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July 27th, 2006
Lady in the Water: How Deep Does She Go?

Bryce Dallas Howard in Warner Bros. Pictures' Lady in the Water - 2006
M. Night Shyamalan (“The Sixth Sense,” “Unbreakable,” “Signs,” “The Village”) used to tell his children a bedtime story every night. The stories always took place in a mythical kingdom called The Blue World. The people of The Blue World had some dealings with our world, but over time we forgot about them. Mr. Shyamalan decided to remind us about this world in the only way he knows how: a film.

This fairy tale for adults starts out with a narrative about the relationship between The Blue World and Us. Then, it shifts to an apartment community in Philadelphia called The Cove, where manager/janitor Cleveland Heep, played by Paul Giamatti (“Sideways” and “Cinderella Man”), has been trying to disappear among the broken appliances and burned out light bulbs. After attending to his mundane routine late one night, he discovers another who’s hiding, in the pool. Her name is Story, and she is not from around Philly. Story is played by Bryce Dallas Howard (“The Village” and “Manderlay”) and she is not allowed to go into much detail about herself, but she does say she is looking for someone. That person is a writer and when she contacts said writer, she will act as a catalyst which will stimulate the person to complete a book that will eventually lead our world to great changes. Once she meets this person, she can return to her world. Cleveland must surmise who amongst the apartment tenants fits that category. Could it be the new guy in 13 B, Harry Farber, who is a movie critic? He is played by Bob Balaban (“Gosford Park” and “Best in Show”). Harry is a know-it-all about movies, plots and ploys. Maybe it is Mrs. Bell, played by a very unnoticeable Mary Beth Hurt (“Compromising Positions” and “Interiors”). She helps stray cats, and she once wrote a book. It could be that guy on the second floor who’s always doing crossword puzzles. Before you ask how Cleveland knows so much about Story when she can't tell him anything, check out the young girl Young-Soon Choi, played by Cindy Cheung (“Robot Stories”). Her mother was brought up on tales of The Blue World. Several tenants of The Cove lend a hand to Cleveland and his mission to help Story. Some of them even put their lives on the line because Story has some nasty beings following her and THEY don't want to help her to get home. By the end of the film, everyone who has been involved is changes a little and Cleveland faces not only Story's demons, but his own as well.

The Blonde: Boy, Shyamalan really puts out some strange, weird, odd, bizarre, really OUT OF THE BOX stories…which all make him qualified to run for President! Speaking of which, Mav, didn’t you think Bush’s four-letter “S” word comment was really out there? I actually didn’t mind the word as much as I did mind watching him eat with his mouth full the way he did. Didn’t mother Barb teach him any manners? Now I found THAT most disturbing! Moving right along…

The Maven: NO! I don’t want to move along. I want to comment on that, too! The whole world saw the leader of our country talking with his mouth full. Now, we have to live THAT down, too! I am so embarrassed! Okay... NOW, you can move along!

The Blonde: Anyway, “Lady in the Water” was like a spiritual “Splash” meets “The Never Ending Story” meets “The Muse” meets “Xanadu.” I think Shyamalan’s real talent is his uncanny sense of suspense, sense of colors, camera angles, and framing. He is truly a cinema artist. He loves telling scary stories that have NO real scare to them, but lead you to believe it does or eventually might. There was a lot of spirituality in this film. Unfortunately, most people will not think about it long enough to understand all the hidden meaning behind this tale.

The Maven: This is the kind of movie where you have to buy into the fairy tale or the movie will seem silly. Let’s face it, this director/writer likes to make us “BELIEVE him.” He likes to bring eeriness into everyday situations. This is the story that caused the rift between Shyamalan and Disney. Head of Disney Nina Jacobson (who was fired this past week), turned down the movie. She didn’t like the film critic character and she also didn’t like him playing the part of Nick. M. Night took the movie to Warner Brothers, since he felt Disney no longer valued individualism.

The Blonde: I felt this was Paul’s best performance. He literally leaped into all the colors of his character. He became Cleveland. Well done, but great directing as well, Night! I felt all the players were perfectly cast. Ron Howard’s daughter Bryce seems to fit well into Night’s characters. I just hope however, she doesn’t type-cast herself. Speaking of type-casting, once and for all, people, Oprah is NOT gay! I wish she were for she would be a fantastic role model for anyone. I love her, so stop picking on her. She can do no wrong, so just let her be!

The Maven: I totally disagree. She is a great role model for black girls, as she constantly reminds of us that. She is preachy, hypocritical, full of herself, and loves to promote her own views.

The Blonde: OKAY, SO ARE YOU ALSO IMPLYING THAT SHE IS GAY? I totally disagree with you, Mav, on all the above. It is almost un-American to not like Oprah! I think that she is an amazing woman!

The Maven: Okay, Blonde, you are treading on Bill O’Reilly territory. Just because I disagree doesn’t mean I am un-American!!! I think Oprah does a lot of good things, but she is not perfect. She is not BARBRA! That is Streisand, not Walters!

The Blonde: WELL OF COURSE SHE IS NO BARBRA, BUT WHO IS?! She is still wonderful. Oh, you are just jealous because you weren’t in the audience the day she gave away cars!

The Maven: Well, you might be right about that! About Paul Giamatti, he seems to grow with every role. I first noticed him in “Private Parts” as “Pig Vomit.” Since then, he has become a very noticeable actor. His eyes are especially expressive.

The Blonde: Totally. What I find so remarkable about him is how he picks characters that are always so uniquely different from each other. That is something to applaud, as many actors play the same character over and over because they feel safe doing so. It is as if they are afraid to stretch their acting skills for fear of failure.

The Maven: Speaking of failure, I think it is so sad that young women want fame so badly they break the ten commandments to do it!

The Blonde: I DID NOT!

The Maven: First of all, I SAID YOUNG! I am referring to the singer wannabe who had an affair with Peter Cook (Christy Brinkley’s husband) who promised to further her career. Now she is backpedaling and suing him for sexual harassment.

The Blonde: MAN! That is even more obnoxious than the last comment you just said to me! Poor Christy. It just goes to show you that all the beauty in the world doesn’t shield you from pain, suffering and embarrassment, not to mention, a cheating husband!

The Maven: To prove my anger on this matter, I am even mad at the attorney who took her case. A married man is a married man, no matter what story he tells you!

The Blonde: Yeah, I’ve personally heard enough stories to write a book! Speaking of stories, Cindy Cheung was absolutely delightful in the film. She added so much mystery to this film as well as a touch of the much-needed humor.

The Maven: This was a well made, affectingly acted film. The story is hopeful and sweet. It fulfills the ultimate goal of entertaining the viewer. I rate it B+ for its beguiling premise. I thought it was a pretty story that was brilliantly shot! And Blonde… you are grossing me out, please close your mouth while you are munching on the Starbuck's cookie!

The Blonde: Hey, if Bush can do it, so can I! In closing, “Lady in the Water” is a most interesting tale that was scary without the scary; let us say suspenseful. I am not sure this will appeal to the masses. I believe that unless you are a Knight fan or a very spiritual person, this film might just be too out there for you. I rate it a C+. If you do go to this film I suggest for your snacks that you munch on some Goldfish crackers and some bottled water!

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