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Sir Anthony Hopkins: More than an Icon and Oscar-winning Actor…a Painter, too

Sir Anthony Hopkins with Robin Roth

Robin Roth

Meeting Anthony Hopkins was an honor and turned out to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, as I believe he is THE GREATEST ACTOR OF OUR TIME! Not only is Oscar winner Sir Anthony Hopkins a legend in the film business, but he is now causing quite a well-deserved stir in the art world!

On April 14, Las Vegas’ Art de Vignettes Gallerie held a major exhibition of Hopkins’ brilliant paintings. Individual pieces sold from $2,160 on up. His paintings are unusually creative, original, dramatic, introspective, stunning, imaginative, diverse, wonderful to observe, and simply put, AMAZING. Hopkins’ usage of colors and textures are extraordinary. His artwork seems to reflect who he is as a person. I (as well as all who attended the exhibition), was captivated by each and every piece; they each seemed to tell a personal story and share an insight into Hopkins’ personal emotions.

What was Sir Anthony Hopkins like in person, you might be thinking? Well, I am happy to reveal that he was abundantly classy, charming, HUMBLE, thoughtful, kind, gracious, and very genuine. His radiant blue eyes shined brightly, whether he greeted potential buyers or just admirers. What a truly FINE gentleman Anthony Hopkins is.

Fans might wonder if this man will ever slow down his pace, but the answer is probably not! What with multiple acting roles every year and his love of art, one might even sense that Hopkins' true passions lie in painting and musical composition. It appears that Hopkins now reigns as a newly-established force to be reckoned with in the art world. He started as a painter in the early 2000s, and when his art first appeared publicly at San Antonio's Luciane Gallery in early 2006, the canvases sold out within six days. Most people are not aware that Hopkins is also (does his talents ever end?) an accomplished symphonic composer and the author of several orchestral compositions. Unfortunately for his millions of fans, his works have never supplemented movie soundtracks nor can they even be purchased on disc. However, in 2006, the San Antonio Symphony performed a few his pieces for its very LUCKY patrons. I am totally fascinated by this genius and I must also add that after meeting this amazing human being, I am so totally jealous of his wife Stella Arroyave (antiques dealer, b. 1956, m. 1-Mar-2003) LUCKY LADY! For those who are not familiar with Anthony Hopkins or his movies (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE), allow me to share a bit of info.

A.K.A. Philip Anthony Hopkins was born in Port Talbot Wales on Dec. 31, 1937. (YOU WOULD NEVER GUESS that as he looks marvelous and youthful in person). SIR Anthony Hopkins, the only son of a baker, was drawn to the theater while attending the YMCA at age 17. He realized then, from his first appearance on stage, that he wanted to be an actor, BUT A FAMOUS ACTOR! After serving his country in the Royal Artillery, he left the military to study at the prestigious London Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. In 1960, Hopkins made his stage bow in “The Quare Fellow.” He then spent the next four years in regional repertory before his first London success in “Julius Caesar.” Combining the best elements of the British theater's classic heritage and its burgeoning "angry young man" school, Hopkins had the rare talents to work well in both modern and ancient pieces. As many have stated that his film debut was his appearance as Richard the Lionhearted in “The Lion in Winter” (1968), in actuality his debut was in an odd, "pop-art" film, “The White Bus” (1967). Although success came slowly for Hopkins, the famous Laurence Olivier befriended the young actor and became his mentor.

Though Anthony will best be known for his screen-stealing, mesmerizing, Oscar-winning role as the insane, murder gourmet, Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs,” he has enjoyed a spectacular, career acting in so many amazing films. I have some personal Hopkins favorites of my own. For example, his stellar and UNFORGETABLE performance in “The Elephant Man” (1980), or one of my all time favorite films, “Meet Joe Black” (2-Nov-1998), and let us not forget his performance as the British butler in “Remains of the Day” with Emma Thompson, an elderly swashbuckler in “Mask of Zorro,” Tom Cruise’s boss in “Mission: Impossible II,” and a speed-racing New Zealander in “The World's Fastest Indian.” He has played two American Presidents, a somewhat deranged Richard M. Nixon in Oliver Stone’s “Nixon,” and John Quincy Adams, where he fought for a slave's freedom in Spielberg’s “Amistad.” He gave life to one of my all time favorite movies, the 2000 film of Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” with Jim Carrey, where he narrated the film with his magical famous voice. His credits are endless. There is one thing that is an absolute, though; Anthony Hopkins brings integrity, believability and acting perfection to every role and character he has every played and credibility to every film in which he has been!

Thank you Sir Anthony Hopkins for all of your MANY artistic gifts and talents you have brought to this world. Please forever carry on. We will all be awaiting your next conquest.

For more information and to see if Anthony Hopkins’ art exhibition will be coming to town in the future, visit www.anthonyhopkinsart.com.


1. Anthony Hopkins
2. Hopkins signing the back of his art
Photos 2 and 3 by Robin Roth

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