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Dear George W. Bush…When is Enough, Enough?

by Robin Roth

Editor’s Note: For 26 years, Entertainment News & Views has had the privilege of providing readers with tools by which to live the Good Life. Certain topics do not lend themselves well to the objectives set forth by EN&V, however, there are times when our faithful writers become so impassioned about a topic that we must provide an outlet for their words. Considering the currency of this topic, we felt that Ms. Roth deserved the opportunity to let her voice be heard.

The piece you are about to read in no way reflects the political views or opinions of Entertainment News & Views. These words are from the perspective of Ms. Roth.

I want to begin by stating how PROUD I am to be an American! I love this country and that is why I decided to write this piece, and luckily I can, as we still have freedom of the press (hopefully this freedom will live on). As a typical citizen, after holding this in for so many years, I felt I had to take a stand and write this note to you, George.

I ask you, Mr. Bush, when is enough, enough? Six years ago, we were tragically invaded on Sep. 11 by a REAL evildoer, Osama Bin Laden! So, then, why oh why, did we invade a country who has NEVER IN ANY WAY ATTACKED OUR COUNTRY? If Saddam Hussein attacked us, heck I would absolutely say nuke ‘um, BUT HE DIDN'T! OSAMA DID! When asked about Osama, you stated you don't really spend too much time thinking about him. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" This ridiculous war THAT YOU HAVE GOTTEN US INTO is all about you, your ego, and YOUR AGENDA! You, sir, have created a monster that we never had before and Americans will forever have to carry on our shoulders. You single-handedly (well, along with your advisors) have created a scary world of terror for America that we did not have BEFORE YOU, MR. BUSH! You have made America a terrorist country. We invaded a country that had done nothing to us, managed to kill 3,000 (WHO KNOWS HOW ACCURATE THIS NUMBER REALLY IS) of our BRAVE, AMERICAN SOLDIERS AND WHO KNOWS HOW MANY INJURED AND MAIMED FOR LIFE. WHY?? How can you keeping hiding behind the Sept. 11th tragedy to scare us, which had nothing to do with Hussein? Okay, great, he was a BAD guy and now he is dead. However, we are no safer; we are actually in more danger, Mr. Bush (and are more hated)! I went to Europe this summer and I was actually afraid to say I am an American, as the response was far short of a delighted response. I used to go to Europe and tell everyone who I spoke with that I was an American and they told me how lucky I am, and boy am I! It made me crazy before the election when so many Americans bought that lie that we were safer with you. Well, thank goodness most Americans now see the light. Your party with your stellar morals has done a Humpy Dumpty and has had a great fall. So, without your moral hats to rest your heads in, even the religious have gotten your number. Thank the Lord!

BRING OUR BRAVE TROOPS HOME BEFORE WE LOSE MORE OF THEM!!! (IF YOU DID, I wonder too how many of them will be without medical insurance like millions of Americans are?) By the way, during your speech (well, whoever wrote it for you) you mentioned how you mourn the loss of 3,000 soldiers who served and died in this war; really, do you? Name just five of them. Okay, then just give me four names, Mr. Bush, of the men you spend so much time mourning.

If you believe that much in your new strategy, I say send your precious twin daughters to Iraq to help fight this war. Or, perhaps maybe you George could roll up your sleeves and go help out a bit. I think you have too much clutter hiding in those sleeves to roll them down anyway!

Iraq is a country involved in a horrible Civil War. YES, MR. BUSH, a Civil War! Remember that. You might (and I do say might) have heard about that when you were in school? What if Canada or Italy or even Russia came over to America during that war and stuck their nose in a war they had no business being in? Where would we be today? We had the freedom to have a civil war, unless Iraq invades us, you should give them that right!

You are so worried about weapons of mass destruction being produced in the future, but is this war going to stop that in any way?

Mr. Bush, we have lost this war. It is not a winnable war as it is a civil war and not for us to win. No one even asked us for our help. If you look up "DENIAL" in the dictionary, YOU will be there in capital letters. Your despicable ego, selfishness, inability to say ‘I blew it,’ is keeping us in a place where we are actually doing more damage than good. You are so concerned with your presidential legacy to give it up! First you said it was a war about weapons of mass destruction. OOPS! We should have left then. You then felt you needed to save face and made it a war on Freedom Iraq. OOPS, he did it again. Let me ask you Mr. Bush, why after hundreds of years of this country enduring horrors did you finally give a crap about the people of Iraq? Oh, and Mr. George, if you haven't yet heard, the people of Sudan are going through a holocaust and are having a hell of a time as are other countries. If you care to help out with that, THAT WOULD BE A GOOD THING! If you truly do care about the people of Iraq, then why did you kill sooooo many of them in this war? You have left innocent women, children, and men either dead or maimed for life. GIVE MYSELF AND THE WORLD A BREAK, GEORGE, AND GO MILK SOME COWS OR PUMP SOME OIL. MAYBE HAVE ANOTHER DRINK.

The fact that you represent this wonderful country to the world is an embarrassment. I hope the world will live through the rest of your reign.

God Bless America and God Bless our Troops!

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