Zeffirino Restaurant, A Taste Of Venice
Author(s): Robin Roth
Photos: Robin Roth
Editor: Mark Lewis
Published: May 12, 2010

Zeffirino Restaurant

           Welcome to Venice Italy…


By: Robin Roth


Right from the start I must come out and state that, “l love this stunning, 5-star, award winning restaurant that celebrates and captures the very essence, flavors and spirit of romantic Venice Italy”! What a find and right in the mist of Las Vegas. Where else can one get closer to Venice Italy then Zeffirino Restaurant, nestled inside the Venetian Hotel Shops. I have passed by this spectacular restaurant a thousand times and never went inside. I must tell all of my readers with all my food heart, “WALK INSIDE AND DINE”!


The truth is… I hardly know where to begin as there are simply no words or adjectives grand enough to describe this outstanding Italian restaurant. You will immediately realize for yourself that this is an exceptionally unique establishment the moment you step out of the elevators leading you from the cozy bar area (which I strongly suggest you start your evening with) into the restaurant itself. You will no doubt, enjoy dining in a relaxed setting and immediately feel Zeffirino’s warm yet elegant, charming, chic, cozy Italian ambiance. The entire décor is authentic as everything including the antiques in the restaurant, was brought over directly from Italy. You’ll actually feel as if you are dining in a Venetian Villa! Boasting a bi-level dining room with elegant limestone columns, Venetian-style open windows and an equally impressive handcrafted bar, which stands more than 40 feet high, together transports its guests into the world of Venice.

Furthermore, Zeffirino serves authentic Italian fare and uses the finest and freshest homemade ingredients. Be prepared as you might likely be greeted by the suave, charismatic and classy, Managing Director Giuliano Berto. He will absolutely make sure all of your needs and desires are expertly met. Do request in advance to sit overlooking the breathtaking views of the canals. This is where you will be able to hear, watch, and enjoy the outside Grand Canal sites and listen to the sounds of the gondolier’s magical singing. Zeffirino Restaurant visually appears as though it came right off the pages of an Italian romance novel. I, as you will be, was treated like an Italian Princess and catered to the whole evening by the entire stellar staff. If you are a worldly food connoisseur, then you have most definitely found your dream come true restaurant.


Zeffirino earns its wonderful success in part do to the culinary expertise and genius of Chef Francesco Schintu, the Executive Chef of Zeffirino. Bravo to you Francesco! You are quite the artist!


Allow me to suggest some wonderful items on the dinner menu:


Ostriche Fresche: Fresh Oysters Cocktail… This staple dish is served cold, fresh, and sweet


Insalata Cesar:  Caesar Salad…. Yum!! They nailed this salad served cold and crisp. Perfect and authentic Caesar Salad



Insalata Mista:  Spring mix salad with raisins, pine nuts and asiago cheese… This original salad is wonderfully creative and divinely tasty. A burst of combined flavors


Tablierini all' Astice: Home Made Pasta with Lobster Meat & Baby Shrimp in a light Tomato Sauce… Truly delectable, scrumptious and may I add very luscious!                             



Fettucine al Granchio Astice e Gamberi: Homemade fettuccine sautéed with crabmeat, lobster meat and shrimp with a touch of tomato sauce… Without a doubt this dish delivers the taste from the gods. I must add, however, that you simply can’t possibly go wrong with any of the delicious homemade pasta dishes. They are as close to authentic Italy as you will find anywhere. This entree is loaded with the freshest fish. Totally delectable! Awesome!    


Filetto di Branzino alla Catalana:  Pan seared Mediterranean Sea Bass Pan Seared with White Wine, Lobster meat, served in a pink sauce and spinach, garnished with Leek…For the fish lover, may I completely recommend this original entree. Just say YES, to Zeffirino’s delectably delicious, moist, thick, light, delicate and rich in flavor signature dish.  It is most succulent and totally irresistible.  OUTSTANDING and simply delicious!


Filetto alla Ricca Piemontese: Pan seared beef tenderloin filet with Marsala and rum, filled with foie gras, served over fontina cheese with truffle and sautéed with porcini mushrooms…This filet creation is not only fantastic but hard to resist and cooked to perfection. Oh MY, oh MY! I am still not over the scrumptious flavors and textures. This dish is, oh so yummy and a vision in-and-of-itself, just to look at. The tasty, tender, perfectly cooked filet mignon is nothing short of succulent.  Francesco, this dish is almost sinful…  Bravo!                                                                                


Contine d’Agnello alla Griglia con crauti brasati e crema di mostarda: Grilled lamb chops served with braised Savoy cabbage and mustard cream…  Decadent!  This stunningly fabulous dish is not only artistically presented but palate tantalizing. If you are a lamb chop lover, you have found paradise. It is strikingly perfect and prepared to your liking.  This is yet another must-try mouthwatering selection                                                                              



While dining, please don't forget to select a fine wine to enhance your food selections from their excellent and extensive wine list!


For dessert, I just say have them all… NO REALLY …. JUST GO FOR IT AND INDULGE!!! I DID!!!!  Now as desserts go, let me just say that your mouth will dance! They should be illegal. Here are just a few to try!


Bavarese alla Ricotta con Cuore al Mango… Out of this world

Semifreddo al Cioccolato e Lamponi con interno al Cioccolato… Yummy

Mousse al Cioccolato salsa al Cioccolatto e sorbetto… To die for

Tartelletta de riso Fragole gelato al cioccolato e frutta … Decatent

Tiramisu  From Venezia, Coffee & Mascarpone Cake… Light and delicate

pic9  pic11

I want to emphasize that this is THE dining experience worth every calorie, ladies. Just say yes to everything!!!! Don’t miss out on this very special food extravaganza.

pic10  pic12

It would be thoughtless of me if I did not explain a little bit of the history behind Zeffirinos…


 “Zeffirino’s glorious history starts in 1939, when Zeffirino Belloni first opened his family restaurant in Genova, the capital city of the Italian Riviera. Nine years later, his ten-year-old son stepped into the kitchen of this family restaurant and found the he, like his father, had also been blessed with the God-given gift of creating culinary ecstasy.


 The Zeffirino family’s epicurean talent has remained constant for four generations and over six decades, and today, Zeffirino’s son Gian Paolo along with extended family continue the delectable family tradition of mesmerizing diners with their special cuisine in Italy, Spain, China and the USA. Maestro di Cucina Cavaliere, Gian Paolo’s culinary awards are endless and include an Escoffier Award considered the highest international gastronomic award and the European Golden Medal. He was also, formally appointed Ambassador of Genovese and Italian Cuisine to the world.


His food has dazzled international celebrities who can eat anywhere they choose and choose to eat at Zeffirino. I for one agree with all of them! Amongst them are famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti who sang for Gian Paolo’s pesto, boxing greats Muhammad Ali, Italian actress, Sophia Loren, a sophisticated fan and fancier of Genovese foods, The Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra, whose mother came from Genova and cooked similar Pesto in her Hoboken home, and the late, great Pope John Paul II, who declared Gian Paolo “The Pope’s Pesto Maker.” So you too can feel and be a celeb for an evening at Zeffirino.



Gian Paolo Belloni’s inspired cuisine exemplifies his love of natural ingredients married with his refined versions of the simple local dished of his beloved Genoa”.


Zeffirino’s family operated institution was transported to the spectacular Venetian Resort, Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in 1999, where the family hospitality and culinary skills still reigns supreme.



At Zeffirino you will be in for an unforgettable dining treat. If you are looking for outstanding authentic Italian cuisine served with a spectacular presentation, a warm, classy, comfortable atmosphere, then this is your happy dream place. Zeffirinos unparalleled elegance, divine, welcoming and friendly superior service, is what makes it the best of the best. Another point of reference… It is the perfect restaurant for any and all events. Whether you are looking for romance, business or family occasions you will find it all here.


Don’t miss this wonderfully delicious restaurant on your next visit. You will create forever happy memories that you will WITHOUT A DOUBT experience at Zeffirino.


1. Don’t forget that Zeffirino’s continental Sunday brunch (10:00 to 12:30) is the best in Las Vegas. Look for my follow up review of this world class brunch!

2. Don’t forget to check out the wishing well brought over from Italy.

Don’t forget to check out the million dollar bathrooms voted the 4th best in America.

3. Don’t forget to check out Pizzeria Enzo Restaurant in Henderson.  It is owned by the same people who own and run Zeffirinos. A classic Italian Trattoria with the best priced, best Italian food anywhere. Ask for Jerry the owner. He is terrific.


Zeffirino At The Venetian

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