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Marrakech Restaurant, a True Las Vegas Landmark

Justin serves Filet Mignon Shish Kabob

Robin Roth

I cannot tell you how much I love Marrakech Restaurant! When you come to Vegas, you just have to get off the Strip!

For the past 27 years, Marrakech Restaurant has provided enjoyment, exotic ambiance, and a rather extravagant meal with festive entertainment provided by two beautiful, professional belly dancers. This is the perfect place for a birthday party, special occasion, a first date or just about anything fun you want to accomplish! Don’t let the exterior of this restaurant deter you, for the very moment you walk through the doors, you will be transported into a foreign land…Marrakech!

Marrakech has recreated the authentic décor of the desert wanderers. Moroccans, as they traveled the North African desert, would put up high-ceilinged tents, light them with spectacular, pierced, bronzed lanterns and cover the floor and walls with rich carpets to escape the heat as they traveled. You will enjoy the same wonderful traditions and rituals at this incomparable and unique restaurant. Its rich tapestries that drape from the ceiling and colorful Moroccan style wall coverings make for a warm, cozy, romantic setting. In addition, you will relax on plush red couches and decorative pillows that will have you sitting low to the floor, encircling hand-crafted wooden tables. Diners will enjoy truly outstanding authentic Moroccan cuisine as they are cradled in this extravagantly romantic atmosphere.

At Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant, you will no doubt enjoy a food feast at its finest! I give kudos to the owner Tariq Ali, who has made this restaurant not only true to its culture and traditions, but he runs his restaurant exquisitely. Tariq is of Moroccan descent, but is a New Jersey native. Ladies, he is quite the handsome HUNK and reason to frequent Marrakech in and of itself.

At Marrakech, you will be served a six-course (YES, a six-course) meal. There is a set price (which is the biggest bargain in the city) of $33.95 per person. Not only does Tariq nail the traditions of each course, but ALL the food is out of this world. Note that most of the courses you will enjoy by eating with your hands, which is so much fun. No matter how dignified you may be, you will have a ball!! (Oh come on, like you don’t eat with your hands at home when no one is looking!) AND YES, in true Moroccan style, your server comes to your table and pours rose water over your hands so they will be clean for this occasion. I was served by the outstanding Vinnie and Justin.

To begin with, you will enjoy tender, perfectly cooked Shrimp Scampi sautéed in lemon wine and garlic sauce. OH, how fantastic. You just scoop it up with a piece of their homemade Moroccan Bread. YUM! Then you move onto the Sarira Soup with lentil, rice, lemon and spices. I am not even a soup lover and I sipped down the whole bowl. Remember, no spoons! The next course, Marrakech Salad with hummus and vegetables, I completely devoured. Next came the Shish Kabob, which is made up of Filet Mignon marinated and grilled to perfection, served flaming on spears impaled on a pineapple. I made a complete pig of myself right there in front of everyone. Thank goodness, the gorgeous belly dancer came out at this point of the meal, which took all eyes away from me making a complete foodie out of myself!
There are two lovely and talented belly dancers that come out individually during your service. Go ahead, get up and dance with them; it’s fun. I was way too busy eating! The main course is the Royal Cous Cous Platter which is a succulent and soft Cornish Hen served with Cous Cous and vegetables…to die for!


To end this already perfect feast is my personal favorite, the Pastilla. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU EAT (and believe me, it will be a lot) SAVE ROOM FOR THIS! It is the classic Moroccan LIGHT AND FLAKY pastry stuffed with fruits and nuts, topped with heaps of powdered sugar, cinnamon and served with traditional mint tea. Watch your server pour in from up above.

There are scheduled sittings, so do call and make a reservation. DON’T MISS THIS ONE! Marrakech will, without a doubt, be a highlight on your Vegas fun list! I rate it an A+ for the food, fun, ambiance and service!

Marrakech Restaurant is located at 3900 Paradise Rd. (Twain Ave. & Flamingo Rd.). For more information, call the restaurant at 702-737-5611.

Restaurant Reminders

I want to make a few quick restaurant reminders that are too amazing not to shout out about again!

Mimmo Ferraro’s (just off the Strip) is the best, most authentic Italian cuisine in the city. Family owned and operated by owner Gino and his son Chef Mimmo is a restaurant must. Everything is homemade, down to the actual pasta. Everything is fantastic, fresh, consistent, and simply put, food perfection in a comfortable, divine atmosphere. RUN to Ferraro’s.

Mimmo Ferraro’s is located at 5900 W. Flamingo Rd. For more information, visit www.ferraroslasvegas.com, email mimmo@ferraroslasvegas.com or call 702-364-5300.

The Ritz Carlton in Lake Las Vegas

For the most elegant complete English Tea, with the most stellar service anywhere, with the most beautiful view and delectable scones, tea sandwiches and deserts, have a proper tea at the Firenze Lounge at the Ritz Carlton. You will be spoiled and pampered by one of the best tea rooms in the states. You will be served with the utmost of perfection by Valerie, the elegant tea room manager. It doesn’t get better than this. What a lovely way to celebrate any occasion or any Holiday! A+.

Furthermore, go ahead and sit out on the verandah and order from their menu. Sit, relax, and enjoy your favorite wine and delicious appetizers. For the juiciest Black Angus hamburgers, beautiful tasty salads and sandwiches, the Ritz is your best bet. You sit overlooking the most beautiful gardens, mountain and lake views. This is a FANTABULOUS RITZY memory! If you are lucky, you will have the beautiful and sweet Melinda serving you here. Don’t forget to devour a luscious dessert or two!

Visiting Atlanta?

Don’t miss out on Ted’s Montana Grill. You will delight dining in Ted’s warm, friendly, sophisticated, casual atmosphere. EVERY single item on the menu is truly fantastic. HOWEVER…You simply MUST order their Great Range Brand Bison Steaks, a meat eater’s paradise! You will not even need a knife, the steaks are so tender and tasty. Just close your eyes and enjoy.

For more information, call 770-863-0041.


1. Tender Cornish Hen at Marrakech
2. Belly dancer Aradia
3. Pastilla the most delicious dessert ever, served at Marrakech
4. Bravo to Mimmo Ferraro’s amazing chef Mimmo and the handsome owner Gino
5. Beautiful server Melinda, proud of the Ritz’s desserts
6. World famous Black Angus Hamburger at the Ritz

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