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EN&V Welcomes New Fashion Columnist, Marilyn Cale

Fashion, interior design, custom jewelry design: these are all the favorite activities of EN&V’’s new fashion columnist, Marilyn Cale. Over the last few decades, she has been in the forefront of implementing the newest trends in interiors and fashion for local clientele and magazines.
A Miami fashionista fixture since 1988, Marilyn has been involved with many charities and local events where the “well-heeled” attend. Always looking ahead, she strives to recreate the latest designer trends in everyday fashion and her unique jewelry designs.
Shopping and fashion events are her preferred activities, so please contact Marilyn if you have something new to share:

Firefighter’s Fashion
by Marilyn Cale
Fashion Columnist

Did you know that baggy pants, suspenders and hard hats are “in?” Okay, okay, they do look much better on bulging, well-oiled muscles! You could see the frenzy first-hand if you attended the annual Firefighters luncheon on Secretary’s Day.
The ladies were all dressed in the latest casual fashions such as hip-hugging jeans, gauzy belly-revealing gauzy tops, and high-heeled pumps, hoping to get noticed by the good-looking firefighters. Not the usual business attire!
Every year dozens compete to get the thirteen coveted spots in the annual calendar. The event was created in 1992 by Lieutenant Luis Espinosa of the Hialeah Fire department. The first calendar was published in 1993, with the winners doing promotional events throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. You can get the full schedule at: Their appearances will be at malls, clubs, and sports/entertainment venues. The events start in August and run through January. This is the first year that all contestants in the “over 40” category were chosen. Here’s to mature men!
The proceeds from the luncheon and sales of the annual calendars benefit local charities including The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and Neighbors 4 Neighbors, Habitat For Humanity, Best Buddies, Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities, Cystic Fibrosis, and Here’s Help. So far, over $145,000 has been raised.
Be sure to catch this event next year!
Send your upcoming fashion events for consideration to
1. Marilyn Cale with fireman during luncheon
2. Marilyn Cale and Suzanne Young with two competitors
3. The Channel 4 Neighbors 4 Neighbors table


 The Blonde, The Maven, and
the Gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley

by Robin Roth and Shara Rosayn,
the Blonde and the Maven
Contributing Writers


Look out ladies, Elizabeth Hurley (better known as a supermodel/actress) is launching her latest venture of sensual beachwear collection, which of course is called Elizabeth Hurley Beach. The line is not only chic and easy to wear, but is focused on fit and practicality as well. This new and exciting line is aimed at the fashion-conscious woman who wants to bring a touch of luxury and style to her beach wardrobe. In Hurley's collection, you will find bikinis adorned with semi-precious stones, soft feminine tops, rich and lush caftans in silk georgette and terry cloth beach bags and hats. Another unique dimension to the collection is the colorful print used in some of her pieces which were inspired by the famous works of artist Gustav Klimt.
This hands-on collection has put Elizabeth right in the heart of every aspect of this project, from the creative conception to the development and production. When asked what drew her inspiration, she stated, “I've always been obsessed with summer clothes—probably because I grew up in a rainy country (England) where I was brought up never to leave the house without a cardigan and umbrella. I used to dream of glamorous sunny places like St. Tropez and St. Barth's and, in my dreams, I was wearing clothes remarkably similar to these!"
The Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection will be sold exclusively at a dozen Saks Fifth Avenue stores from New York City to Florida and from Chicago to Beverly Hills. The prices range between $168 to $713.

The Blonde: OKAY GIRLS, no matter how much self-esteem you might have, if you want to feel like chopped liver (AND LOUSY CHOPPED LIVER, AT THAT) just stand next to Elizabeth Hurley. I can never look in the mirror again. Now I really know how the ugly step-sisters felt standing next to Cinderella! THE GIRL IS FLAWLESS! (Ya really wanna HATE HER... But ya can't!)

The Maven: I have been seeing so many articles on Liz's new beachwear line. She was involved in all facets of the design business. Her offices at Simian films—launched in 1994 with Hugh Grant—are doubling as her fashion house. The clothes are sewn in Italy, and the beading is done in India. I love how she has accessorized the suits with jewelry. Very clever of her to take the decision of what jewelry to wear out of our hands. And by the way, Blonde, I felt just FINE standing next to Elizabeth.

The Blonde: YEAH RIGHT! …. AND I REPEAT, YEAH RIGHT! And by the way, I like picking my own jewelry. Maven, she may be unbelievably gorgeous, but she can't look like that AND be INTELLIGENT, too!

The Maven: Hate to break the news to you, Blondie, but in addition to her beauty and business sense, she also won a scholarship to college at the London Studio Centre!


The Maven: But wait—there's more! She didn't take the USUAL route to fame. She acted in theater and films before becoming a supermodel.

The Blonde: Maybe this would be a good time for me to start Prozac! I hate to admit this, Mav, but I never even saw her line of beach clothes. Her beauty blinded me (not to mention upset me!) Her body, hair, makeup, skin, smile, teeth, eyes, you name it was SIMPLY PERFECT. She is a GODDESS! What upset me further was she was SO DARN NICE! She was SO DARN CLASSY, and SO DARN SKINNY! You can't help but like her! That is infuriating! In addition, DOES SHE EVER EAT FOOD?

The Maven:  Blonde, this is gonna really kill ya, She eats every 4 hours because of her gallstones and low blood sugar!  

The Blonde: Sorry, if she eats every 4 hours, then she's eating a string bean or a carrot!

The Maven: She claims she works it off by climbing her five flights of stairs in her house, walking her dogs, running after her son in the field, and she has NO television.

The Blonde: Oh poor Liz! If I ran up 50 flights, walked a dog pound, and ran after an orphanage I wouldn't look like that, nor would the rest of us! And what is up with Hugh Grant?! You really have to have some issues to cheat on a girl like this! I do like him, though, in spite of his flaws! I hate to admit it …but Liz is so cool and adorable that she would fit in great as our friend! (Just as long as we don't have to go out in public with her)!

The Maven: I'm sure that when your Prozac kicks in, you'll be able to handle being in photos with her, too!

The Blonde: The dose COULDN'T be high enough for that to EVER happen!

The Maven: LOL! Well mine is!

The Blonde: Being British, maybe Camilla Parker Bowels should take a few beauty lessons from Liz!

The Maven: All the lessons in the world couldn't help her! (And again, it is Bowles)! But the Prozac might!

The Blonde: OR THE ROPE! All kidding aside, go check out Elizabeth Hurley's fantastic line of beachwear sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue! Let her style and class rub off on you.

The Maven: If swimsuits don't interest you, don't worry; Liz's collection includes plenty of outer garments that you'll enjoy. Blonde, let’s go to Saks and try on some beachwear!

The Blonde: Forget about it! I am too depressed. Let's go have cake instead!

1.  Shara Rosayne (“The Maven”), Elizabeth Hurley and Robin Roth (“The Blonde”)
Photo by Michael Storms
2. Elizabeth Hurley and models
Photo by Robin Roth
3-5. Elizabeth Hurley
Photos by Robin Roth


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