A Jewel in Las Vegas
Establishment: Michaels Restaurant
Published: February 9, 2009
Photos By: Robin Roth
Story By: Robin Roth
Editor: Mark Lewis


michaels-1I love, love, love Michael's Restaurant, located in the South Point Hotel and Casino. While in Las Vegas, if you have only one night set aside for fine dining, then this is your, "Must have to dine at restaurant". This stellar restaurant is without a doubt, the best kept culinary secret in the city! Many regulars will remember Michael's when it was located in the Barbary Coast Hotel. For those who might be wondering if it has lost any luster, charm, class, or dining excellence, let me comfort you but simply saying, "It is, without a doubt, better than ever!" Furthermore, I found it touching, and sentimental that the restaurant took the door and the Tiffany dome from the Barbary Coast to keep with tradition in the new Michael's restaurant location.


Upon entering this beautifully decorated 5-star restaurant, you will know immediately that you have entered into a special world of elegance and serenity. In keeping with the old Michael's, the décor is lovely with deep rich colors and Victorian plush furniture (high red velvet winged-back chairs to provide privacy) that only accentuate the ultimate and truly intimate dining experience. Each table, accented with a rose and lace tablecloth, will take you back to the Old World Vegas style and class. Those were the nostalgic days, when dining meant everything, and you were served tableside!

You will experience impeccable, pampered, cheerful service by two waiters, a captain and a bus boy, all serving with the Michael's dazzling special touch. You will want for nothing. You won't even have to ask. Let me be blunt, you won't even have to think about what you might want. I attribute the long success of Michael's to the very classy Maitre D' Jose Martel and award-winning master chef Fred Bielak, who have both been with the restaurant (since day one) for over 20 years. Both gentlemen are there nightly to keep and guarantee that Michael's service and food shine brightly.


Jose, Russ and Tim

My elegant and charming dining captain, Tim McGarry and delightful head waiter Russ, (who, like the rest of the staff, has been at Michael's for 20 years) started us off with the complimentary assorted relish dish (spectacular array; I loved the gourmet quail eggs and cinnamon beets myself). As tempted as you might be, don't overeat from the relish tray, for there are so many food surprises in store.


To begin with, I suggest trying any of the following appetizers as they are all fresh, sweet, huge, delicious and originally presented in a dazzling ice sculpture that is lit up, with flowers that are all totally picture worthy. My suggestions include the Jumbo Stone Crabs (out of this world), the Maryland Lump Crab Cocktail (Yummy), the Shrimp Cocktail (a shrimp lovers fantasy), and or the Australian Lobster cocktail (the best I have ever had). The sauces that accompany the cocktails are award worthy. Don't worry about any mess, for after you finish your appetizer, you will be presented with a water-lemon bowl and hot towel.

michaels-5 michaels-6 michaels-7

The fresh Caesar Salad, prepared, tossed and served tableside, is heavenly. Check out their brilliant soups, such as the French Onion Soup, as well!

Before your main dish, a complimentary lemon-lime sorbet with Don Perignon Champaign will be served.So, totally divine ladies...

For your entree, Michael's is famous for their many signature dishes. Pick anyone of the following and then call me to thank me! Michael's female Dover Sole with lemon and white wine is moist, delicate, delicious, and farmed in Amsterdam . You have never enjoyed sole this amazing. If you favor a meat selection, I recommend with all my heart the 32 oz. succulent Chateaubriand Bouquetierre for two cooked to perfection. This food masterpiece is not only a work of art, (I loved the potato basket filled with vegetables) but an explosion of amazing flavors with the finest presentation, fit for a king. (It is Chicago stockyard prime beef and hand trimmed!)


The stunningly fabulous Veal Francaise, sautéed in egg, butter, and wine, is hand trimmed, tender, Provini Veal out of Wisconsin and the best you can buy. It is superb and will literally melt in your mouth! For the Lamb Chop lover, you have come to paradise with Michael's famous Double Rib Spring Lamb Chops, which are farmed privately in Colorado especially for Michael's!


If you crave the thickest, most tender, succulent, Veal chop Florentine you ever gifted your taste buds with, you have arrived at your happy place. I want to interject that although these are my suggestions, one can't go wrong with ANYTHING on the menu!

Dessert is not only an experience but a dream come true. Michael's complimentary bowl of fruit and assorted fruits hand-dipped in the finest white and dark Belgian chocolate is nothing short of sinful. This included chocolate dipped cherries, pineapple, strawberries, bananas, kiwi etc. Life and calories (worth every one) just doesn't get any better than this! Ok, maybe sharing it all with George Clooney can bump it up a bit. But, don't stop there! Go ahead and splurge, as it is well worth the two-hour workout in the gym the next day! One of the few times, I didn't resent working out. I will never forget the sweet assorted fresh berries with ice-cream, the Tiramisu or the, OH MY GOODNESS, flourless chocolate cake off the famous fantasy pastry cart.

michaels-12 michaels-13 
michaels-15 michaels-14

While dining, please don't forget to select a fine wine to enhance your food selections from their excellent and extensive wine list!

On a very personal note, I just wanted to share one more experience. I took my wonderful, 84 year old father Leon with me to Michael's. He told me 3 days later, that he has been reliving this dinner over and over again in his mind since that night ... He explained, that he has never had a more memorable, delightful, perfect dining experience in his life. Now, that is what a restaurant should bring; fond, forever memories. Each and every member of the staff was so kind and respectful to him and I must extend a huge, thank you! Check out the adorable Michaels's bib!


Dining at Michael's brilliant restaurant will never be forgotten and no doubt you will dream of returning. Ya' know the calm feeling you have after enjoying a massage and spending the day in a spa? That is how you will feel your entire visit to Michael's. The food, service, and ambiance are all A+! I am so proud of this superb restaurant that I proudly brag about it openly and often! Bravo, to the whole staff. Tell the staff I said "hi..." I can say freely, you will love me for this!


For reservations, call 702-796-7111.