Delicious, Sweet Fun in Las Vegas- The Sugar Factory!
Author(s): Robin Roth
Photos: Robin Roth
Editor: Sam Smith
Published: August 1, 2012


The Sugar Factory

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Story and Photos By: Robin Roth

If you are looking for fun, fun, fun, dining and deserts then you are looking for the Sugar Factory, the American Brasserie…Eats, Sweets and Treats!!! This fab, unusual happy place is a sweet lover’s dream come true and ok I included! Not to mention one of the stars favorite Vegas hot spots to hang.

Now, the bonus of this Las Vegas Restaurant is that it is always open.  How cool is that. That is a big deal when you have the munchies and need great food and sugar! So, this will soon become your favorite breakfast, lunch dinner and dessert haven. There is also, the very cool merchandise store which is actually how the Sugar Factory came to be. Look around because you WILL most likely spot a famous celeb grabbing a treat or two or three at the Paris Hotel such as Holly Madison, Kim Kardashian, Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton and on and on and on! This restaurant lacks nothing from the imaginative and sugar inspiring world of Willy Wonka. He would no doubt love it here and become a regular!!


There is an enormous array of original and delicious appetizers, awesome over-sized sandwiches, amazing salads, outrageous pizzas (mama mia) and more. The restaurants specialty, of course, is the sprawling dessert menu, featuring an assortment of warm, freshly-baked waffles and crepes, childhood favorites and rich, gourmet chocolates cascading from colossal fondue fountains. In addition, also offered, is a distinctive selection of liquid libations.

The restaurant is one of the few locations in the city that has outside patio (right on the strip) as well as inside service. Outside for me adds extra spice and fun with the great people watching you can do. The inside ambiance of the restaurant is a rare blend of café, diner, MTV cool, and chic elegance. The entire Sugar Factory has a very creative decor. The savory cuisine and variety of dishes are fun, creative and yummy as well. Do visit the bar between 4 through 7 for their outrageous happy hour creations.

Allow me a few suggestions:

For dining:  Don’t miss out on the chicken fingers, buttermilk onion rings, any amazing pizza and burger selections, The cheesy onion soup, the grilled steak sandwich, you can’t go wrong with any pasta dish… just choose your favorite, any of the sinful crepes (I still taste them as I write) the delish chicken and waffles, Mussels Mariniere, and the Black Angus Filet.

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For dessert: Do you really need me to spell this out? Seriously, you don’t because every single thing offered here is the best of the best…But, I will! Here are some musts!

Any of the sweet pizzas (but I loved the peanut butter and jelly and milk chocolate pizza), Milk shakes, fondues, the World famous Sugar Factory king kong Sundae (which is party perfect), the red velvet brownie, the lava cupcake, and last but not least any of the crazy fantastic coffee drinks and frozen and hot chocolate drinks. A++ Astonishing.! Worth every single calorie and more!!!

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(Perry Bruno is holding the outrageous World famous Sugar Factory king Kong Sundae and Jessica Amundsen is holding the sinful fondue for two)

After having a scrumptious meal (DO NOT FORGET DESSERT!), just wander next door to the with 6,000 square-feet of delectable sweet treats, out of this world, to die for, chocolates, and an unbelievable selection of candy-inspired apparel and novelty items, with Sugar Factory's signature Couture Pops taking center stage some of which were developed by stars. The shop offers signature sundaes, milkshakes, cupcakes, gelatos, ice creams, and café treats. You absolutely won’t want to leave.

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No matter what generation you grew up in, you will not doubt find a nostalgic candy that will bring back your childhood memories as well as your contemporary favorites!

There are many other treasures and memories to find here including: holiday gift packages giant whirly pops and the popular Couture Pops: lollipop stems that sparkle with replaceable lollipop heads, to the large collection of amusing and stylish retail merchandise which include fashionable t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, glassware and more.

Don’t forget to stop by during the Holidays where the Sugar Factory is decorated to over the top standards that even New York shops would be envious of…


Without a doubt, I rate The Sugar Factory and A for fun, originality, food, and service! Rock on guys!! I want to thank all the staff who helped me make this article possible including servers :Kristi Payne, Jessica Amundsen and managers: Roy Saunders, Perry Bruno, Greg Waters, Anthony Otake, Sean Herzfeld, Daniel Martinez, and Dana Hostmeyer. Bravo to all of you for running such a great establishment!

Located: in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, 3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Restaurant: (702) 3315100

Retail store: (702) 331-5551

There are several locations for The Sugar Factory retail store in addition to the Paris hotel.

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