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For Great Dining Fun in Las Vegas, Choose Benihana

Chef Kevin - Photos by Robin Roth

by Robin Roth

Before or after any of the great shows at the Las Vegas Hilton, stop in for a fantastic dinner and entertaining fun at the famous Benihana!

Benihana was originally a coffee shop that opened in Tokyo in 1948 by the Aoki family. Fifteen years later, Rocky Aoki opened the famous Manhattan Benihana. Now you can enjoy this wonderful dining concept at the Hilton.

There is a reason this restaurant has had such great success… Not only can you watch your food being prepared perfectly and in front of you, but it is really so much fun as well. The chefs all love their job and it shows. They interact with all of the people at their table and are charming and personable. My chef was Kevin and he was a hoot! While making your dinner, he throws in some corny, but funny, jokes with his performance!

Benihana offers many choices on their menu and, believe me, it is difficult to make that choice! There are several side orders that you can start with such as the delicious Shrimp Tempura, Calamari Tempura, and the many fantastic rolls. Be careful though, when you pick your entrée; there is a lot of extra food that goes along with it. You will be getting the tasty onion soup, the oh so delish Benihana Salad (I just love the ginger dressing), a shrimp appetizer, Hibachi vegetables (onions and zucchini) homemade dipping sauces, steamed rice and Japanese hot green tea.

Let me give you some of my recommendations! To begin with, if you love fried rice you MUST order the Hibachi Chicken Rice, YUM!!! For your entrée, The Deluxe Treat (Filet Mignon and Cold Water Lobster) is out of this world fantastic! Go for it! The Las Vegas Delight (Hibachi chicken and King Salmon) is also uniquely wonderful. The Hibachi Chateaubriand, Benihana Marina and the Seafood Combination are also superb choices that are all succulent and served to perfection!

To enhance your meal, don’t forget to try the hot Sake or one (or more for added fun!) of Benihana’s unique and famous specialty drinks. You can even have one served in a souvenir mug to take home. Go and have a blast! Bring your friends, family, or even your business associates. Everything works at Benihana!

I say, “A BIG BRAVO”, to the Las Vegas Hilton for a perfect Las Vegas evening of fun, dining and entertainment!

1.Chef Kevin
Photos by Robin Roth

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