Wish I Was Here
Author(s): Blonde and Brunette
Editor: Mary Anne Colt
Published: August 10, 2014

The Film, ‘'Wish I Was Here' was brought to the screen by actor, Director and Screenwriter, Zach Braff (Garden State, 2004). Braff portrays Aidan Bloom, in this heartfelt dramatic comedy. Bloom is a struggling actor who needs to grow up and find himself.

He has responsibilities to his family, including wife Sarah played by Kate Hudson (Something Borrowed, 2011); Joey King (The Conjuring, 2013) as daughter Grace; and Pierce Gagnon (Voice of Tiago, Rio, 2014). When Aidan's father, Saul, portrayed by Mandy Patinkin (The Wind Rises, 2013), becomes critically ill, their world immediately changes drastically turning their lives into a tailspin. No longer receiving support for private school, and not comfortable with public school, Aiden chooses to home school his children. The film also stars, Josh Gad (Jobs, 2013) as Aiden's reclusive brother, Noah, who has issues of his own identity to deal with. The movie first premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and received a limited release by Focus Features on July 18th.

THE BLONDE: This was a heartwarming, tender, charming, yet insightful, sweet, film that dives into the dynamics of a complicated, modern family. The story was truly lovely. I enjoyed every minute. The characters were ALL so well defined that I found myself rooting for each one of them as they confronted their own individual problems and situations.

THE BLONDE: To embellish, I simply adored the very affectionate, warm and fuzzy scene with Grace, the little girl, wearing her pink wig while lying by her grandfather's side as he sported goggles that she placed on him. (She said it would shield his eyes from the bright white light). I also, loved the scene where Kate, playing Sarah, has a heart to heart talk with the grandfather concerning his two sons. The director, Braff really knows how to direct an intimate and loving scene as well as the entire film as a whole. Huge Kudos to him!

THE BRUNETTE: I think the beautiful rapport that the father, Aiden, had with his two young children, was extremely touching. The connection grew as he began to understood and recognize more on his own, about life and what is truly important.

THE BLONDE: The artistic way the director accomplished what the Brunette said previously, was artistically magnificent, especially the way he used the creative flashbacks. What made the story believable for me was the complicated relationship between the grandfather and his sons, his grandchildren, and his daughter in law. Stunning to watch all the emotions and feelings unfold. This film choked me up several times.

THE BRUNETTE: Hold on, hold on... let me get you 2 very soft, silk embroidered from Italy hankies Blondie. Lord knows, we would never want you to mess up your Dior makeup.

THE BLONDE: To correct you again Brunettey, I don't wear Dior; that was Channel dripping down my face. AND FURTHERMORE...Stop, WITH THE SARCASIM, I saw you crying during this film as well.

THE BRUNETTE: ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, YA CAUGHT ME. Give me back one of those hankies...

THE BLONDE: No, get your own! You hurt my feelings!

THE BRUNETTE: OH... BOO HOO HOO! I mean, sorry, dear Blonde partner. Oh, and you missed a spot by your nose...
THE BLONDE: You're forgiven... Now, don't even get me started on Goldie Hawn's daughter Kate Hudson. What a body and face that girl has. Now I bet SHE wears Dior. She is physically flawless. She seems to be getting all the type of roles that young Meg Ryan got in the past. She simply lights up the screen... Her eyes seem to smile. But I must say beauty aside, I believe her to already be an accomplished, legendary actress, even at such a young age. She can play any role and not only make it her own, but believable. Zach Braff, who also wrote and directed this film, gave a stellar portrayal of Aiden. I was actually mesmerized by his performance and technique. Ya know, I bet, if we dig deeper, this is probably a personal story about his own family. That said, however, I thought all of the actors in this film delivered amazing performances as well.

THE BRUNETTE: I bet your right about this being Braff's own life story. Continuing on, let's not forget about Noah, who plays one of the sons, Josh Gad. He is quite a skillful actor in his own right. He is not only well known on the big screen, but he is a successful Broadway actor.

THE BLONDE: I have to say all of the drama that went down with these characters, almost made me feel better about my own life...

THE BRUNETTE: Are you kidding???? This was like watching the Brady Bunch compared to the drama in your life. Ohhhhhhhhhh, sorry, are you in therapy now?????

THE BLONDE: OUCH, No! Why would ‘I' ever need therapy?????

THE BRUNETTE: Oh, I don't know, perhaps believing that you will wind up with Clooney, Pitt, Cruise, or DiCaprio kind of makes me go there... ... ... ... ... ...

THE BLONDE: Seriously, that could happen!!!!!!!!!!!

THE BRUNETTE: I refuse to respond...

THE BLONDE: Uggggg...

THE BRUNETTE: FYI, Director Zach, was actually criticized for his technique of funding this film. His brother Adam co-wrote the screenplay with him. When they were searching for funding for the film, there was no traditional support. As a last resort to get this film made, he turned to his fan base on line. To his great surprise, it worked and after just 2 days had the money to make this project of love.

THE BLONDE: YOU GO ZACH! See, dreams DO, come true Brunette, and I will wind up one day with Clooney!!!!

THE BRUNETTE: Ok, Ok you go with that girl!

THE BLONDE: I want to bring up a very important topic that was in the film. I am referring to Sexual harassment which is very common in today's work force. Thank goodness it is finally against the law. I thought it was very well done the way the story brought this topic to the forefront. I even like the way Sarah's boss at first, made light of it and almost put it on her and by the end of the film, she had her revenge. Bravo....

THE BRUNETTE: I felt bad for Sarah because she had to endure this harassment far longer then she should have due to the fact that she was the bread winner of the family and could not quit her unfulfilling job at this time.

THE BLONDE: I think that there are thousands of women in the exact same position. So glad it was finally brought up in a movie.

THE BRUNETTE: As quoted in logo, "Life is an occasion. Rise to it!" Ain't that the truth! Make sure to catch this movie, it will leave you wanting more joy in your own life. I rate it a C+.

THE BLONDE: ‘Wish I Was Here", is an all around feel good movie with a few tears along the way. It is a lovely film, but I think too intense for young children. It's great for a date night or a girl's night out flick. I rate it a B-.