Tea For Two and Two For Tea
Establishment: The Ritz Carlton Phoenix
Published: August 30, 2010
Photos By: Robin Roth
Story By: Robin Roth
Editor: Mark Lewis






Taking tea is one of the grandest, most quintessential English occasions, and there is no finer place at which to experience this delightful tradition and ritual than at the stunning Ritz Carlton Hotel Phoenix…  “Tea for Two and Two for Tea” is poetically displayed here!


As you step into the abundantly elegant and sophisticated Ritz Carlton Tearoom, you will be taken back by its grandeur. You might actually feel as though you have entered into a Hollywood set from the past where charm, class, and elegance were at its highest point.

I must interject, right at the start that in my opinion, the whole traditional tea experience at The Ritz is brought to another level entirely due to the tearooms charismatic resident tea specialist, Jeffrey Hattrick. His style, charm and elegance make enjoying his tea service a magical memory. Honored with several awards and recognitions, Jeffrey is an expert on everything about teatime. His passion and love for what he does shows on every inch of him.


Now let’s talk tea…

You will enjoy your classy tea service in a beautiful room that displays a warm, comfortable ambiance surrounded by tables and chairs, as well as fine plush couches, crystal chandeliers and antiques. The dishes are a collection of four patterns brought from St. Petersburg Russia sporting a touch of tradition fused with stylish fashion.

Service in the Ritz Tea Room is without a doubt nothing short of a stellar experience! You will never feel rushed. In fact, time is not even considered in the cozy room. Jeffrey makes time vanish with his grace, style and handsome good looks. You will be served an unbelievably yummy selection of freshly and expertly prepared finger sandwiches to die for and presented beautifully. These consist of cucumber with cream cheese, egg salad, smoked salmon, goat cheese with fig and caramel, and black current tea smoked chicken salad… Can I just say, YUMMMM… … …  And yes, you may have seconds, and no doubt you will. I won’t even tell you how much I embarrassed myself having more of these.

For an extra kick of happiness, you might also want to add some delicious champagne with your afternoon tea, which I suggest WITH ALL MY HEART that you do! If you choose the Perrier-Jouet Royal Tea, you will be able to take home the lovely hand-pained floral fluet glass.


All the teas served here are wonderful and served in your own individual tea pot. I suggest that you go with one of Jeffrey’s signature Blends. The winter tea is truly the best tea I have ever tasted! I actually, purchased these 4 teas to take home. All the teas are certified organic exclusively by Rishi Tea.

Next, you will be served my favorite food item, the famous warm backed scones (cranberry with white chocolate and traditional buttermilk); I can’t even talk about this without getting teary eyed! I mean lets face it folks, there are scones and then, there are scones! However, the grand finale presentation is the lemon curd, Devonshire cream and the MMMMMM raspberry jam served in cups of white and dark chocolate which was out-of-this-world. I know they were for display, but, I devoured the chocolate cups anyway. SSSHHHH, don’t tell Jeffrey on me!

I promise that you will more than enjoy the variety of assorted homemade pastries. Each delectable miniature puts the 'O’, in Cheerio! These fine pastries are not only delish, but beautiful to look at.


Furthermore, you will enjoy live piano music that accompanies the clinking of fine china. The brilliant and gifted Nicole Pesce will send you on a musical journey. You might be lucky enough to enjoy a song or two by the talented Jeffrey himself!
Don’t miss out on the many special tea events including: Tea with casts from Broadway shows, the festival of the hats tea, the Father and Daughter Tea as well as the Teddy Bear Tea. Each one of these tea events is so unique and delightfully fun.


I would like to take a moment to tell you about Jeffrey’s world of tea which has further expanded with the creation of Jeffrey’s Tea International. He has turned his life experience into a line of signature tea blends and tea products. Jeffrey believes that tea is more than just a beverage.  “Tea is a vessel by which we can navigate our mood,” says Jeffrey.  “It can enhance the space we are in or guide us to a place we would rather be.  Tea is an experience that engages all of the senses and allows us to enjoy an art of living.”  I cannot agree with him more.  Jeffrey emulates an art of living every day in all he does.  His smile and energy is contagious.  With tea as a foundation, Jeffrey has been given the opportunity to explore and pursue his life passions: family, friends, love and music…an Art of Living.


So my dear foodies, for the tea party of your life, I implore you to run to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Phoenix. Do make reservations in advance to avoid great disappointment! I just want to extend a warm and appreciative thank you to the delightful Jeffrey for making this article possible… Good show!


For reservations call: 602-468-0700 

To learn more about Jeffrey visit: www.jeffreystea.com