Paul: A Film Review
Author(s): The Blonde And The Brunette
Editor: Mark Lewis
Published: March 17, 2011







What happens when two British UFO geek's, Graeme Willy (Simon Pegg, known for "Shaun of the Dead" 2004) and Clive Gollings (Nick Frost, known for "Shaun of the Dead" 2004), are traveling the United States in a rented RV to visit four UFO locations in the West?  Their dreams come true when they meet up with an alien named Paul (voice of Seth Rogan, known for "Knocked up" 2007), who has just escaped from a top secret military base that he has been hanging out at for the last 60 years.  Life gets more complicated while being chased by Federal Agents, led by Special Agent Lorenzo Zoil (Jason Bateman, "Juno" 2007), as they meet Campsite caretaker Ruth Buggs (Kristen Wiig, known for "How to Train Your Dragon" 2010) who is accidentally kidnapped and becomes Simon's romantic interest. Her fanatical father joins the pursuit to save his daughter.  All along, Graeme and Clive scheme to help Paul find his mothership, not realizing that Paul is helping his fellow outcasts from geek's to heroes. 


Fact of the film Paul : "We came up with the idea for 'Paul' on the set of 'Shaun of the Dead.' It was a way of making a movie somewhere the weather wasn't British," Pegg said in a interview. "It was kind of a joke but it struck a chord. We thought we might have something here."


THE BLONDE: A(lien)-DORABLE! Talk about going to a film just to have fun and escape reality! Paul is like E. T., meets Close Encounters Of the Third Kind, meets an alien Blazing Saddles, meets Men in Black, meets Galaxy Quest, meets Steven  Spielberg. This film is funny,witty, intelligent, deliciously sarcastic, clever, original and oh, did I say funny! I had so much fun that I didn't want it to end.


THE BRUNETTE: Paul was totally entertaining, I walked out feeling happy. What a feel good movie this one is!


THE BLONDE: I thought this was one of Seth Rogan's best performance to date! I love him, he is completely versatile. He was wonderfully alien. Simon and Nick were brilliant as well, making a non believable story appear somewhat believable. The casting was dead on! Each and every one of the characters were well defined.


THE BRUNETTE: I agree with you about Seth. His voice made Paul come to life and encouraged the audience to actually root for him. Furthermore, I found it most clever using Sigourney Weaver in the role of the "Big Guy", as she became a star from the film Alien and most recently Avatar...


THE BLONDE: And let us not forget the film, Alien Busters!




THE BLONDE: ???? Are you sure? Whatever!!!

Man, I want an alien!  I want my very, own, little, green, alien! At least one like Paul.


THE BRUNETTE: YEAH, I WANT ONE TOO! Should we go down to area 51 overnight and wait? If that doesn't pan out....We can then go to Roswell, New Mexico...



THE BLONDE: You have a better chance of getting an alien of your very own in Tucson, bordering Mexico...




THE BLONDE: Never mind... Anyway Jason Bateman as Agent Lorenzo Zoil, Glee's" Jane Lynch and "Saturday Night Live's" Bill Hader's performances truly enhanced the film as well. You really don't know until the end, who was the good guy and who was the bad. I bet they had a blast making this movie.


THE BRUNETTE: I bet! FYI, this film was the number one box office hit in the United Kingdom its opening week. In addition, this adventure, comedy, Sci-Fi film was written by the films two stars, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.


THE BLONDE: I believe Paul will put them both higher on the Hollywood food chain. This would be a cool video game by the way. Hey, Brunette, Do you think Prince William and Kate went to see the film opening week in London? By the way, did you get your invitation to The wedding Yet? It is such a beautiful invite!


THE BRUNETTE: What! You were invited to the royal wedding of the century? Are you serious?


THE BLONDE: You weren't?


THE BRUNETTE: Ah like NOO! Can you bring ME???






THE BLONDE: I am a lady and will ignore your comment!


THE BRUNETTE: Moving right along,I thought it was really cool how Spielberg did a voice cameo in the film.... ... FITCH


THE BLONDE: Ignore, ignore!

Spielberg is such a good sport. Yo, if I can't have an alien, can I just have Steven instead?


THE BRUNETTE: Yeah right, you'll have to fight me for Stevie!

Wait a second here,you want Spielberg and the royal wedding? That's not gonna happen.


THE BLONDE: This sci-fi spoof was outrageously funny and very sweet! A must see, get away from it all, enjoyable evening out. I recommend a bucket of popcorn, a MilkyWay Bar, a Mars Bar, and some Tang to wash it down. I rate Paul, a solid B- but, an A- for a comedy... I hope they make a sequel!


THE BRUNETTE: I rate Paul a solid B with an A for its big heart... Warning, bad language and some drug scenes, so think about bringing your kids. You were really invited to the wedding??????


THE BLONDE: Ignore, ignore!