Man Of Steel
Author(s): Blonde and Brunette
Editor: Aaron Hulse
Published: June 27, 2013

Man of Steel"

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Hold onto your hats, DC fans. Warner Bros Pictures released "Man of Steel" in 2D, RealD 3D and even Imax 3D. Directed by Zack Snyder (Sucker Punch, 2011), this action/adventure, adaptation, sci-fi/fantasy will keep you memorized with suspense. David Goyer (Dark Knight Rises, 2012) wrote the screenplay with a few tweaks to update the original of Superman. The all star cast include: Henry Cavill (Whatever Works, 2009) as Clark Kent/Kal-El who is looking for the answer to his existence and his purpose on earth. His biological parents, Russell Crowe (Les Miserable, 2012) as Jor-el, and Ayelet Zurer (Angels & Demons, 2009) as Lara-El, hope to save little Kal-El by sending him off to Earth while their planet explodes. Kevin Costner (Jack Ryan, 2013) and Diane Lane (Secretariat, 2010) are the parents who raise him in Smallville. Academy Award Nominee, Amy Adams (Trouble with the Curve, 2012) stars as Lois Lane, Reporter at the Daily Planet. Lastly there is Laurence Fishburne (Contagion, 2011) who is the powerful editor, Perry White. Michael Shannon (Take Shelter, 2011) stars as the devious and destructive General Zod who9, along with his wife, reek havoc among the innocent, with only one person to save the day, Superman. 

The Blonde: SUPERMAN TO THE RESCUE… DANT DANT DANT!!! I know this film made bazillions of dollars, but, I am still not sure that I loved it! I loved Henry Cavill, because he is totally eye candy and more gorgeous than should be legal. However, the film left me with my purist Superman feelings to rethink this film for a long while after. Yes, of course the special effects were remarkable. However, there were times for me that it seemed the effects were way too overkill. They took the super hero out of Superman for me! I also, missed any sentimental feelings that the original with Christopher Reeves displayed. It just seemed like the special effects was the entire goal here and not SUPERMAN BEING A SUPER HERO! I

The Brunette: I couldn’t agree more with the Blonde and I hate agreeing with her as you all well know. Yes, the film was a total smash box office hit, raking in $210,078,160 the opening week alone, But I ask you fans, is that all that matters when dealing with such a legendary superhero story? After I say that, the special effects of his x-ray vision and flying abilities were kind of cool!

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The Blonde: Totally cool! Well the box office results do matter to the writers and producers indeed! They go for the buck more than the story sometimes…Now after I say all that, it will keep you on the edge of your seat and do go to the restroom before it starts.

The Brunette: LOL, the blonde says that because she went to the bathroom 2 times during the film, not to mention disturbing the entire row!! Most likely, she missed more overkill special effects!

The Blonde: Wow you are nasty aren’t you Brunetteyyy… I also, didn’t like that this film was more of an alien film and not a superhero film. They referred too much to the ALIEN theme instead!

The Brunette: I thought that was pretty interesting that the screen writer went that route. Even Superman’s clothing didn’t have the notorious ‘S’, but rather the symbol from his planet on his chest.


The Blonde: Well honey, I would accept anything on HIS CHEST including whipped cream!!!! Well, it could happen… Ya never know!

The Brunette: There you go again Blondie, believing in fairytales. You actually believe that YOU could have a chance with him!!!

The Blonde: I believe that dreams come true. Haven’t you ever been to Disney Land?

The Brunette: UMMM, I think that would be more like FA LA LA LAND!

The Blonde: OUCH!!!  Moving right along, I really didn’t believe Amy Adams, as Lois Lane. Sorry, but I didn’t. I love her but I didn’t think she looked the part of Lois. I don’t even think she and Superman had any chemistry whatsoever. Furthermore, I am sorry to be shallow, but I hated seeing Diane Lane looks so crummy. I know that was the role she was playing, but it kind of upset me too much to see it!


The Brunette: Are you insane, just look at this photo! You’re just jealous. The chemistry was dripping off the screen!


About Diane Lane, I feel even on her worst day she still doesn’t look like a mid-western farmer’s wife. Kevin Costner, as her husband and Diane, as far as I am concerned made a cute believable couple portraying the Kent’s.

The Blonde: I am not a huge fan of Russell Crowe, but I believed him in this role and felt he was perfectly cast for the film.

The Brunette: Michael Shannon who plays the bad guy, General Zod, was also, ideal for his role. I hope he doesn’t get typed cast as he usually plays the villain. I must admit, I had nightmares seeing him in that role.


The Blonde: Well, I had fantasies and heavenly dreams from both Henry and Michael.

The Brunette: That’s the only reality you will have with either of them… IN YOUR DREAMS!

The Blonde: YA NEVER KNOW! By the way, I thought the ending to the film was a joke. I mean seriously, Clark shows up looking exactly like the Superman guy she hung out with the entire film and she didn’t recognize him. I mean, he didn’t even look Clark Kent nerdy. That was a huge error for me fans. I think that alone was preposterous.  Furthermore, yes it was the same storyline as in the original but, The Planet Krypton that Superman is from explodes and all the good people are blown to pieces, but they send the bad guys off to a black hole to live for eternity. Not too smart sports fans!

The Brunette: Not to mention, I found it impossible to believe that after destroying and flattening the city of Metropolis with all the explosive super power wars, they were able to get to work the next day at the Daily Planet as if nothing happened and a magic want rebuilt the entire city. Another error for me!

The Blonde: Can I have that magic wand to put a spell on SUPERMAN Henry for a whipped cream evening with me?

The Brunette: You are hopeless, and if anyone gets that wand first, it will be ME!

The Blonde: For watching the film Man of Steel, I suggest a bucket of popcorn, a power drink; a Mars Bar and Orbitz Gum to last you through the ride. I rate the film an A+ for effects and action, an A+ for hiring Henry Cavel but an overall C+ for the Film.

The Brunette: I have to agree with all of The Blondes scores as much as that kills me. Don’t let that effect you though as it really is a fun film and the sequel is already on its way called Justice League.

The Blonde and The Brunette: SEE YOU AT THE MOVIES!!!


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