Sex Tapes
Editor: Mary Anne Colt
Published: August 10, 2014


By: The Blonde and The Brunette
Director, Jake Kasdan (Bad Teacher, 2011) team up again with Jason Segal (This Is The End, 2013) and Cameron Diaz (The Other Woman, 2014) for this Comedy, Documentary, Sex Tape. Jay and Annie are now 10 years into their marriage and still very attracted to each other. But after raising two kids, they decide to spice up the love making and use The Joy of Sex book to position themselves every which way. To add a little more excitement to the game, they decide to make a video tape of the adventure in a three-hour marathon to accomplish the feat. But to their surprise, the video is accidentally sent to the cloud. Being the responsible parents they are, with the chance their reputations can be compromised, they use their hearts not their heads to retrieve the video every which way they can. Unfortunately, as they try to accomplish their mission to destroy the sex tape, the sexy duo gets more than they could handle, and have a night they'll never forget.

THE BLONDE: Not the best flick I ever seen, but nevertheless, quite entertaining and you don't have to think after a hard day's work! Not even once, LOL!

THE BRUNETTE: I think ‘IMDB', a respectable film industry website happens to agree with you as well as myself. It was voted number one of the top 30 worst films of 2014.

THE BLONDE: Well, that makes the film number one at something!!! Movie goers who love Cameron Diaz and want to see more of her will definitely get their money's worth seeing Sex Tapes. The camera loves every angle and inch of her. She is without a doubt, eye candy. I shamefully admit, I saw this movie twice, because my daughter wanted to go see it and I enjoyed it much more the second go around. However, that is not saying a lot! Brunette, don't you think I look so much like Cameron?

THE BRUNETTE: Is that a trick question? Are you seriously asking me that question, like for real? REALLY? I mean, do you mean in this life???

THE BLONDE: OUCH, yes of course, I am referring to this life! In my last life I already know I looked like Angelina Jolie.

THE BRUNETTE: UMMMM. May I answer with a resounding NOOOO! You scare me sometimes...

THE BLONDE: Double ouch. YOU'RE WRONG, Yes I do!!! Moving on, Jason lost so much weight for this film, that I hardly recognized him.

THE BRUNETTE: True...He told Jimmy Kimmel that he had to lose weight and buff up to make it believable that he could be married to someone who looked like Cameron and also to look good naked on screen.

THE BLONDE: My favorite scenes were with the dog and Jason. They were so politically incorrect, which I found refreshing for a change. I also, enjoyed the whole thing with Cameron doing lines of cocaine. Quite funny and she didn't overact which is hard not to do so with a situation like this one.

THE BRUNETTE: As for me, I appreciated the chemistry and bond between the two lead characters. It was nice to see and I do hope that people in real life have that in their own marriages.

THE BLONDE: Ya think? I thought Jason had more chemistry with the dog than Cameron...However; it would be nice to believe that marriages have that kind chemistry though. At this point in my love life, it seems like a fairytale... Clooney, Pitt, DiCaprio where are you??? Take me away... ...

THE BRUNETTE: And that is not a fairytale?????

THE BRUNETTE: Without giving anything away (not much to give away anyway), this movie does bring out how the youth of today, know so much more about technology then people over 40.

THE BLONDE: YO, YO...Speak for yourself... And who is over 40??? Ok, just a thought, Brunette. Cam is so gorgeous, rich and famous, but do you think she is really happy??? I mean, is all that the key to happiness?

THE BRUNETTE: Ummm, I would stake my life on it...

THE BLONDE: Ok, never mind...

THE BRUNETTE: The one thing I did like about this film, was that it made me feel better that I am not the only one on Planet Earth who doesn't understand the Cloud.

THE BLONDE: Really? OMG, I know everything about the cloud!!!

THE BRUNETTE: Of course you do! You live on one.

THE BLONDE: OUCH... The film makes me want to read the book that they stole all the positions from, ‘The Joy of Sex'.

THE BRUNETTE: Do you really think you could get into all of those crazy positions?

THE BLONDE: If Cameron can do it, I can do it.

THE BRUNETTE: There you go again. Anyway, FYI, do you remember that in 1988 Rob Lowe made his very own sex tape in Atlanta with 2 hairdressers that turned into a scandal of his very own. It almost ruined his career.

THE BLONDE: It should have! Judging by Lowe's performance in this film, I thought he was weak and way over the top. Not his best role.

THE BRUNETTE: Just wanted to add one more thought here. Robbie and Tess, who are BFF'S with Annie and Jay, think they understand their kid. Unfortunately, in actuality they are living in a dark lie like most of American parents.

THE BLONDE: I have to agree with you there. Parents think they know their kids! They are in such denial and think their kids never lie, or are never up to no good. They would be shocked if they only knew the truth.

THE BRUNETTE: Watch for Cameron in the remake of the movie, ‘Annie'. She plays the part of Miss Hannigan. Should be a hoot! Know this fans, she will have clothes on... I rate the film Sex Tapes a D+.

THE BLONDE: I think you are being very nice. I rate it a D and only because Cameron looks good without clothes on. Get lots of snacks before the film ladies, because after watching Cam ... you will want to go on a diet. See ya at the movies!