. He includes impersonations of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise, Robert DeNiro, Clint Eastwood, Christopher Lloyd, Jack Nicholson, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jimmy Stewart, Christopher Walken, John Wayne, Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Geraldo Rivera and Clint Eastwood. You also hear Gordie's original parodies of songs made famous by Louis Armstrong, Garth Brooks, James Brown, Johnny Cash, Tracy Chapman, Billy Ray Cyrus, Sammy Davis Jr., Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, M.C. Hammer, Julio Iglesias, Chris Isaak, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Tom Jones (with an assist from "Fantasy Island's" Tattoo), Meat Loaf, Dean Martin, Alanis Morissette, Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison, Ozzy Osbourne, Kenny Rogers, Paul Simon, Frank Sinatra, Randy Travis (whose lips don't move when he sings), Vanilla Ice, UB4O, Michael Bolton, Neil Young, and even Joe Cocker, among many other performers.

The list of Gordie Brown’s characters is endless… AND so are the laughs and is his talent!

His incomparable comedic timing and his edgy, energetic style, make Gordie Brown one of the fastest rising stars in the city. He takes his audiences on a hilarious journey filled with laughter and joy. His show is a non-stop performance of comedy, music and impressions.

Tickets are on sale now at The Venetian box office at 866-641-7469 or 702-414-9000, and online at www.Venetian.com. 7:30pm Sun, Mon & Tues; 7:30pm & 9:30pm Fri & Sat. Dark Wed & Thur. Tickets $65.40 & $74.20 +tax & fee.



1. David Copperfield

2. Anthony Crivello as The Phantom and Elizabeth Loyacano as Christine
Photo by Joan Marcus

3. Vicki Van Tassel, Carol Linnea Johnson and Robin Baxter in “Mamma Mia!”
Photo by Joan Marcus

4. Blue Man Group
Photo by Ken Howard

5. Nathan Burton
Photo courtesy of Kirvin Doak Communications

6. Gordie Brown
Photo by Isaac Brekken

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