The Iron Lady film Review
Author(s): Blonde and Brunette
Editor: Melissa Martinez
Published: January 19, 2012

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The long awaited movie, "Thatcher", was just released as, "The Iron Lady" in the United States. The film is a personal story on Margaret
Thatcher, who was the only female Prime Minister of The United Kingdom. At a time when women were not allowed in Parliament, Margaret Thatcher, played by Meryl Streep (Julie and Julia, 2009) broke all boundaries and became one of the most powerful leaders in the UK. Though a very controversial and notorious woman, Thatcher served over 10 years before resigning over a tax initiative. Supported by her husband, Denis Thatcher, played by accomplished British Actor Jim Broadbent (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 (2011). Thatcher’s life story will no doubt surprise you. The story is told from present day as well as the past through creative flashbacks into her extraordinary life. The film is brilliantly directed, by Phyllida Lloyd, the muti-award winning British Director who also, directed Streep in "Mama Mia the musical”, in 2006. The film reflects back on the prime ministers early entry into politics, though her careers major accomplishments, including the ending of the Cold War with United States President Ronald Regan.

THE BLONDE: Well, for starters, the enormously versatile Meryl Streep is without a doubt, stunning in this film. If ever an actress in a role deserved the Oscar, this brilliant actress in this role, is a given. Oscar was invented to reward a performance such as Ms. Streep accomplished here. She is truly a masterful actor on every level. She seems to bring in “best actress performances” to every role she plays. Her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher is extraordinary and miraculous through all the colors of this role. She was the strong, young, tough, demanding Thatcher and the sensitive, forgetful, emotional, dementia suffering Thatcher. Absolutely remarkable!

THE BRUNETTE: She certainly was a woman with a lot of chutzpah!

THE BLONDE:  What the hell does that mean? She didn’t spit once in the entire portrayal of Margaret…

THE BRUNETTE: Chutzpah has nothing to do with spit you crazy blonde! It means she was brazen and had a lot of gall!

THE BLONDE: Never mind, continue on…

THE BRUNETTE:  Seeing Meryl play Margaret Thatcher is reason enough to run and see this great movie. She commanded this role even better than she did playing Julia Child, if you can believe that!

THE BLONDE: The entire film, as well as all the acting is astounding. However, for me, Meryl was no doubt the entire film. She was captivating, mesmerizing and you could not take your eyes off of her. The Iron Lady is one of her most unforgettable roles to date.  Meryl Streep completely disappeared into the role of Prime Minister Thatcher.

THE BRUNETTE: I don’t know why you are excluding Jim Broadbent who played Thatcher’s husband from your list of superb adjectives for Meryl. He is a brilliant British actor who is held in such high regard. Man, when you like an actor all the others fall to the wayside.

THE BLONDE: Wow, brunette you have a lot of chutzpah talking to me that way… Ha!


THE BLONDE: I AGREE WITH THE BRUNETTE about Jim as well as all the actors in this film. But Meryl’s performance, I mean come on. She even looked like Margaret as well. She must have studied the Prime Minister thoroughly forever to get all her expressions, mannerisms, movements and speech so accurately. I don’t know any other actress who could have pulled all of this off.

THE BRUNETTE: Well, you do have a point there. It is so DISTURBING to agree, that I agree, with the Blonde on this. Moving on, watching the film it struck me how uncanny it was to see all the parallels between America’s current problems and the United Kingdom’s of that time. Between the struggling economy, housing problems, taxes, high unemployment, unrest between the parties and the war; it seems as if we have all the same situations happening now in the states.

THE BLONDE: Totally true. But her very conservative way of governing did not help that situation at all, making her have to resign as the middle class people were revolting. Maybe we should heed their example. Now to speak about something really important and disturbing other than politics, the popcorn machine in the theatre was broken. So, I could not have popcorn watching this film. That is not possible for me to do. I desperately wanted to walk out! I would have, except this movie was so compelling I stayed in spite of it all. NO actress could keep me in my seat for over 2 hours without popcorn other than Meryl, not even Jim Broadbent!!!! So there Brunette with all your chutzpah!!!!

THE BRUNETTE: YOU ARE SUCH A BLONDE FITCH. Cool it with the chutzpah already. Ya know, come to think of it, when you get dressed up fancy, your hair looks just like the blonde wigs the men wore in Parliament!

THE BLONDE: OK, them there are fighting words brunette!  WOW, you sound as bullying as Thatcher. 


THE BLONDE: Oh please!  This does bring up a point. Why is it, that when a woman is so very hard and tough she is a bitch and a bully? However, when a man is hard and tough they are considered strong, effective and brilliant!  What a bunch of crock not to mention a double standard

THE BRUNETTE: So right blonde. Damn I have to agree with you twice in one review. I must be slipping. But, speaking of double, did you see the double strand of pearls she got from her hubby as a gift for having twins?

THE BLONDE: Yeah, but they were nothing compared to the jewels I saw at the royal wedding that Kate wore when she married William. The after party jewels were even grander!

THE BRUNETTE: Oh please, are we going there again, to fantasy Island?

THE BLONDE:  You are so jealous!!!  I will be the bigger one and move on! The Iron Lady stirred up much controversy. The Thatcher family as well as the British community was disturbed about the portrayal of Ms. Thatcher; especially, because of the fact that she is still alive. They refused to be interviewed and would not attend the screening either. Ya know, Brunette, I found it hard to believe that Thatcher would have resigned at all as she was so forceful and so unbending.

THE BRUNETTE: Well, if it makes you feel any better, after resigning as Prime Minister she remained active in U.K. politics as well as politics around the world. In fact, in1992, she was appointed to the House of Lords as Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven.

THE BLONDE: You go Maggie


THE BLONDE: Did you mean to say OLE!

THE BRUNETTE: I give up!

THE BLONDE: In closing, I also want to extend major kudos to the editing and makeup teams. Not an easy task they were given in this film but, they rocked it!  I rate The Iron Lady the intimate portrait of Margaret Thatcher a B+, BUT AN A+ FOR MERYL’S VIRTUOSO GENIUS PERFORMANCE!

P.S.: I recommend going to a theater that has popcorn, it is a bucket of popcorn kind of movie.

THE BRUNETTE: I give The Iron Lady a solid B and an A+ to Meryl as well for her outstanding performance.


P.S.  look for Oscar on this one!

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