This Is It....The Michael Jackson Movie
Author(s): Robin Roth
Photos: Robin Roth
Editor: Mark Lewis
Published: October 29, 2009


Michael Jackson’s "THIS IS IT"…

Movie Review

By: The Blonde and the Brunette


Don’t miss this chance to see what Superstar Michael Jackson’s 50-concert run performance in London at the O2 arena was all about. This masterful 3-D video was originally designed to be used on stage with the "THIS IS IT" tour, and was filmed at the final rehearsals at the Staple Center in Los Angeles from June 1 to June 9, 2009.

The multimedia film includes Kenny Ortega who directed the Concert in collaboration with Jackson. It also features interviews with the Musicians and Dancers who share their insight from their auditions to the production and the experience of working with Michael Jackson as a person and a performer.

Most of all, the movie brings to light the wonderful memory of Michael Jackson who’s musical genius touched us all. His peaceful personality and passion for his extraordinary music and dance are expressed in a captivating story of how the concert would be presented.

Among the music performed, is a reminder of the Jackson 5 gold records; and then the reunion with Michael’s brothers, who sing the backup vocals in his new song "THIS IS IT".

A musical collage of past hits and new songs, this movie show us that Michael’s classic music will not only live forever in our memory but in every form music is found. His vision for peace and tranquility in the world comes out in the form of his music and dance.


The Blonde: I was so blown away by this film that I can’t even talk about it…


The Brunette: Well, I can and I felt absolutely and without a doubt…


The Blonde: I mean Michael's oneness with his dance and music is nothing short of miraculous. He is his music and dance. His talents are so unreal that it is hard to believe that he is human. It is stunning how everyone in the theater sat spellbound and mesmerized just watching his every move. It’s a treasure for us to see his genius first hand and to witness his brilliance. The world finally gets a glimpse into the true essence of MJ… I mean, before I saw this phenomenal film, I was actually angry that they made it. I felt that Michael was such a perfectionist that he would have been upset that a film was made of rehearsals and not the real show because he cares that much… I was more than wrong.


The Brunette: Well the way I see it…


The Blonde: And, I am so sick and tired of people putting him down and accusing him of all the things that they have. He is probably the most misunderstood star ever. He is as innocent and as naïve as a child. I am so happy this film was made. It is a gift for all of us. He was all about love, caring for the world, and giving back!


The Brunette: What I am trying to say is…


The Blonde: Michael stayed away from the limelight for years because he knew he had to top ‘Thriller’. He was not coming back out until he could be sure of another triumph for his beloved fans. This film was “over the top” amazing.  It was, without a doubt, better than ‘Thriller’. This stage show would have gone down in history as the greatest show and performance of all time. He sang all his hits to make his fans happy. As far as his new songs go, everyone will love them from the very first time they hear them…This film will win an Oscar for best documentary without a doubt. You heard it here first!


The Brunette: SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!! 



The Blonde: MMMMM, forget your Prozac today?


The Brunette: As I was saying (and look who’s talking), I felt absolutely and under no uncertain terms, that my favorite part of the film was the multi media presentation of the old black and white movie where Michael sings to Rita Hayworth under the scrutiny of Humphrey Bogart.  He sings his way into our hearts with his whimsical display of past talent joined with the new. I could have watched "THIS IS IT" for hours.


The Blonde: I mean Michael is…


The Brunette: No, you don’t. Not yet!  This would have been a major comeback for Michael Jackson to overcome the public’s obsession with his private life and recognize him for his brilliance as a musical superstar…


The Blonde: The way this legend…


The Brunette: Not yet…  This movie was made from 100 hours of video that was condensed into 2 hours of sheer enjoyment. The choreography was so perfect that I actually wanted to get up and dance along with the music.


The Blonde: Now?


The Brunette: Be my guest…


The Blonde: Well LA DE DA, LA DE DA!  If you are anything like me, this film will upset you. The fact that Michael was taken so young and the way he was taken, makes this film disturbing. This film shows that he was healthier than ever (which quiets the credits saying could he do 50 shows), he sang better than ever even in rehearsals and danced better than ever as well. It is so sad that he had to leave this earth so soon for he had sooo much to give the world. The music that we will be robbed of by not having him live on is truly a travesty.


The Brunette: The importance of this concert will turn into one of the greatest musical events of the year.


The Blonde: Of the year? Of the year, are you kidding? This documentary will be studied in music school for decades to come.


The Brunette: Ya just had to interrupt me again... Didn't you?


The Blonde: Never mind, my bad. MEOW... MEOW...


The Brunette: I don't think this film was intended to be anything more than a true memorial to a very talented mega-star. However, the success of the documentary will lead to commercialization at its best. The DVD, posters, and product marketing will soon follow. I hate to admit it, but I think I might be first in line.


The Blonde: No you won't! I will be in line first with a Starbucks in hand!!! Anyone who was not a fan of MJ, before this film, will no doubt be one as they leave the theater. You will also gain insight into the heart and soul of this amazing legend.  I give major KUDOS, to everyone who had their hand in this documentary. It was filmmaking, combined with song and dance at it finest.


The Brunette: Ditto!


The Blonde: What an icon, what a genius, what a pro, what a master, what a gift he was to the world. Now all who see this film will feel the same way.

I recommend “THIS IS IT”, to everyone of every age. It is entertaining and exhilarating. I rate this documentary film an A+++++++++.

Michael, thank you for your music and dance. You will live on for all eternity. You are loved!


The Brunette: Ditto!




The Brunette: No, I was just afraid you would interrupt again and I do feel the same way as everyone who sees the film will. I rate “This Is It” an A+ for every aspect including total enjoyment.




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P.S. and FYI: THERE WAS A HUGE RED CARPET EVENT for the opening of "This Is It", at the Brenden Theater at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. Michael's dad, Joe, was honored with a family star. Don King along with Chuck Liddell, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and others were in attendance.

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