Author(s): Blonde and Brunette
Editor: Mary Anne Colt
Published: August 7, 2014


LUCY is a French action film that takes place in the year 2069. It was directed, written and edited by Luc Besson (Taken 2, 2012) starring Scarlett Johansson (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2014) as a foreign student studying in China who is mislead by her boyfriend into a CPH4 synthetic drug smuggling deal. Morgan Freeman (Last Vegas, 2013) plays Professor Norman, an authority on the use of the human brain, whom Lucy befriends to join in on this science fiction adventure. Lucy turns the tables on the drug lord Mr. Jang played by Choi Min-Sik (New World, 2013) as her cells multiply and her brain grows to 100% capacity, never before experienced by a human being.

THE BLONDE: I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this genius, intelligent and out-of-the-box story. Any time my pal Morgan is in a film, you can count on integrity and credibility! This was such a smart movie, for a delightful change. It also, had a great theme to this story. This film was original and unique.

THE BRUNETTE: What movie were you watching? It certainly wasn't the film I attended. Were you PERHAPS watching a re-run of the old, ‘I love Lucy Show'?

THE BLONDE: Oh please, get real, ‘I Love Lucy', indeed...This was an amazing film, not only judging by the directing of the film, but to the story and acting as well. I was mesmerized and on the edge of my seat from the second the film started till the very end.

THE BRUNETTE: Are you kidding me? I found it to be not only predictable, but so weak that it creaked and a waste of my time. It DIDN'T HAVE ME AT HELLO!!! At the beginning when the boyfriend was shot and blood gushed out onto the window, it was gross and unnecessary.

THE BLONDE: Yes, I found that scene dead on accurate, excuse the pun. To be clear, it wasn't her boyfriend, she only went out with him a few times.

THE BRUNETTE: Seriously, I also, found the scene with Lucy taking the knives and impaling Mr. Yang's hands ridiculous.

THE BLONDE: So wrong, so wrong and so believable and important to the story. I really think you didn't understand the film and need to see it again.

THE BRUNETTE: Really Blonde, I beg to differ. I completely understood the film and wouldn't waste my money to see it again. The only thing that kept me from walking out of Lucy was the multi talented actors.

THE BLONDE: I think all movie goers would disagree with you. However, I am thrilled and overjoyed that we finally and completely disagree. DING DING DING for that! This has not happened since, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street'. You were wrong on that film too by the way, as it was decorated with huge Oscar awards. Continuing on, I totally appreciated Scarlett's performance. She showed so many colors for just one character. I found her not only believable, but, felt her emotions throughout the film as well.

THE BRUNETTE: Again, we have such conflicting opinions. Johansson, as Lucy, starts out as a vivacious college student and she ends up acting like a robotic Stepford mutant.

THE BLONDE: Wow, you really hated this film, but WRONG again Brunette. She wasn't a robot, she was DRUGGED BIG TIME. DRUGGED, DRUGGED, DRUGGED!!!!

THE BRUNETTE: That's not the way people act when they are drugged. Furthermore, the whole storyline about humans only using 10% of their brains is a total myth. We use 80 to 90 % of our brains.

THE BLONDE: UMMMM, no we don't, you are so wrong. And... by the way, most of the men I have dated don't even use 10%... ... ... ... Moving right along, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. How I just admire your acting! In my humble opinion, I feel that Mr. Freeman is one of the greatest American actors of our time. So extraordinary, so brilliant, so flawless no matter what part he plays. I also, tremendously enjoy his show, Through the Wormhole on the Science Channel.

THE BRUNETTE: I have to challenge you once again, Miss Blondie... I love Morgan as well, but I found him in this film to be more of a narrator then a character.

THE BLONDE: Lord, how can you be so wrong! I almost feel sorry for you girl... One of the things I also particularly liked in this film was the incredible stunt work; it was truly phenomenal to watch.

THE BRUNETTE: That's so typical you liked the ‘Wolf of Wall Street' which was all sex and drugs and this one was the same.

THE BLONDE: Ya know...you must have been watching a different film!!!! This was neither about sex nor drugs. It had one major drug in it that is not even real. Before, I forget though, I thought the way they used animals to portray all of the human emotions throughout the film quite captivating and original.


THE BRUNETTE: FYI Scar used to be married to Ryan Reynolds. She is now pregnant with Roamine Dauriac's child and they will be married sometime in August. Which will come first, the baby or the wedding? They both reside now in Paris.

THE BLONDE: In closing, I loved everything about this film, so much so that I went twice. I fell that the results at the box office agrees with me as well. I rate the film Lucy a solid B-! Don't forget to get a bucket of popcorn to munch on; you will no doubt need it!

THE BRUNETTE: To disagree one last time, I hated pretty much everything about this film. I rate it an F!

THE BLONDE: That is the most ridiculous rating I have ever heard. Ok, we ask, no, we beg our fans to go to our website and tell us who you agree with regarding the film Lucy OR ANY OTHER FILM! Just go to WWW.THEBLONDEANDTHE BRUNETTE33.COM

THE BRUNETTE: We will even write you back!!!!