Hotels In Italy, Part 4...The Due Torri
Establishment: The Due Torri Hotel
Published: July 1, 2010
Photos By: Robin Roth
Story By: Robin Roth
Editor: Mark Lewis




           Hotels in Italy, Part 4…       

                Due Torri Hotel

               In The City For Lovers

Story and Photos by: Robin Roth

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Ah, alas, Verona, Italy, the city of romance, love, Romeo & Juliet, and the Due Torri Hotel, the most prestigious and renowned five star hotel in the city. As I entered through the doors of this esteemed hotel, I felt as though I stepped right into the pages of Shakespeare’s legendary story of the Montague’s and the Capulet’s. The lobby is spectacular, equisitely antique, and rich with a long history. Everything about this grand hotel screams romance. From the majestic arcades of the lobby dating back to the year 1300 and the striking marble triptych, to the Belle Arti (a true museum worthy masterpiece), it seemed that I was thrown back into a far more idealistic time. The lobby is fantasy room with frescoes of medieval essence, tremendous hand-sculpted marbles, and priceless antique couches and chairs that I actually curled up on to enjoy leisurely conversation.


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The Due Torri Hotel is located in Verona’s historic centre next to the Church of Santa Anastasia, a stone’s throw from Juliet’s legendary balcony, Piazza Delle Erbe, Piazza Bra, and the world-renowned Arena Opera Theatre. Do not miss this, even if you are not an enthusiastic Opera lover, it is a most memorable experience being a part of this grand ancient arena.  F.Y.I., the passionate story of Romeo and Juliet is actually a true story, told to Shakespeare and not made up by him. Do visit Juliet’s house. You can stand on her famous balcony, touch the breast of the famous gold statue for luck, and even leave a love letter to be answered by her secretaries. It’s a totally dreamy experience, as are most things in Verona.

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DUE TORRI HOTEL rooms are large and inviting. Each room is unique with its very own character and refined furnishings which are also, fitted with all modern conveniences. The rooms display a timeless elegance, Italian decor and advanced technology.  There are 57 Classic Rooms, 23 Deluxe Rooms, 6 Junior Suites, The magnificent Romeo e Giulietta suite, and last but not in any way least, the Maria Callas suite. I had a blast touring many of these extraordinary rooms. Every room I saw was unique, intimate, and decorated in empire style, furnished with authentic period furniture with much attention to detail. The walls are covered in precious tapestries in vibrant colors. The stunning Murano Glass Lamps and lovely bedspreads exude a style of by-gone eras. Everything about my room was comfortable and cozy, including the bathroom which was luxurious spacious, and elegant, covered in precious Italian marble.


The extravagant Maria Callas suite filled with refined works of art is one of the most requested rooms in the city. The suite is named after the famous opera singer who often stayed at the Due Torri during her performances at the Arena.

A corridor provides access to a spacious bedroom with large double bed, and a bathroom covered in pink Portuguese marble with Jacuzzi. The bedroom boasts a magnificent view of the red roofs of Verona.

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Due Torri was formerly known as Dell’Aquila Palace since the 14th century and formerly owned by the prestigious Scaligeri family, Lords of Verona. In 1674 the palace became an inn and in 1882 was converted into the Grand Hotel Imperiale.

In addition to hosting famous guests such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Wolfgang Goethe, the hotel also served as the setting for historical events such as the coronation in exile of Louis XVII of France, as well as the signing of the treaty of Villafranca, between Napoleon III, Vittorio Emanuele II, and Archduke Ranieri and Radetzky.



Due Torri’s fine restaurant is beautiful and a Verona must. Its brilliant Italian chefs offer a creative and dazzling array of Mediterranean regional cuisine.


I felt privileged and honored having the opportunity to stay at this exclusive Hotel in Verona. It was like being transported into a “long ago and far, far away” fairy-tale land. From the moment I arrived, until the second I departed, I was treated with the charm and warmth of yesterday’s superb style of professional service and care by the entire staff. Experiencing the Due Torri Hotel in Verona was a journey through time and Italian traditions. Life just doesn't get any better! In a word, enchanting...


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