Author: Robin Roth, Photos By: Robin Roth
Date: 2.23.09

               Christian Audigier


On Feb. 16-19 the Audigier Brand Management Group presented, When I Move You Move, the Trade Show, at Caesar's Palace Hotel, in Las Vegas . This was such an impressive event that was quite fitting of the awesome Ed Hardy label. All you have to do to look, feel, and be cool instantly is put on anything that says Ed Hardy.

The Audigier Brand Management Group collections featured include Ed Hardy(R), Christian Audigier(R), Smet(TM), Crystal Rock(TM), Paco Chicano(TM), Rock Fabulous(TM), and C Bar A(TM). The entire family of licensed products were showcased, including clothing, bags, shoes, eyewear, watches, knitwear, ties, loungewear, jewelry, belts, and many accessories, just to name a few.

In addition to chic, trendy hip, up-to-the-minute, rhinestone studded fashions, there were live photo shoots with famed photographer Collin Stark and surprise celebrity performances and appearances including Robin Antin, the Creator of the Pussycat Dolls, Dave Stewart and his Rock Fabulous Band, as well as a rock performance by the man himself, Christian Audigier, to a screaming and delighted crowd. In addition, there was live music from the official DJ of When I Move You Move, DJ Ruckus, as well as music from DJ Jahi and DJ Duane Kang. Furthermore, no one went hungry, for amazing food and drink seemed to be flying around the event. Many elaborate after parties were among the festivities as well. The one thing I am certain of is that all involved didn’t have to think or say, “Gee, I have nothing to wear”! They had the most out-of-this-world digs to wear…

   Christian Audigier               Christian Audigier                    Christian Audigier

"We want to create a positive, exciting experience for retailers during this time," Christian Audigier said. "When I Move You Move is designed to invigorate the retail industry, build excitement, and express appreciation for retailers. We have much to be thankful for and much to look forward to!" I personally say, “mission accomplished Mr. Audigier!”

Some of the most absolutely amazing retailers and designers with incredibly outrageous fantabulous lines that I saw were:

CALEB WESTBAY VP OF SALES: Caleb is so clearly lovin’ what he does and represents for a living. He excitedly showed me his entire line with such pride and happiness. I really can’t blame him for his enthusiasm. His new line is truly tremendous! Everything is so this minute, that I wanted one of everything! The clothing and hats were awesome with rhinestones everywhere. His fashions scream “cool, I got it goin’ on, buy me, and you know you want me”. Here is the height of fashion destination. You rock Caleb. http://www.donedhardy.com/ CALEB@DONEDHARDY.COM

LUKE MAKOVIC: VP OF SALES. Now, Luke was running all about his endless two sided event space, making sure all the buyers got to see every fabulous thing that he had to offer. This was a feat in-and-of-itself to show off his totally fab new line. Judging by the reactions he was getting, Luke is no doubt loving life and Ed Hardy. Like Caleb, his fashion collection was incredible. There was so much variety that it seemed impossible not to walk out with bundles of items. All I can say is brilliant Luke and well done. LUKE@CHRISTIANAUDIGIER.COM

ALLEN FISHMAN: DIRECTOR OF PR for REVOLUTION ----EYEWEAR FOR A CHANGING WORLD. There is no doubt that Allen is totally basking in the sunlight with this tremendous line he is offering. I myself went crazy for his stunning, gorgeous rhinestone studded, to-die-for sunglasses, snow glasses and reading glasses. I don’t care who you are or what you look like, simply putting on any one of these eyewear designs will make you look amazing and celeb-like. I just can’t tell you how sensational this line is. The eyeglass case alone is worth the price of the glasses. Mr. Fishman had an enormous variety to choose from. I could barely see the table myself as the buyers were actually pushing to get a look of his new collection for themselves. Luckily for me, I am small and was able to worm myself in. Anybody who is anybody would, without-a-doubt, want to be seen and see through this Ed Hardy collection. Talk about seeing through rose colored glasses, you nailed it Allen. Seeing never looked more glamorous. RevolutionEyewear.com

FAWN ARTHUR: DESIGN DIRECTOR and CAROLINE VIYER: DIRECTOR OF INTERNATIONAL SALES showcased the most dazzling line of swimwear and towels. Wearing an Ed Hardy suit designed by Fawn will get you noticed poolside with or without working out. (Better to work out though!) The rhinestone studded suit designs are gorgeous, colorful, and creative. You don’t have to be a Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Model to look amazing and sexy, just slip into a Fawn designed Ed Hardy and head for the beach. Warning, be prepared to be looked at the whole day…

BETTINA CHOKRON: INTERNATIONAL SALES AND LAETITIA ALLOUCHE: http://www.donedhardyshirts.com/ brought to the show some of my favorite Hardy fashions. The only way to describe this line is, “Out-of-this-world”, “Gotta have”, “Must have”, “Oh my gosh spectacular”. The colorful unique shirts were all collared, sported rhinestones, and of course the Ed Hardy famous works of art including the famous, “Love kills slowly” phrase. How cool would it be to have your boss come to work in one of these amazing shirts? You would have a whole new respect for the hidden side of him or her. I would love to be a judge and have a lawyer walk into my court wearing a rhinestone skull collared shirt under his suit. I would dismiss the court and pronounce, “YOU WIN”! This is a shirt that everyone has to have at least one in their closet. I loved this line. It totally rocks…

         Laetitia                   Laetitia

CAROL KAMBURIS: MARKETING DIRECTOR http://www.mmgcorp.com/ showed one of my totally favorite lines in the entire show. For those of you Ed Hardy lovers who just want to show just a touch of the Hardy-esque feel, this is your line. You will be the most noticed man, or woman for that matter, in the room when you walk in with one of Carol’s ‘Hardy’ ties. Whether going to a club, dinner, work, a date, a party, or any place at all, you will look like a star and probably get what ever you were looking for just by sporting any one of these ties. It would be tremendous with one of Bettina’s collared shirts under a suit. If a man approached me wearing this, I would be done…I would know at once that he had it goin’ on with a great sense of chic and fashion. Just by speaking with the lovely Carol, it was evident that she has it all tied up. She knows how wonderful her line is and so did I. If I could have walked out with just one item in the show it would have been one of these ties. There were so many beautiful designs that it would have been hard to pick just one indeed. Unique, original, strikingly gorgeous, and a must have in the vast Hardy collections. Thank you Carol for the tie tour, you are lovely.

For those few people still in the dark, Christian Audigier born in 1958 is a French fashion designer, ICON, and entrepreneur. Originally from Avignon, France, he has designed for such brands as Affliction, Lee, Liberto, Kookai, Von Dutch,and Naf Naf. He made his first mark as a fashion jeans designer. One of his most notable achievements was being the primary force behind the rise of Von Dutch, and making the Von Dutch hat a style trend. His celebrity following includes more than 5,000 celebrities, athletes, and musicians of all genres.

His most recent ventures include the high-end Ed Hardy brand based on the work of Don Ed Hardy, (Don Ed Hardy is an American tattoo artist born in Iowa in 1945, and raised in Southern California. A pupil of Sailor Jerry, Hardy is recognized for incorporating Japanese tattoo aesthetic and technique into his work.) Smet, in unison with Johnny Hallyday, and his own namesake Christian Audigier. Christian Audigier has also teamed up with a small cooperative in France, Montpeyroux Estates, to release a line of fine wines. The innovative bottles are wrapped in Christian's distinct tattoo design, by art director and photographer Barry Sutton. Along with Pure Management, Audigier is a partner in a namesake nightclub in Las Vegas, located inside the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.

Daughter, Crystal, has made a brand of her own called Crystal Rock.

My sincerest thanks to CALEB WESTBAY, LUKE MAKOVIC, ALLEN FISHMAN, FAWN ARTHUR, CAROLINE VIYER, BETTINA CHOKRON, LAETITIA ALLOUCHE, and CAROL KAMBURIS for taking the time out of their very busy show to proudly walk me through their truly outstanding collections. I also want to say to CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER - ED HARDY, thank you for making this world a more beautiful, creative, and original place.

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