Movie Review of The Help
Author(s): Blonde and Brunette
Editor: Mark Lewis
Published: August 10, 2011


                    BY: THE BLONDE AND THE BRUNETTE

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This extraordinary movie about 3 courageous southern women who share a project to secretly write the emotional, heart wrenching and eye-opening truth from the viewpoint of Black maids in 1962 at Jackson, Mississippi during the changing times of the civil rights movements is based on the #1 New York Times Best Seller Novel "The Help".  This 2009 Novel, written by Kathryn Stockett, was the most talked about book used by Book Clubs everywhere. Tate Taylor turned the story into a screenplay and then directed the film.  "The Help" stars Emma Stone (Crazy Stupid Love 2011) as Skeeter; Viola Davis (Doubt 2008) as Abileen; and Octavia Spencer (Seven Pounds 2007) who develop an forbidden friendship while creating their book. The characters were offset by cruel and old fashioned Southern Belles, played by Bryce Dallas Howard as Hilly, and Ahna O'Reilly as Elizabeth. Jessica Chastain played Celia from the other side of the tracks who tries through the whole movie to win the friendship of the local socialites. The all star cast includes, some of films most distinguished actresses including Cicely Tyson, Sissy Spacek, Mary Steenburgen, and Allison Janney.


A timepiece of exquisite drama that will be telling the story of changing time for years to come, go see this movie...



THE BLONDE:  I, for the first time in ten years will not be funny or humorous in this film review. It is way too important a masterpiece to trivialize it with fun comments. I can't tell you rockers, just how much I loved this brilliant, stellar film. I think The Help is one of the most socially conscience, responsible and educational films I have seen in many, many years. It is what Schindler’s List was to the Holocaust. If I were a college professor, I would tell my students that they have one week to see this film or they will be failed. There was nothing that I did not love about The Help, from the casting, to the acting, to the directing to the recreations of the day to the incredible storyline….I laughed, I cried, I shook my head in disbelief and disgust. My heart ached and rejoiced. I was repulsed by some characters and warmed by others.

THE BRUNETTE: I agree, with all my heart. The costumes, homes, cars, buses, music and styles all portrayed the 60’s perfectly.

THE BLONDE:  Well, you would know about the 60’s. I was not even born yet.

THE BRUNETTE: I thought you were going to lay off the comedy?

THE BLONDE: Sorry, my bad……

THE BRUNETTE: Moving right along… …

THE BLONDE: A huge point I need to make, is how ashamed and embarrassed I am about the way the south treated a race that’s proved to be full of wisdom, intelligence, kindness, remarkable tolerance and talents. How could we, as a country have treated people so abominably wicked? Disgraceful!!!!  Despicable!!!!!!  Appalling!!!! Dreadful!!!!

THE BRUNETTE: Wow, you must have been born and raised in the south.

THE BLONDE: Yes, I did in Florida, but, in the 80’s.

THE BRUNETTE: The 80's huh... But of course you did. Well, I grew up in Southern California and although we were kind of segregated, we lived together with a semblance of peace for the most part. I did not live through or observe this degree of horrible treatment and discrimination of people. I was not exposed to this type of prejudice first hand, so, this movie brought this experience to the forefront for me.

THE BLONDE: The casting and acting performed by every single actor in this film is without a doubt, Oscar worthy. Speaking of which, if this film does not win the Oscar for best picture, I might never watch the awards show again in protest. I don't just mean nominated, I mean win. I am truly passionate about this movie for and on so many levels. It touched every feeling in my body down to its core. There were several times during the movie I just wanted to stand up and cheer, revolt, scream out in rebellion or simply rejoice. I can't remember when I have seen such an intelligent, socially aware, enlightening, moving, emotional, thoughtful, honest, magnificently written script. This was truly the perfect movie.

THE BRUNETTE: I feel the same way. However, this was truly a perfect book as well. It was an easy and great read that I could not put down until the last page. I must interject here, that the casting was not only brilliant but dead on from the characters attitudes to their descriptions. Of course, there was a tad more storyline to the novel but did not distract from the film.




THE BLONDE: I loved the exchange and relationships between the characters in the story. The characters were so well defined by the writer that I found myself rooting for them or cursing them. Furthermore, the chemistry between the actors themselves proved to be true acting poetry. I felt all the dramas that occurred in the story, as well as the intensity of the moment, the sadness, the frustrations, the joys and revelations coming right off the screen through the actors’ extraordinary performances.

THE BRUNETTE: Wow, I am exhausted just listening to you Blonde. I think I need to stop here and grab a cup of iced coffee. However, I understand exactly how you feel. I myself went through a pack of Kleenex.

THE BLONDE: I usually don't look around the audience in a movie theatre, but, I could not help but notice all the people around me were either, laughing, mesmerized or crying. It did somehow connect to the hearts of people of all ages and races.

THE BRUNETTE: You're right. I too, found that The Help provoked feelings both conscience and sub-conscience alike. Somehow, everyone, could relate to and react to in their own personal way or experiences.

THE BLONDE: I felt the need to give this movie a standing ovation at the end. This film was so amazing right down to the very last word on screen.

THE BRUNETTE: Judging by the crowd, you were not alone based on the round of cheering applause at the conclusion.

THE BLONDE: Watching his film gave me goose bumps for the entire two hours. I cannot rave enough of how wonderful The Help was. Run, don't walk to see it. Take your children, take your parents and take your family and friends. Don't forget to go to the restroom and buy a big tub of popcorn before it starts, as you will not want to miss a second of it. For the first time in 10 years of writing reviews, I rate The Help and A+++++ … … Bravo to all who were a part of this tremendous film…. You rock Disney!!!

THE BRUNETTE: I too, give this film an A. Don't hesitate seeing the movie if you're not going to read the book. You will understand the story perfectly. However, I do suggest you read the book prior, to get the whole story.

THE BLONDE: I cannot disagree more. I think going in blind with no previous knowledge made me enjoy the film more and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time wondering what was going to come next. But, I loved the film so much that I will, without a doubt, read the book now!

By the way brunette... I really hated your outfit last night at the movie. Whatever were you thinking when you bought it?

THE BRUNETTE: Really and you should talk. By the way, I noticed that you really need to get your roots done.