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The Blonde and The Maven Review Films

Due to the fact that there are several wonderful films out there, we didn’t want to just focus on one! Being that we see so many movies in a month’s time, we would like to share more than just one with you. Hopefully you have been too busy shopping to have already seen these. We hope all your holiday dreams become reality!

The Blonde: Let’s start with “Blood Diamonds”…This film announces loud and clear to the world just how much death is caused in the name of this (rare?) stone. It’s an extremely important film. We Americans sometimes bury our heads in the sand and don’t pay attention to what goes on outside of our own borders. We need to wake up. This film is a BRILLIANT wake up call. The story involves so-called conflict diamonds, illicitly mined stones that have been used to finance some of the most vicious wars in Africa. If films were judged solely by their hopes to change the world for the better, this film would win the Nobel Prize! I beg you to run and see “Blood Diamonds.” The acting is sensational. Leonardo DiCaprio displayed his finest performance to date. It was nothing short of amazing how accurately he captured his character’s accent. It was breathtaking. OSCAR, OSCAR, OSCAR! Jennifer Connelly (“A Beautiful Mind”) exquisitely portrays a reporter hoping to bust the real diamond story to the world. I rate “Blood Diamonds” an A. For your film snacks, I suggest some rock candy!

The Maven: Let me guess! You’re no longer wearing your DIAMOND tiaras and you don’t want any diamonds as gifts!

The Blonde: You’re kidding me right? OK NOW… Let’s not go that far into la la land. MY diamonds are not blood diamonds. Well maybe they are. I had to live with the men who gave them to me. That was like MILKING blood in and of itself. I earned those diamonds!!

The Maven: Lucky for you, Congress passed an act that no blood diamonds can be imported into America! Lucky TOO, for Miss USA, as she gets to keep wearing her diamond tiara crown for the rest of her reign!

The Blonde: Not to change the subject, but I am going to stop wearing underwear like Britney Spears. Victoria’s Secret sent her a ton of underwear for free. Their underwear is so expensive, so I’m doing it too!

The Maven: Hey Blonde, you are not rich and famous enough to get freebies… and who are you kidding anyway? Your skirts are so short, you have to wear undies.

The Blonde: Oh right. Did you SEE the length of Brit’s dresses in the news?

The Maven: Ok! Britney is in her early 20’s and you Blonde, you are how old?

The Blonde: Well excusssse me! I am in my late 20’s!

The Maven: You must think I believe in the time travel that they used in the film “DÉJÀ VU”! And speaking of that film… “DÉJÀ VU”… Maybe this is the perfect season to release this film. After all, so much about the way and the why we celebrate depends on suspending what you normally know to be fact and taking things as they come. This movie is basically unbelievable. Folding space and going back in time to prevent a catastrophe is slightly more unbelievable than a fat, white haired man sliding down the chimney to bring our presents to us or super long lasting oil to light our way. However, as farfetched as the idea is, Denzel Washington (“Inside Man” and “Man on Fire”) makes the movie work. I suppose I should give credit to Tony Scott (“Man on Fire”) for his solid directing of this film. The movie flows well, but the time folding technology was confusing. I especially liked that “DÉJÀ VU” was one of the first movies made in New Orleans post-Katrina. There is plenty of action to keep you in your seat.

The Blonde: “THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS”…What a wonderful story this film told! Chris Gardner played by the ever versatile Will Smith (“Hitch”) is a bright and talented, but marginally employed, salesman. Struggling to make ends meet, Gardner finds himself and his five-year-old son (played brilliantly and totally believably by his real life, adorable son Jaden Smith) evicted from their San Francisco apartment with nowhere to go. When Gardner lands an internship at a prestigious stock brokerage firm, he and his son endure many hardships, (unbelievably so) including living in shelters, in pursuit of his dream of a better LIFE. I cannot begin to describe how much I loved this film. In addition, I must declare that Will Smith, too, deserves an Oscar for his stellar performance. This film proves the phrase, “Anything worth while doesn’t come easy!” I don’t want to spoil the ending, but it is well worth the pain of watching all the struggles Gardner endured. Note that this is a true story! I rate this film an A+. For your film snacks, go ahead and have a Payday and a Rocky Road candy bar.

The Maven: “The Holiday” was a sweet movie that reinforces why I like Kate Winslet (“Titanic” and “Finding Neverland”) so much. Cameron, Jack and Jude were great, too. The movie is very predictable. There are no surprises in this script. I loved the cottage in Surrey and can't wait to go there. I will be disappointed if Jude Law does not show up drunk my first night there, though. This was a very toned down Jack Black. Eli Wallach stole the film. He is still very much a charmer. This was the kind of movie that you shut down your brain for. Just enjoy the emotions it elicits from you, and don't overanalyze it.

The Blonde: Oh come on. Yes, this film was a tad slow and predictable, but what has happened to you, Mav? This is all about romance and the holidays. It is a sweet romantic comedy. You have to go with that attitude. By the way, I thought all the actors were made to look their very best. Kate never looked better. I heard she preferred roles that ugly her up! Hey Mav, you and I really need to do that house swap thing and go to Europe and find our soulmates!

The Maven: Maybe you should fold space to go back in time too… perhaps your late 20’s and do just that!

The Blonde: What a total FITCH! Here I am thinking of you and getting you out of the house and taking you to Europe with me. Forget it, I am calling Britney!

The Maven: You’d have more fun if you call Paris!

The Blonde: What, now you want to go to France?

The Maven: NEVER MIND!

The Blonde: A final note: Movie-goers please don’t miss the adorable film, “Happy Feet”! I know there has been so much controversy about the political messages in this film. I say, GOOD and SO WHAT! It happens to be true! In addition, the controversy should not take away from this wonderful, intelligent, fun, amusing, and entertaining film’s credibility to just be an enjoyable day at the movies! This is a film for all ages! Go and have fun!

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