Author(s): Blonde and Brunette
Editor: Mark Lewis
Published: June 10, 2014



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By: The Blonde and The Brunette


Do not miss MALEFICENT, a truly magical story, written by the brilliant Screenwriter Linda Woolverton (Alice in Wonderland, 2010) of how she become the hated villain from the 1959 Disney classic Sleeping Beauty, directed by Robert Stromberg (Alice in Wonderland, 2011). This story focuses on the good fairy Maleficent portrayed with an academy award performance by Angelina Jolie (The Tourist, 2010) who is betrayed by supposed friend, Stefan, the future King, played by Sharito Copley (Europa Report, 2013) which turns her cold with revenge. The angry Maleficent places a curse on Stefan's first born, Princess Aurora, Elle Fanning (Super 8, 2011) that on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spindle and sleep until a kiss from her true love awakens her.  For her protection, Aurora is sent to live in the country with three fairies played by Imelda Stauton (Vera Drake, 2004) as Knotgrass; Juno Temple (Lovelace, 2013) as Thistlewit; and Leslie Manville (Romeo and Juliet, 2013) as Flittle. Sam Riley (Brighton Rock, 2011) plays the role of Diaval, who is Maleficent's confidant and Raven shape changer. The rest of this imaginary storyline will keep you spellbound and amazed. This adventure movie is rated PG and runs a quick 97 minutes.

THE BLONDE: I loved, loved, and loved this film. What a beautiful story in every way! Did I already say that I loved this film? This classic and epic, masterpiece in my opinion is one of the best classic children’s stories that Disney has done for at least 20 years. This is an old world fairy tale told in an up-to-date fashion. It will appeal to all ages.

THE BRUNETTE: I really enjoyed this version of the story as much as the Blonde. To think that this story was originally created in 1697, in a book written by, Charles Perrault, “The beauty of the sleeping forest”.

THE BLONDE: As always, Angelina is mesmerizing and the camera loves her! She is not only stunning, but a brilliant actress. She was spectacularly striking with the blood-red lipstick, midnight-black gown and penetrating cheeks as was her Sleeping Beauty antecedent, Jolie's commanding presence and award worthy performance is magnificent. Even with the obvious and timeless appeal of the classic Sleeping Beauty, Jolie captivates the moviegoer and makes it her own. She makes this character come to life with truth, strength and even colors of humor. She creates a Maleficent that is real and believable. I loved the storyline. It was very much in the tone of the Broadway show Wicked. The script was revolutionary, the way it told the tale of how the mean, evil, hard-hearted and wicked Maleficent became that way. But, is she really mean and wicked?


THE BRUNETTE: So true Blondie. Did you know that Joe Roth, who produced this movie, ran the Disney Studios? To quote him, “Every Disney film has to have great entertainment value, offer something fresh, and has something that you can take away”. As I see it, this film gave the audience that and more in every way!

THE BLONDE: As for me, Maleficent was not wrong. She was reacting to what was done to her! I was on team Angelina-Maleficent throughout the whole movie. It was wonderful to watch all the twists, turns and surprises. However, I knew that it was all going to end the way it did!

THE BRUNETTE: Oh, now aren’t you the brilliant one!!!!

THE BLONDE: OUCH! I whole heartedly commend the director for keeping the acting as real as can be while directing a fairy tale. The acting by all was pro-nominal!

THE BRUNETTE: Pro-Nominal??? Is that in Webster’s, or just Blondise?

THE BLONDE: OUCH AGAIN! Yes, it is Blondese! It means professionals who are phenomenal! You wanna make something of it???


THE BRUNETTE: You are no Maleficent!!!!! So you best back down!

THE BLONDE: The state-of-the-art 3-D special effects were bewitching and spectacular. May I extend a big Bravo to the team creating this task!

THE BRUNETTE: For every aspect of film-making, the expertise and magic in my opinion, was created by a tremendous team of movie professionals. They include, costumes by Anna Sheppard, the prosthetic makeup (by 7 time Academy Award Winner) Rick Baker, and the production design overseen by the director Robert Stromberg. Who by the way won Academy Awards for his production design on Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.

THE BLONDE: No matter, how great the other stars of this film are, and they are, make no mistake about it, this is Angelina’s film. She was breathtaking and bedazzling. I love this woman. Not only is she a great actress, but an amazing mom, humanitarian, and a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations. You rock Angie!!!!

THE BRUNETTE: Yes Blondie, Angelina did make this movie powerful. I also, agree, with you that the rest of the cast was brilliant in their own right.


THE BLONDE: I love how this script, shows and Angie portrays, a wonderfully sharp feminist edge. This is needed in films today! I must add that despite Jolie’s winning many well deserved awards for her earlier performances, she in my opinion has never received the critical acclaim she no doubt deserves as both a phenomenal actress and an old-fashioned glamorous movie star!

THE BRUNETTE: That’s because screenwriter Linda Woolverton, is a luminous storyteller. She wrote the screenplay for Alice in Wonderland in 2010. Every line in this script flowed in and out like an ebb tide.

THE BLONDE: Wow, ebb tide? And aren’t you the bevy of information about this film. Good for you, GOOD FOR YOU!

THE BRUNETTE: Do I detect a touch of sarcasm from you dear! In the words of Maleficent, “WELL, WELL!

THE BLONDE: More than a touch dear Brunette! I do feel though, that Angie gets the credit in addition to the great script.To quote Maleficent again: I had wings once, and they were strong. They could carry me above the clouds and into the headwinds, and they never faltered. Not even once”. Well, hell, I want wings!!!!

THE BRUNETTE: Oh you poor naïve girl, you already have them. You have been floating above the clouds for years!

THE BLONDE: OUCH, YET AGAIN!!! But thanks, I didn’t know that you even noticed!

THE BRUNETTE: To quote Maleficent one last time, “Oh come on, that was funny!”

THE BLONDE: I will give you that one! That was the funniest line in the movie by the way. So, did you see that Brad was attacked at the films LA opening by that crazy celebrity attacker; I won’t give him the credit by stating his name? Brad even managed to get in a few punches for this idiot! He is ruining it for the fans! If this keeps happening, the stars won’t talk and sign autographs for the fans at premiers anymore. That’s so wrong!

THE BRUNETTE: Did you notice the little 5 year old Aurora, when she grabbed and hugged Maleficent in the movie. That was Angelina’s real life daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt making her screen debut.

THE BLONDE: Of course I noticed, Angie has been telling me about it for months.

THE BRUNETTE: AHA… Still floating above the clouds, are we?

THE BLONDE: You are so jealous! OK, so Brunette, do you agree that the Moral of his story is, don't trust any man ever? Sorry my bad, I am dating another loser guy! Move on please!

THE BRUNETTE: I most definitely will! So, what about those creatures of the forest? I feel an Oscar nomination here folks for film Animation! Not to mention, many other awards as well.


THE BLONDE: I for one do hope Jolie is nominated! This is an absolutely delightfully delicious movie! This is a dark and imaginative yet engaging tale, set in a storybook world reality. Jolie’s mesmerizing performance and divine stillness makes us so engaged with Maleficent’s every word and gesture. I loved every second of it and I didn't want to end. I will no doubt see it many more times. Run to see this stellar film…It is appropriate for all ages. I rate this legendary piece of art an A.

THE BRUNETTE: I agree! What I thought was going to be a dark depressing movie, turned into a magnificent story of good versus evil. I truly enjoyed every minute and every part of this production. I highly recommend that you take the whole family to see it, not once but twice. I rate Maleficent an A+…

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