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Las Vegas—The Most Exciting City to Visit
 The Blonde’s Favorite Las Vegas Shows

by Robin Roth, “The Blonde” from
“The Blonde and The Maven”
Contributing Writer

I hope you enjoyed last week’s report on the current shows in this fab city. Here are the rest of the best!

David Copperfield
Now You See Him, Now You Don’t
David Copperfield is hailed by audiences and critics alike as the greatest magician in the world. Copperfield has elevated the ancient art of magic to new heights and redefined it along the way. He has magically vanished the Statue of Liberty, walked through the Great Wall of China, flown through the air, made people disappear, and even escaped the institution of marriage! Now that's magic!  First, I have to say, “What a hunk!” I wouldn't mind bringing him home to meet mother! I wonder how Claudia Schiffer's mom took their break-up. I would be devastated! But hey, that's just me. So, David, the hot, astonishing, mind-boggling, did I say adorable yet, GENIUS of magic appears on and off at the MGM Hotel. Call ahead to find out the dates before you go. Here Copperfield reinvents his art form and proves why he remains the undisputed King of Conjurers (my ex was pretty good at this, too)! Some of the illusions you will see him perform include walking through a solid steel wall, flirting with danger (danger is my middle name) as he channels his energy through a deadly Black African Scorpion in a sleight-of-hand demonstration, levitation, card tricks, and the unbelievable encore where 13 members of the audience (picked at random by a big bouncing ball) vanish from the stage and reappear in the back of the theater. He is nothing less than spellbinding (and the magic is, too)! You will be enveloped in a world of illusion, all performed with his romantic, fun, and charming style. No one will dispute that Copperfield has revolutionized magic. He's taken it to heights of artistry and imagination undreamed of by wizards and audiences of the past, combining spellbinding illusions with extraordinary theater. In addition to performing, Copperfield has a passion for preserving the art of magic for future generations. Of all his accomplishments, David insists that his greatest work to date is “Project Magic,” a rehabilitative program to strengthen dexterity and motor skills in disabled patients using slight-of-hand magic as a method of therapy. What a guy! If he is in town when you are, DON'T MISS HIM. This opportunity could disappear…


Different from Anything You’ve Ever Seen
Cirque du Soleil's newest stage show KÀ, created by the genius of Robert LaPage, is truly a masterpiece of art and theater. KÀ is presented at the MGM Hotel, Friday through Tuesday evenings with two shows each night (90 minutes long). KÀ is the most unprecedented, unpredictable, unusual, unique, original and strange production that I have EVER seen! KÀ cannot be compared to any other show or even be described adequately in words…but I will attempt it! If nothing else, KÀ is ranked as one of the most expensive shows in Vegas. This $30 million show is set on its $135 million theater (which holds 1,951 seats) set on a stage built to resemble 'Zion', the underground city in the hit movie The Matrix (very cool-looking). Each seat has its own sound system built into it! It is the only production show (to date) in Vegas that actually tells a story. KÀ applies the visual vocabulary of cinema to a dazzling live event that is more about storytelling! It is a story told through movement rather than words. It's the epic saga of separated twins who embark on a perilous journey to fulfill their destinies while following a path of discovery filled with danger. The story is inspired by the ancient Egyptian concept of the “ka,” an invisible duplicate of the body that accompanies every human being through life and into the next (now that is very reassuring)! KÀ takes the viewer through the magnificent journeys of the Imperial Twins (a boy and a girl) who find themselves surviving horrible creatures, ADORABLE creatures, flying warriors, overcoming evil opponents, surviving ocean storms, mountains, forests and finally reunite.
You will not believe your eyes watching the breathtaking special effects and the dramatic staging changes. It actually feels as if you are in the middle of a movie. You will witness and enjoy brilliantly talented heart-stopping acrobatics, trapeze artists, graceful martial arts, pyrotechnics, puppets, two performers duel and performing stunts with the “Wheel of Death,” all the while telling the story of the twins separated by war. If you fancy the unusual, than run to see this SPECTACULAR production of KÀ!

Blue Man Group
They May be Blue, but They’re Very Happy
The BEST show in Vegas to experience a FUN and SILLY time, hands down, would be Blue Man Group at the Luxor Hotel (1,219-seat state-of-the-art theater, two shows nightly). This 90-minute, wild and crazy, colorful show features three animated bald and blue characters who take the audience into a tour of the senses, theater, percussion drums, music, art, science and into the world of the very bizarre! They don't speak, sing, or dance, but they DO challenge the audience to accept that art isn't always as you think it should be. They DO however, eat Twinkies, a lot of Captain Crunch cereal, marshmallows, perform different forms of drum sounds, throw a ton of paper around, play with pipes and paint, lots of paint, and stare. They will even go into the crowd and pick an audience member and put a camera that focuses deep into their throat. Strange sounding, YOU BET, and the audience LOVES IT and roars with laughter as they call out to the Blue Men to cheer them on! No doubt this will remind you of your silly and wild college days! There is a lot of audience participation, from sing-a-longs down to decorating yourself with paper before the show starts. A WARNING: DON'T BE LATE, for if you are, the show comes to a screeching halt and they play a very embarrassing, “YOU'RE LATE” song as the Blue Men flash spot lights on you… This show is silly, ridiculous, and tons of good, clean fun. If you're a kid or even a kid at heart, then you will most definitely love Blue Man Group! Wait until the very end to meet and greet with these strange, weird Blue Guys. For tickets, go online to or
Rita Rudner
The Wholesome, but Hysterically Funny, Comic
Talk about CLEAN AND REFRESHING! If you are sick of all the comics who use vulgar language, than you will LOVE Rita Rudner. Her comedy is smart, intelligent, true and, above all, REALLY FUNNY. She has stood the test of time and with good reason. She appears at the New York, New York Hotel Monday through Saturday. This lovely and funny lady is an accomplished actress, best-selling author, host of her own television talk show and an award-winning comedienne. Rita has a sweet/ innocent-ish style, quick wit and classic comedic timing. During her act, she talks about men and women, how totally different we are and our relationships together. Furthermore, ladies, she speaks about jewelry, shopping, shoes, decorative pillows and other female topics that even the men get a kick out of. Go, go, and go again and laugh with Rita! For tickets, visit
After the show, go ride on the totally fun Manhattan Express ride…if you dare! Take it from the mini-BLONDE (Chloe Presti): “Awwww, this ride is amazing! Trust me and wait to get the first car for more fun. The view at the top is amazing at night! I won't tell you what happens next, but… what goes up must come down!” FAST!

David Brenner
For the “Real” Kind of Funny
David WAS, IS and always WILL BE David. You can count on him to consistently be FUNNY! David Brenner is appearing at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and Casino (dark on Thursdays) doing his hour-and-twenty-minute show. David (the kid from South Philly) is best known for his 160 appearances on “The Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson. He started out his career when funny HAD to be funny, with NO excuses! This veteran has had four hit HBO specials as well as five top-selling comedy books. Famous for his unique observational style, David’s show takes the current daily events and headlines, puts it together with a touch of political humor and performs what he fondly calls, “News of the Weird!”  He is exceptionally funny, clever, and I would even say brilliant. For a great evening, go see THE Brenner. He is top-notch and a cut above the rest.
Mac King
And his Bag of Tricks
For good, clean comedy and a magical experience, go see The “Magic of King” at Harrah's Hotel (Tuesday through Saturday, two afternoon shows daily). This is a terrific show for both children and adults. Mac King is goofy, funny, corny, sweet, loveable, MAGICAL and the best deal in Vegas. What's great is his shows are during the day and provide a great way to spend time with your children and leave the adult fun for the evening.
Well, show-goers, that's my report until next time. I cannot express how much fun this city has become. The entertainment is mind boggling and more than superior. You can have a ball and never even gamble! Go, and have the time of your lives! Okay, gamble if you must…
1. Rita Rudner
2. David Copperfield
3. Mac signs autographs for his adorable fans, Chloe and Nicole
4. KÀ
Photos by Tomas Muscionico
Costumes by Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt
Cirque du Soleil Inc.
5. Blue Man Group
Photo by Ken Howard ©BMP
6. David Brenner

Part Two of the Blonde’s Favorite Picks for the
Crème-de-la-Crème, the Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

by Robin Roth, “The Blonde” from “The Blonde and The Maven”
Contributing Writer

And, Boy, is it Ever!
Located at Bellagio Hotel; (702) 693-7223
I MUST be perfectly honest and state that, in my opinion, Prime is hands down one of the absolute finest all-around restaurants in Las Vegas! To begin with, the décor is beautiful, elegant, classy, WARM, RICH (grayish blue curtains and cozy chocolate brown suede chairs) and inviting in EVERY possible way. Each table is adorned with roses and beautiful plates. Let's put it this way, “They will have you at HELLO!” The view of the famous, BREATHTAKING, dancing fountains and the Eiffel Tower (across the street) feels as though you are a character in a romance novel. Your waiter (and in my case it was the charming and handsome Tommy) will wait on you hand and foot, yet knowing when to stay away.
Oh, I suppose you want to know how the food is? When you enter Prime, you have entered into the world of food excellence and paradise, from the tastes you will experience to its presentation. Prime brings new meaning to the world GOURMET! Let's give due credit to the creator Chef Jean-George Vongerichten and Executive Chef Jonathan Snyder.
Let's begin… For a taste of passion from the seas, you simply MUST order the Chilled Shellfish Platter (huge crab legs, Maine lobster, shrimp, etc.). Not only is it extraordinarily delicious, but when it was presented before me, all I could think was, “Hello Gorgeous!” Try and mix the two sauces together…OH YUM! After the hot towel and lemon (to clean your hands) are removed, go onto the crisp and cold Caesar Salad…spectacular. For the next course, you simply HAVE TO TRY the Figs and Mozzarella. The two flavors together are a delight to the taste buds (trust me, even if you don’t like either). For dinner I recommend EVERYTHING ON THE MENU! However, go ahead and order the delicate, perfectly cooked and beautifully presented Dover Sole. It is the best I have ever tasted, anywhere in the world. The Rack of Lamb is delectable and tender as well as ALL of the other meat dishes (Filet Mignon, etc.). Furthermore, have the Asparagus, Roasted Wild Mushrooms and Truffle Mashed Potatoes. For dessert and THE taste of HAPPINESS, order the WARM CHOCOLATE VALRHONA CAKE, served with homemade ice cream! This dessert is worth 10 miles on the treadmill.
I LOVE this restaurant with a PASSION and so will you. You will think about it long after you are gone! DON'T MISS THIS PERFECT DINING EXPERIENCE and tell the (gorgeous) manager George Martin hello from the Blonde!

Located at the Caesar’s Palace Shops; (702) 735-2908
If you want to feel as though you are in the heart of Roma, Italy, dining in front of the famous fountain with a most relaxing atmosphere, then Bertolini's is for you. This is one of my favorite dining spots in Vegas. I never miss coming here. The prices are fair, I adore the European setting, the food is outstanding and the service is wonderful. You can't ask for more than that, can you?
I recommend Bertolini's either for lunch or dinner. For lunch, I would suggest the awesome Italian Chopped Salad with chicken (so wonderful), the Caprese Salad (mozzarella with tomatoes, as good as Italy), or any of the Brick Oven Fired Pizzas. They are all 10s. Now, for dinner, let us begin with Calamari Fritti, their lovely Caesar with fresh shaved Parmesan cheese, or the Minestrone Soup. For your entrée, if you are an Osso Bucco lover like I am (and it is hard to find it prepared authentically), then HURRY and order it, as it was out of this world…oh, I can still taste and smell it! Equally fantastic is the Cappelli al Pomodoro with Chicken… oh, I wish I had it in front of me now!  The Cioppino, Tagliolini al Frutti di Mare and Lasagna are also Bertolini classic dishes. The people at the next table were eating the Roasted Chicken Cannelloni and the Romano Chicken like their LIFE DEPENDED ON IT! You too, will find yourself looking around and thinking, “I'll have what she's having!”
As for dessert, my my my my! For adults and children alike, get the adorable and delicious spaghetti and meatballs ice cream delight (see photo). As for me (the chocolate maniac), it was all about the Spectacular Chocolate Torta!
Bertolini's is an A+ casual and relaxing restaurant with outrageous service, ambiance and food at fair prices. You will thank me when you come home. Say hi to the wonderful managers, Sam and Nick, for the Blonde!

Top of the World
Literally, in Every Sense of the Word
Located at the Stratosphere Hotel; (702) 264-1593
To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect from this restaurant, and that is why I was unbelievably BLOWN AWAY! Top of the World has, without a doubt, THE BEST and most spectacular panoramic view of Las Vegas. Dining here not only assures you an unforgettable dining experience, but is also the best way to see the entire city. Your table will rotate around, taking about an hour and a half to make the full circle. Inaddition, I think that Top of the World quite possibly is the most ROMANTIC restaurant. To back up my statement, it is said to be one of the top 10 places on the planet to propose marriage and takes place approximately 10 times a week. I was told the proposals usually happen by the waiter placing the ring in a scrumptious dessert. (Some woman!…Isn't a diamond ring enough, I would be happy with the chocolate cake alone)! Top of the World is also open for brunch. For dinner however, I suggest that you make your reservations about half an hour before dark, enabling you to enjoy the daytime views of the spectacular mountain ranges and the city. Somewhere between the appetizer and the main course, Las Vegas, famous for its twinkling city lights and shinning stars, comes to life. It is quite a beautiful and dazzling vision to behold.
For your first course, I suggest the Shrimp Scampi over Cous Cous, Chilled Prawns, or the Escargot baked in Mushroom Caps…Talk about instant gratification! All three are mouth-watering. I also give a big BRAVO for the Caesar Salad and the Lobster Bisque Soup with Cognac. As far as the main course goes, I have NEVER (EVER) tasted Chateaubriand for two, anywhere, anytime, or anyplace in the universe prepared more perfectly. The other main course that is an absolute MUST is the Chilean Sea Bass encrusted with Porcini Mushrooms and dust pan-seared. This was one of my totally favorite dishes in all of Vegas. It is brilliant. I also suggest the Colorado Rack of Lamb and the Muscovy duck. To accompany these entrées, the steamed Asparagus and Potato Au Gratin would be lovely.
FINALLY, at last…voila, the dessert. But of course what else… The signature Chocolate Stratosphere.  Also, enjoy the Flourless Chocolate Cake (TO DIE FOR) and for you non-chocolate people (who are you?) you'll love the Berry Delight or the Tiramisu.
Everything is marvelous at Top of the World, from the view to the food to the service (plan some good quality time in the gym the next day however)! A+ all the way around. Go to the Top of the World restaurant and revitalize your relationship with romance and passion and outstanding food. Tell Bill, the manager, that the Blonde sent you.

Located at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian; (702) 796-1110
Postrio is another absolute favorite of mine. It combines Wolfgang Puck's critically acclaimed San Francisco restaurant with the romantic ambiance of Venice, Italy. (P.S. Take a ride on the gondola before or after dinner. It is very romantic and as close to Venice as you can get in the States). You can dine on the festive patio for a more casual, less expensive meal and watch the gondolas pass, or a more formal, elegant, intimate setting in the dining room.
Postrio features a diverse, elegant and stellar menu of contemporary American cuisine with impeccable and friendly service. I suggest you have lunch in the café. Enjoy the house-made sausages, a Tomato Salad Caprese and perhaps the Three-Cheese Ravioli. You might also be in the mood for the Seafood Linguini, Fettuccini, Lobster club sandwich or the Rotisserie Free Range Chicken with garlic mashed potatoes. …SO GOOD! 
Now, dinner is another story…To start, for the most delicious Smoked Salmon (smoked on premises) anywhere, served with pancakes and topped with caviar, this is where you'll find it. The Chilled Shellfish Platter with a trio of sauces (flown in fresh daily) is equally incredible. If you love Merlot wine, try a glass of the Two Tone Farms…If you love Lasagna (especially if you're Italian…YO!) you will… 'FA-GEDDA-BOUT-IT,’ love this dish. If you love Roasted Vermont Farm Quail, it is a Postrio signature dish as is the Salmon En Papillote…MMMM GOOD. For the very hungry eaters, you will delight in the Grilled Cote De Boeuf. You CANNOT LEAVE without having a piece of their Peanut Butter Ice Box Cake for dessert!
This will no doubt be a restaurant you will long to return to; I know I surely do, AND WILL. Look for the waiter Aaron and the very handsome manager Oded Talmor and say a Venetian hello from The Blonde, and bring me home a piece of cake!

The Best is Still the Best
Located at Caesar’s Forum Shops; (702) 369-6300
Another very popular spot in Vegas is Wolfgang Puck's Spago. (Wolfgang is known to his friends as a charming, generous man and a world famous chef). Famous for its perfect location for people watching, Spago is also synonymous with fine food and its dazzling celebrity clientele. You can (again) either dine on the patio café, where you can enjoy a more casual setting (and a lot easier location to gawk at the stars and wanna-be stars), or in the dining area inside.

On the patio menu, you can choose from a variety of signature pizzas, homemade pastas fresh salad (Chinese Chicken salad), sandwiches, chicken quesadilla, crisp calamari and 'DE-LISH' meatloaf (Almost as good as mine). For a more formal and fancy style dinner, you will feel more comfortable in the dining room. To start, I suggest the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, which I believe to be the very FINEST in the city! Not to mention the Fresh Oysters on a Half Shell and Smoked Salmon with Caviar. For the main course, if you Love Grilled Calf's Liver with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Pancetta and Glazed Onions, then SPAGO is your restaurant! For you fish lovers, I suggest the Simply Grilled Atlantic Salmon (what flavor) or the Steamed Alaskan Halibut “Hong Kong Style” (melts in your mouth)! For the pork lovers, Wolfgang's Favorite Pork Wienerschnitzel with warm Potato Salad is your answer and a classic dish. We're talkin’ homemade here, folks! That's hard to get even at home these days! For your sweet tooth, you should complete this divine food fest with the Chocolate Melting Cake with Expresso Ice Cream or the Vanilla Bean Crème Brulée with seasonal Berries.
Spago hasn't been the home of the stars without good reasons!  GOTTA GO TO THE GYM NOW!

My Final Favorite Restaurant…
The Rainbow Bar and Grill
Located across from the Hard Rock Hotel; (702) 898-3525
Jerry Greenberg's (President of Atlantic Records) original and legendary Sunset Blvd. rock and roll club (opened 33 years ago), the world-famous Rainbow Bar and Grill has come to Las Vegas. COOL, DUDE!
Open 24 hours a day, (serving breakfast, lunch and dinner) it is edgy, and rock and rollish, which is one of the reasons that this is where the famous and infamous ROCKERS hang out! You never know who will show up here on any given night. It is a cool, low-key hang out. The Rainbow is 'ultra,' casual so you can always come as you are AND FEEL COMFORTABLE! I also want to convey that the prices are AMAZING and more than fair. A bit of information:, VH-I did its countdown live from here! Even the “Average Joe” television show had its cast party at the Rainbow.
Famous for its HUGE portions, you should definitely come with the munchies! Here are the “must-get” foods because they are the best anywhere, including Vegas! The incredible Chicken Parmigiana (huge with tons of cheese), old-fashioned Chicken Soup (like mama tried to make), to die for Meatballs (don't get me started), cheesy Pizza, Nachos with Chicken and the Calamari Fritti with tomato sauce.
If you are cool, hip, know good food and are VERY hungry, then ROCK ON to the Rainbow Bar and Grill. Buy a T-shirt on the way out and say hi to Jonathan Loeb, the manager, for the Blonde!
That's it for me, food and great restaurant lovers. You will find me working out 24/7 until my next food report! Take it from the Blonde: eat, drink, and eat some more!
1. Chilled Shellfish Platter at Prime restaurant
2.  View from Prime’s window
3.  Famous spaghetti and meatballs ice cream dessert at Bertolini’s
4.  Bertolini’s Roman fountain
5.  Delectable desserts at Top of the World
6.  View at Top of the World
7.  Desserts at Postrio
8.  Spago’s extraordinary salmon
9. Gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel
Photos by Robin Roth

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