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Icon Liza Minnelli is Back! “Start Spreading the News!”

Liza Minnelli - Photo by Greg Gorman

by Robin Roth

The LAST of the legendary performers, Liza May Minnelli, CONTROLS and OWNS the stage like NO ONE HAS or EVER WILL again! She dazzles and mesmerizes her fans from the moment she steps out onto ‘HER’ stage. She simply, quietly, and vibrantly walks out to greet her audience with absolutely no introduction. With Liza Minnelli, no introduction is needed. I mean REALLY, what words could be GRAND enough to do her justice.

Minnelli’s mere presence commanded her a LONG standing ovation at the Luxor Hotel and Casino October 12-14 before she even sang her first note! That is what a true STAR can do! Speaking of that first note, Liza is back and even more ‘LIZA-ISH’ than EVER! Her fans, were delighted to see her back on stage again WHERE SHE BELONGS, filled the sold-out show. It was a thrilling experience for all who were lucky enough to be there. She looked amazing. She was not only glowing, but looked fresh, young, thin, healthy and vibrant! She brought down the house with each and EVERY song she performed. Minnelli was everything her fans hoped she would be, singing, dancing, telling stories of her youth and just being Liza with a Z! I cannot tell you exactly how many standing ovations she received, but I for one was tired of standing up! And yes, she did perform “New York, New York” and “Cabaret.” There is something special and poetic about watching Liza (IN PERSON) create the mystique only she creates while singing “Cabaret!” Song after song, you could hear a pin drop as she enticed the crowd with each lyric in her own performing style and delivery. You are virtually taken on a journey into the lyrical message of each song as you watch and listen with amazement. It is quite evident that music simply flows through her soul. Ms. Minnelli ended her concert singing, “I’ll Be Seeing You,” but without the aid of her stellar orchestra… Liza did it a capella. WHO ELSE COULD DO THIS and make her audience beg for more?

Born in Los Angeles, California on March 12, 1946 (Pisces) Liza Minnelli, the 5’4” bundle of dynamite, gypsy/ dancer/ singer/actress was born into Hollywood Royalty. She is the daughter of actress/singer Judy Garland (“Wizard of Oz”) and film director Vincente Minnelli. However, she quickly became a STAR in her own right! TALENT IS TALENT, and Liza is a star with that one-of-a-kind talent! She has proven that throughout time.

At 16 she was on her own, in New York City struggling to begin her career in the BIZ! The struggling didn’t last long as Liza won a TONY AWARD for 1965’s “Flora, the Red Menace.” She was the youngest ever to win a Tony! She went on to star in the role of Pookie Adams in “The Sterile Cuckoo,” where she earned an Academy nomination. At 25, Liza won the Oscar for playing Sally Bowles in the 1972 film “Cabaret.” Quickly after, she won an Emmy for her 1972 TV Special “Liza with a Z,” with the help of director Bob Fosse. In 1981, Liza BRILLIANTLY starred opposite the late Dudley Moore in the successful, CLASSIC, romantic/comedy, “Arthur.” (Who didn’t fall in love with her in this film?) In the 80’s and 90’s, Minnelli continued to dazzle her fans with her live revues. She also did a show with Sinatra... Liza later teamed up with Rat-Pack friends Sinatra and Sammy for a series of concerts and TV shows which were extremely successful.

With all that Liza Minnelli had to deal with from her failed marriages (don’t we all!), to constant tabloid stories of alcohol and drug abuse, ill-health, and her hectic schedule, Liza has MORE than proved that she is a SURVIVOR, and her fans love her for it. Liza is back better, stronger and more dynamic than ever. If you have the opportunity to catch one of her concerts, RUN and I do mean run, to catch her. She is truly a show business legend and you don’t want to miss the LIVE opportunity to watch this star shine!

She will return to Vegas in November and with many surprises up her sleeve. For you Florida fans, she will be at the Frank Sinatra Theatre in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, February 18, 2007. So, why are you waiting? GO BUY YOUR SEATS!

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