August 5 - 11, 2005 • Vol. 26 - No. 31

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Vegas, Vegas, Oh, Las Vegas…
it’s Bigger and Better than Ever

by Robin Roth, “The Blonde” from
“The Blonde and The Maven”
Contributing Writer


EN&V readers, if you haven't visited this amazing city in the last two years, then you have not seen Las Vegas. So many changes and so much growth have occurred. First of all, some advice…save some money before you go! I'm not talking about gambling money either, or as they like to refer to it now, gaming. There are countless shows to see that will leave you awe-inspired. So, let's get started with THE dream vacation!
The One and Only Celine Dion
This is simply a must-see show! There truly aren't enough adjectives to give justice to this more than amazing talent and voice. Celine Dion is currently starring (Wednesday through Sunday) in her own show, A New Day, at the Colloseum at Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino. I would have to say this is MY favorite Vegas show. This imaginative musical experience is the brainchild of the brilliant Franco Dragone (O, Mystere and others). Putting her show together, Celine knew she wanted to heighten viewer's senses by fusing song, art, dance, theater, innovation and passion and realized that there was only one man for the job and that was creator Franco Dragone. Ms. Dion, the youngest of 14 children, married to her manager Rene Angelil, and the biggest selling female artist of all time, captivates and owns her audiences from the very first note she sings. Not to mention EACH and EVERY note is perfectly executed. You instantly feel her heart, soul and passion sliding off her voice and into the hearts of her fans. Her vocal control, unique style, power and sensitivity is more than remarkable. Ms. Dion has sold out to record crowds every single show since she opened over two years ago. A New Day breathtakingly transports audiences to a unique world of magical and spectacular visuals that include illusion of depth, electric movement, beautiful costumes, dramatic lighting, state-of-the-art technology and spectacular surround sound. This show is EYE CANDY! Between the flying piano, bikes, angels, birds, musical instruments and twinkling star-lights, you will be thrilled by the outstanding visual explosions. Her music is not merely played, but LIVED! Sharing Celine's stage is an international cast of 48 dancers, as well as the best orchestra found anywhere in the world. Some of the songs you will hear Celine perform are “My Heart Will Go On,” “The Power of Love,” “I've Got the World on a String,” “If I Could,” “At Last,” “Because You Loved Me” and “I Drove All Night.” Celine Dion is stunning to hear AND to watch. What I personally found most remarkable is her ability to perform this very physically and vocally demanding show five nights a week, week after week. In this updated show she has canned the short blonde hair and is once again sporting her long flowing brown locks. At the conclusion of the show, she received a 10-minute (NO EXAGGERATION) standing ovation and an overwhelming outpouring of love from her thousands of fans. She is lovely! YOU GO, CELINE! Even if you are not a Celine fan, I think this show will definitely change your mind. This is a once in a lifetime experience that shouldn't be missed. She is, in my opinion, MUSICAL PERFECTION. I feel if God could sing, she would sound like Celine Dion!
For tickets, call 1-877-4-Celine or visit For more information, call 1-888-995-1555.

O—and I Do Mean Oooooo
Cirque du Soleil’s O is inspired by the concept of infinity and the elegance of water's pure form and is an aquatic tapestry of artistry, surrealism, and theatrical romance combined into one magical masterpiece. “This is a place where all the world is water and the stage is all the world!”
As far as I am concerned, this is the very best show in Vegas!  I had goosebumps for an hour and a half! I felt like a child again, being taken on a magical carpet ride into the beautiful and unknown! O, presented at the Bellagio Hotel, is performed Wednesday through Sunday, two shows a night. That in itself is amazing. O is another Cirque du Soleil  production and masterpiece from the creator Franco Dragone. In the words of Dragone himself, “The Theater is a place that is sacred, magnificent and essential. O is an homage to theater… to every story ever born on its stage, stories of great and of little importance, stories of life, love and death.”
O, a take-off of the French word for water, is a stunning blend of sight, sound, and perception amidst an amazing array of superhuman talents that include balance, agility, and strength. One of the most remarkable feats in the entire show is simply the staging that goes from a pristine pool of 1.5 million gallons of water to disappearing in an instant and replaced by solid ground. During this show you will witness the international cast of world-class acrobats, synchronized swimmers, divers, clowns, Trapeze artists, contortionists, cadre, barge, bateau, fire, aerial hoops all done in the most beautiful, visual and artistic ways. This show is literally liquid magic. This multi-award winning, brilliant and creative production without a doubt will mesmerize and captivate you! The live music and gifted singers that I found to be haunting and lyrical, upbeat and melancholy will MORE THAN thrill you. The sound is so brilliant that it actually feels like you are in the middle of a live recording session. This journey into a fantasy world provides the audience with so much to see and experience at once that you hardly know where to look first. I found myself constantly says out loud “O, O, O!” This show is enriched with exotic beauty and actually feels like poetry in motion. The staging, timing, lighting, walking on water, diving, swimming, acrobatics, and music had (as I looked around the huge 1,800 seat theater) the audience stunned, amazed, and in complete awe and wonderment! It was even more amazing how easy they made it all look. Try it at home and you will see that EASY is not in anyway part of what these people do.

I know one thing for certain…NO ONE in the entire cast ever eats chocolate! This PERFECT show blew me out of the water (pun intended)! If you only have time for one show in Vegas, don’t miss this one! DO trust me on this. It is emotional, awesome, imaginative, astonishing and literally UNFORGETTABLE!  I loved every second of this show and I am confident you will too! Remember to get your tickets way in advance as this show is ALWAYS sold out!
To reserve tickets, call 888-4887111 or 702-796-9999 or visit any MGM Mirage Ticket office. Tickets are also available online at or HURRY! I MEAN IT! WELL, GO!
And Then There’s Danny Gans, the Man of Many Voices
In my opinion, Danny Gans is the best all-around entertainer in Las Vegas! He is the entertainer everyone aspires to be one day! There are MANY 'wanna-be' Dannys and Danny copycats, but make NO mistake, there is only ONE Danny Gans, with his red socks, black and white shoes and Kermit the Frog trademarks. I believe HE is THE most sensational impressionist of all time! This peak performer is now one of the hottest tickets in Vegas, appearing Tuesday through Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at the Danny Gans 1,265-seat theater in the Mirage Hotel to sold-out shows every performance for the last five years.
When the charming and talented Gans steps out onto HIS stage, he wins over his audience within seconds each and every night. Danny has perfected the voice of around 300 people. He dazzles the audience with 60 to 100 uncanny impressions each performance. No two shows are alike. Every impression he does is not only accurately dead-on but he also physically and facially becomes the person he is doing down to their very gestures…rather remarkable! His unique and creative style of changing the lyrics (to comedic and character fitting lyrics) is also what has put him on the map. Some of the impressions Danny may perform on any given evening are Bob Dylan, Macy Gray, John Mayer, the Bee Gees, Earth, Wind and Fire, Garth Brooks, Creed, Elton, Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, William Shatner, Dean Martin and Jerry, Sinatra, Sammy, Nat and Natalie Cole, Cosby, Louis Armstrong (and actually plays the trumpet), Jimmy Stewart with Kermit the Frog, Michael Jackson, Johnny Carson, George Burns, On Golden Pond with Fonda and Hepburn, Phantom of the Opera, Stevie Wonder, Al Pacino, Forrest Gump, Sarah Vaughn, Willie Nelson and Julio, Tony Bennett, all of the latest presidents, Ross Perot, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Sylvester Stallone and Ray Charles. He picks his impressions according to the age, energy and feel of the audience. His comedy routines, such as his famous redneck jokes, are greeted with thunderous laughter! On your next trip to the city with all the bright lights, check out the “King of Impressions,” the man of many voices, Danny Gans!
A Couple More Shows to Check Out…
An Evening at La Cage—Hu-La-La
An Evening at La Cage, starring Frank Marino (co-starred in Miss Congeniality) as Joan Rivers, is a totally fun show at the Riviera Hotel (Wednesday through Monday). You are sure to have a great time as you watch men doing female impersonations of your most favorite stars. You will see Liza, Judy, Jennifer Lopez, Celine, Dolly, Madonna, Dianna Ross, Britney (she wished she looked this good), Cher, Bette Midler, Reba and Michael Jackson. I promise you will marvel and laugh through the entire show!
Lance Burton—Magic at its Best
This world-class master magician and superstar illusionist is starring at the Monte Carlo Hotel in the Lance Burton Theater. With his youthful boyish grin, he is magical, mysterious, charming, and totally awesome! He makes doves, cars, and even people disappear right before your very eyes (I have a few people in mind I would like him to make disappear for me)! You will be embarrassed at how many times you will catch yourself saying, “How did he do that?” Burton features guest star comic juggler, Michael Goudeau, who will have your laughing hysterically! This 90-minute show will not only impress you but will leave you wanting more! Then…go see him again!
See you next week!
1. Danny Gans
2. Celine Dion from A New Day…
3. Lance Burton
4. “La Cage” meets with Joan Collins
5.  O
Photo by Tomasz Rossa
Costumes by Dominique Lemieux
Cirque du Soleil Inc.

The Crème-de-la-Crème, the Best of the Best…
Some of the Blonde’s Favorite Las Vegas Restaurants

by Robin Roth, “The Blonde” from “The Blonde and The Maven”
Contributing Writer

Hello, EN&V readers! Before I begin, I must offer you some GOOD advice…lose 5 pounds before you set off on your next visit to Las Vegas because I am sending you to some restaurants that are worth EVERY SINGLE CALORIE, and then some! So, here we go…


Café Ba-Ba-Reeba
Located in the Fashion Show Mall
(702) 258-1211
This restaurant is the best time you will ever have dining anywhere! It's virtually a food PARTY! Going here with a group of friends is the only thing that could possibly make this dinner more fun. AAHH, Café Ba-Ba-Reeba! Two weeks later, I can still taste the flavors in my mind. To begin with, I must tell you in advance that I am NOT a huge fan of Spanish food (so I thought)! The original restaurant opened in Chicago in 1985. I dined with my friends from Spain, who want to go on record stating that this is the finest, most authentic Spanish food they have ever eaten. You must start with their famous (and for good reasons) frozen Sangria, which is simply to die for! There are six other Sangrias to choose from and I recommend the Black Raspberry but I suggest the frozen one first (have two, or three)! Start dinner off with their cold tapas. Some of the best ones are: chicken salad with curry (with fresh grapes), roasted eggplant salad with goat cheese (even if it sounds bad, trust me), gazpacho soup (the real deal) and plato de la casa (yum). Then, move onto the hot tapas: shrimp with garlic olive oil (divine), roasted dates (go with me on this one) and the VERY BEST THING I ATE IN VEGAS (and I DEMAND that you try it)…the baked goat cheese in tomato sauce (fa-geda-bout-it!). For your main course, these are a must: the famous beef tenderloin served on a huge skewer (like butta), skewered chicken and chorizo sausage (oh wow) and, of course, without a doubt a must, the best paella mixta I have ever eaten! Everything on the menu is a “10” and that is exactly why the locals hang here. The desserts come in mini size, so you can order lots of them to share. My favorite was the truffle chocolate cake and the three milk chocolate cake…Prices are more than fair and the best find in Vegas! Don’t miss this one! Your tastebuds will dance and your lips will smile. Tell Richard (my waiter) that The Blonde sent you!     

Joe’s Seafood Prime Steak and Stone Crab
Located in the Forum Shops at Caesars
(702) 792-9222
Here is where I never stopped eating. Even after you hit your comfort zone, you won't be able to stop. Although we have Joe's in Florida, this is the one you MUST check out (remember, it's Vegas)! Joe's is the house of yes, and that includes the food and service. The food is so remarkable, you will find yourself closing your eyes when you eat here, and it’s so outstanding that it is almost like a spiritual experience!

Order a glass of their Three Saints Pinot Noir (red); it is lovely. You won’t be able to, but be careful not to eat too much of their tantalizing bread, in order to save room for dinner. Start with their world-famous jumbo stone crabs and mustard sauce. If you're not a stone crab lover (how is that possible?) then try the lobster tail cocktail for a taste of heaven. Move onto the Caesar salad, which is the best in town! For your entrée, enjoy Joe's signature bone-in filet mignon (outstanding and cooked to perfection), their world-famous hash browns and some string beans. Folks, this dinner is what unconditional love is supposed to taste like. For dessert…well, you simply have to get three. They are fresh and homemade: the Key lime pie, peanut butter pie (with hot fudge) and chocolate fudge pie. Ladies, this is where you go for your PMS attacks! Tell Tyler, my waiter, hello for me! Eat and be merry!
Mon Ami Gabi French Steak House & Bistro
Located at the Paris Hotel
(702) 944-4224
Oh-la-la! This is truly one of my favorite Vegas dining spots, and the locals feel the same way! I recommend this restaurant for both lunch and dinner (two separate menus). You can eat inside or the inside-outside or outside on the patio where all the action is. (Make your reservations early for the patio). This French-style restaurant has a friendly and charming atmosphere. You can sip some wine, eat and enjoy the fountain show (at the Bellagio Hotel) across the street. Here are some of my favorites on the menu. You are served fresh, hot French bread in a bag like they do in Paris (How cute is that)! Their baked cheese and tomato sauce is a must, for it is so deliciously sinful that it should be illegal (use the bread for dipping but don’t double-dip)! The smoked salmon is absolutely superb (no bagels and cream cheese allowed)! The French onion soup and chicken liver mousse pate are totally authentic and delectable. For lunch, I suggest the chopped salad with chicken (awesome). For dinner, order the unbelievably tender filet mignon with their unique frites (amazing) or the skate (fish which is hard to find). However, you can't go wrong with anything you order. For dessert, try the warm flourless chocolate cake (a chocolate lover’s dream) or the popular banana foster crepe. Tell Daniel that The Blonde sent you.         

Eiffel Tower Restaurant
Located at the Paris Hotel
(702) 948-6937
For the best view on the strip with a romantic ambiance, elegantly decorated with comfortable soft red velvet seats, this is where you want to dine. Guys, (a little female hint) if you are trying to impress that special woman in your life, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant will certainly do that for you. Chef Joho brings to all his creations a taste of exquisite excellence! I suggest the roasted duck breast, filet of salmon, or the medallions of veal. Don't forget to order your Eiffel Tower Souffle a bit in advance of dessert. In addition, I want to inform you that if you LOVE champagne and great wines, you will be in heaven at the Tower. This is a memorable and true French dining experience…Bon appetite!
Lawry’s the Prime Rib
4043 Howard Hughes Parkway
(702) 893-4968
“Lawry's is all about flavor"! (Lawry's seasonings can be found at your local store). Founded in 1983, Lawry’s is famous for its prime ribs of 100 percent beef, slowly roasted to perfection and served tableside from silver carts (by lovely waitresses dressed in the original retro ‘30/’40s outfits). The honest, warm hospitality will make you feel quite pampered. This classic restaurant is always consistent and popularly priced. Dinners include sourdough bread, Lawry's original spinning bowl salad (served ice cold with a chilled fork), mashed potatoes, classic Yorkshire pudding and whipped cream horseradish. If that isn't enough for you, and who would blame you, get the creamed spinach and creamed corn. As for dessert, the chocolate bag or chocolate fantasy with hot fudge is overly decadent! Lawry's is delectable!
La Salsa Mexican Restaurant
Located at Caesar’s Forum Shops
(702) 735-8226
For the best, fresh, Mexican food and frozen margaritas in town!
Truefitt & Hill Las Vegas
Located at Caesar’s Forum Shops
(866) 714-1115
For you men out there who want some time off to get a little pampered, before you go out to dine, check out the legendary experts in classic high-end grooming for nearly 200 years. Truefitt & Hill Gentleman’s Barber Shop is now in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s. This is the ideal male destination. While your lady is out shopping, or enjoying time in the hotel spa, you can enjoy the old-world 30 minute straight-razor shave, hair styling, manicures, pedicures, and shoe shine services. You will feel quite comfortable in this rich-looking and charming shop, uniquely designed to cater to the grooming needs of today's modern man! You will get an education that will transform a routine chore into a valuable masculine asset which every successful man deserves. The flagship store in London is hailed by Guinness World Records as the Oldest Barbershop in the world. Be a part of the luxury and pampering that the rich and famous, the British Royalty, and even Prime Ministers to Presidents have had the fortune to experience. Go splurge, indulge yourself and look good when you out to these restaurants, men…it’s Vegas!
They say that food shouldn't be used as an award…But I say, when in Vegas, bring me the trophy! These fine restaurants are first-place, award-inning in my book. So go dine at all the above and celebrate, escape, indulge, and most of all, enjoy life!
1. House classical paella mixta and waiter Richard Eliot with server at Café Ba-Ba-Reeba
2. Joe’s stone crabs
3. Succulent filet mignon with the original fritte at Mon Ami Gabi
4. Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas
5. Souffle at Eiffel Tower Restaurant
6. Chef and Jan Maus at Lawrys

Photos by Robin Roth

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