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There are simply not enough words to emphasize what a great tour company DARK ROME TOURS AND WALKS IS!!

I have taken hundreds of tours all around a world. I completely thought I discovered the best companies around. However, I can say that I have NOW finally found the best of the best tour companies around. Dark Rome specializes in Italy and they seriously found the balance of a perfect tour. My problem with tours in general are the many bathroom breaks, bad lunches that are included, no shopping time, waiting around forever  then rushing through the important sights and lastly, bad tour guides that are not knowledgeable with bad attitudes. Well with the Dark Rome Tours this was all exactly the opposite. To begin with, it is quite apparent that the tour guides love their job and do it with great passion and pride. I saw more in one day on each tour I took then I would have in 3 days on other tours. We did it all calmly, leisurely and with guides that were not only knowledgeable but fun and exciting to be around.

My first tour was Tuscany in One Day:

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The Tuscany in one Day Tour, originated in Rome and lasted12 thrilling hours packed with fun and thrilling sights. I must admit, I have spent much time in this beautiful region of the world. However, I have never really captured the pure essence of Tuscany until my tour guide Lindy traveled through it with me and the other tour guests.


I marveled at her knowledge and sweet eagerness to share and please all of us. Her humor, personality and excitement was what made this tour even better than it already is. On the way to Montepulciano, Cindy spoke and explained facts and history about Rome, Florence and Tuscany. We were all either saying wow, really, or this is amazing! It was breathtaking looking out at the astounding beauty of the region through the large clean windows of the comfortable air-conditioned bus. The views were storybook. We toured the town’s most important sights from the exposed brick Duomo and the main square to Punch’s Tower where Punch strikes his bell from the clock tower every hour. I saw ancient Etruscan wells and ventured deep into medieval wine cellars still used today. I even got to see a Tuscan rainbow! That was not part of the tour but a bonus!

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We saw the gloriously ancient Sant'Antimo Abbey and listened to the monks' Gregorian chants in much the same way as they have for centuries.

It was quite enchanting and a fascinating experience. Later, we had the chance to shop for wine, cheese etc. in Pienza.

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What happened next was my favorite and most memorable part of the tour. I enjoyed and devoured the absolute most memorable lunch of my life in a wine vineyard nestled in the heart of this little town. An authentic gourmet Tuscan lunch was served at this stunning, beautiful vineyard, which included a professional wine tasting of Brunello di Montalcino, one of Italy’s finest red wines. Wine tastings were accompanied by bruschetta, and a three-course lunch including a spread of cold cuts and local specialties, many of which have been grown and prepared just outside.


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AHH the flavors of the Tuscan cuisine along with 5 wine tastings was totally amazing and a spectacularly delicious dining experience. What an experience indeed. I expected (like on most tours) to be served touristy food, but found myself eating what the locals eat and at its best to boot. Yum and again Yummmm!

Not only did I get to visit Tuscany landmarks and ancient history, but I was able to have ample free time. I never felt rushed and therefore got to take photos and relax. I so enjoyed the ancient architecture and views of the rolling countryside and loved getting lost amid the winding streets. I totally sampled Pienza’s most important product, pecorino cheese…Delicious!

Sadly, this fairytale day and tour came to a close and we all met back at the bus for a comfortable and extraordinarily scenic drive back to Rome.


A memory of a lifetime and a perfect ‘must do’ tour in Italy!!!

BRAVO Dark Rome Tours!!!


Florence in One Day…

The next tour I took, again left in Rome was called Florence, in One Day. This tour was so wonderful and packed with the beauty and sights of one of my favorite cities in the world. This tour was 13 hours long. You must be thinking these tours are too long. But not only were they not too long, I wished they were longer. The time simply soared by.

We miraculously saw all of the highlights of Florence in one day including: Michelangelo's masterpiece the David, The Duomo, The famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge, the lively New Market where the city’s famous leather goods are sold, the grain-market that became a church and Florence’s main square Piazza della Repubblica.

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We even had the time to stop off at il Porcellino to rub the little pig’s nose for good luck. Simply an amazing storybook day filled with ancient splendor without a minute wasted.

We all had the opportunity to enjoy a very lovely and delectable lunch giving us all the chance to experience the out-of-this-world-flavors of Firenze. Beyond yummy!                                   


We also, had some free time to wander the city and shops before it was time to leave.

This perfect tour concluded with the spectacular awe inspiring panoramic views overlooking the city of Florence and the Arno Valley at the, Piazzale Michelangelo.

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On the ride back to Roma, I enjoyed every second of watching the Italian countryside fly past before my excited eyes. By the end of the day, I was indeed tired but completely satisfied in the knowledge that I had seen the best of Florence In one day.

My tour guide Giovanna, was a bevy of information including tales and stories of Italy. Down to the colors of the pizza that match the flag and the fact that the margarita pizza was named after Queen Margarita. 

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Another plus in participating in the Dark Rome Tours is there is no hassle of working out the train or bus schedules and finding a hotel. It is all provided in these fabulous day tours.

The beauty in all of Italy is truly remarkable and cannot be described in words but should rather be experienced first hand... The best way possible to do this is with the Dark Rome Tours. It doesn’t get any better!

I would like to thank Jared Zech for his help, assistance and for making this article possible.

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