Mon Ami Gabi...Paris Comes To Las Vegas
Author(s): Robin Roth
Photos: Robin Roth
Editor: Mark Lewis
Published: June 12, 2010

Mon Ami Gabi…

The Brightest Star On The Strip

By: Robin Roth 



Mon Ami Gabi is truly a Classic French Bistro. "Mon Ami" means "My Friend" in French and "Gabi" is for its renowned Chef and Owner Gabino Sotelino. Gabino is considered in the culinary community as one of the most respected leaders in a town that has, without a doubt, become known as the fine dining capitol of the nation.  After experiencing his brilliant food creations it is understandable.

I have to begin by stating that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this restaurant. I get excited just talking about Mon Ami Gabi. It is a joy and a privilege to tell everyone why…

To begin, I rate Mon Ami Gabi an A+ in every possible way. 

The minute you walk through its doors (located inside the Paris Hotel) you'll feel at ease, happy, and relaxed. There is a really fabulous energy you will no doubt sense immediately. It is always, packed and feels like a party all the time. However, you will not loose your sense of privacy. I call Mon Ami Gabi my happy place, as do the all the locals who frequent this fine restaurant. 

When in Las Vegas, you will obviously want to people watch. At Mon Ami Gabi you will find the absolute best place on the strip to do just that, sitting outside on the patio. No where else in the city can compare for an outside, people watching, dining experience. Take my word… there is most definitely a lot of watching to experience!  No matter what the weather, (Be it 30 or 112 degrees) you will feel comfortable because of the cool mist and or the heating lamps making for the perfect comfort level. As for me, I personally enjoy the patio. In addition to the lively French bistro feeling and people watching, you can enjoy the romantic Fountains of the Bellagio. Every 15 minutes or so, there is a water show with music and lights thoughtfully interwoven to mesmerize all who come to watch its beauty. Each song is unique in its expression, interpretation, and choreography. Mon Ami has it all. There is no where else in the city that has this hip, trendy, fun scene suitable for all ages.

There are also, many dining areas inside if you so prefer with a calming yet lively atmosphere as well. You can enjoy a glassed-in conservatory, just off the street that conveys an outdoor feel. There are still-quieter dining rooms inside, adorned with chandeliers dramatically suspended three stories above. It is the closest you can get to feeling like you are actually in France. Not just because of the Eiffel Tower standing above your head, but the ambiance and food. The French steakhouse theme is carried throughout the restaurant. From the style of chairs, to the menu on a chalkboard, to the airy atrium which opens out to the patio, Mon Ami Gabi has captured the al fresco French dining experience by incorporating features inherent of cafés on the Champs Elyseé. It is the closest thing to actually being there. Whether you are on vacation, a date, out with the family, or on business, Mon Ami is perfect and all of its dining options present an amazing, unique ambiance in which to feast.

Mon Ami Gabi specializes in Classic Bistro Fare, including crepes and quiches. Their dinner menu features classics such as French Onion Soup, Trout Grenobloise, and their fabulous signature Steak Frites. They seem to play with the theme of what a French Bistro was in the 1950's and 1960's, combining a whimsical playful feel. The menu presents a lot of classic, yet unique, French bistro food, shared with some new techniques and ingredients. The presentation of all of Gabi’s dishes are stunning to see.

What makes the Mon Ami experience over the top, is the tremendous and cheerful servers and staff. They enhance the whole experience with their happy desire to please and friendly service. They go out of their way to make you joyful. I look forward to seeing servers over and over again like the lovely, delightful, and adorable Brooke and Dawn. Furthermore, may I extend big time KUDOS to the charming and elegant assistant general manager and sommelier Clancy Noailles. It is a joy watching his artistic people skills and how much he cares about every patron that visits.  All the staff is hustling about wearing a smile and sporting an excited approach and attitude to please their diners.


The Mon Ami Gabi menu also boasts an extensive wine list. Do find a bottle to enjoy as it will enhance the whole dining experience. One of my favorite things to do here, that I just love, is sipping Gabi’s delicious House Sangria served in a large carafe and watch the whole happening surrounding me.  It is a great deal as well.




Being a traditional steakhouse, the restaurant serves a range of steak options. However, Mon Ami Gabi has a variety of other French dishes in their dinner collection. There are daily specials, so do ask your server. It’s all about French versions of comfort food done superbly with an outstanding sense of style and flair. The specialty of the house is steak frites, so I strongly advise you to order them with whatever you choose for dinner.  Every single thing on the menu is superb, but please do allow me to guide you a bit through this stellar menu... P.S. Make sure you ask for your own individually bagged French bread, fresh and made on the premises. Trust me you will not want to share your loaf!

For Starters:

Baked Cheese: tomato sauce and herbs… This is to die for. Without a doubt my absolute favorite item on the menu. DO NOT MISS this wonderfully creative, delectable signature dish.  Make sure you mix it all together before dipping with your French garlic bread. YUMMY!       


Country Style Pâté:  cornichons, whole grain mustard, country toast … A genuinely wonderful classic

Chicken Liver Mousse: burgundy red wine mustard, warm country bread…Authentic and scrumptious                                                       

 Escargots de Bourgogne: oven-roasted snails, garlic-herb butter… Divinely tasty, and outstanding                                                                

Smoked Salmon: brioche, crème fraîche, red onion, capers… So very luscious

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail: on ice with gabi's cocktail sauce and lemon … The most delicious shrimp found anywhere. I know you have had them before, but they are better here. Cold, crisp, and plump.


Jumbo Lump Crab Cake: summer cabbage slaw, gribiche sauce … Crab filled to the max and delish


Mussels Marinière: full order served with frites… Wonderfully fresh, sweet, and so YUMMMMM



Prime Cheeseburger:  brie, blue, or gruyere cheese… Best burger on the strip with the finest meat, one of my favorites… And yes served with the frites.


Steak Bordelaise: caramelized onions, red wine sauce… Outstanding, bold and tasty                                                                                                                                      

"Hanger Steak": butcher's cut, merlot butter… A burst of flavors very sinful... I recommend with all my heart


Filet Mignon: merlot butter, red wine reduction….So tender you can cut this luscious filet with a fork


New York Strip Steak, you can Add a Lobster Tail to your Steak: 16 oz, bordelaise sauce… don’t take a great NY strip for granted and you won't here… Oh, and do add the lobster….


Bone-In Ribeye: 22 oz with béarnaise sauce… Tender, filled with robust flavors, a classic


Lemon-Thyme Seared Salmon: orzo, peas, asparagus, spinach, lemon butter … light, delicate, and luscious


Skate: crispy garlic chips, vegetable salad, capers, lemon… unique and mouth watering


LEMON CHICKEN PAILLARDwith French green beans and lemon butter … light and delicate, a wonderful selection


Halibut Du Jour: Fresh daily, simply wonderful, light and scrumptious


Market Vegetable Platter and Children's Menu Available

Mon Ami Musts are:  the Steak Frites, Macaroni Gratin, Onion Soup Au Gratin                                                                                                             



There are NO calories at Mon Ami! (OK maybe a few) So totally indulge and Just for get about it)

Bananas Foster Crêpe: vanilla ice cream, bananas, foster sauce … Divine and fit for a star          

Chocolate Mousse: light semi-sweet chocolate mousse…. Just say YES!!!!


Citrus Pound Cake: lemon curd, fresh berries in vanilla sage syrup, whipped cream… A wonderful, delicate burst of flavors


Peach Parfait: vanilla ice cream, peaches, raspberry sauce, almond slices, whipped cream, raspberry meringues… This dessert was a surprise but a winner


Crème Brûlée: burnt vanilla custard… They nail this dessert


Profiterole Trio: vanilla, chocolate & strawberry ice cream filled pastries, hot double chocolate fudge sauce … Well here is a dessert I recommend with all my heart



Sorbet du Jour: I mean really, you can't go wrong with sorbet, nice and light


It is no surprise that the talents, food, energy, setting, ambiance, prices ,and above all, spectacular service make Mon Ami Gabi one of the cities favorite restaurants.  For me, it is dining Paradise! One more thing I would like to mention…Their Sunday Brunch is one of the town’s best.


This French-inspired steak house that first earned acclaim in Chicago has became much beloved here in Vegas.  Mon Ami Gabi is the in spot in Las Vegas to see and be seen. I cannot brag enough what a great restaurant this is. Go, enjoy and of course...

Bon Appetit!!!!