Lone Survivor
Author(s): Blonde and Brunette
Editor: Aaron Hulse
Published: January 14, 2014





Director Peter Berg (Hancock, 2008) catches this epic drama of Navy SEAL Team 10; on a mission to find a top al Qaeda Commander that failed. This mission was called "Operation Red Wings" and occurred on June 28, 2005. Four of the Team's best snipers, Marcus Littrell, Lt. Michael Murphy, Danny Dietz and Matt "Axe" Axelson were sent to capture or kill Ahmad Shahd, a known Taliban leader. These gallant and fearless soldiers were portrayed by Mark Wahlberg (The Fighter, 2010), Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights, 2006), Emile Hirsch (The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, 2002) and Ben Foster (The Messenger, 2009), respectively. Fought in Afghanistan, this was noted as the worst single day loss of life for Naval Special Warfare personnel since WWII. This movie also, stars Eric Bana (Munich, 2005), who plays Lt. Commander Erik Kristensen, the mission leader.

This rated "R" military drama is graphic and not for the average movie goers. However, if you want to see a modern day war movie, based on a true story to remember those courageous men who fought for our country; don't miss this movie!!!


THE BLONDE: WOW! What a seriously heavy look into the reality of America's war with the Taliban... This is one of the most graphic and realistic war films I have ever seen. I have to warn our readers that this is really not a film for everyone. I almost walked out 3 times myself. I was telling the Brunette in the middle of the film that I will not write about this story. But as a journalist, I felt it was our obligation to the troops to do this review. This riveting film started off with a bang and never stopped.

THE BRUNETTE: I certainly have the bruises all over my arms from the Blonde hitting me to show for it. The blonde took all her frustrating emotions of the film out on me. I felt as though I was a victim of that war myself. If you do go to see the Lone Survivor, do take someone who has more self control then the Blonde.

THE BLONDE: Sorry Brunette, you are totally right... THIS TIME!!!  I have to say, I was nervous, anxious, worried and upset the entire film. Those feelings only escalated as the movie went on. This film made me have a personal hate for the Taliban. However, it showed very clearly, like in the time of Hitler, that all the people in Afghanistan were not all like this. It also made me love, respect and admire our brave men and woman in uniform even stronger than I already did. Their devotion, dedication pride and patriotism are nothing short of miraculous. The men in this story displayed such bravery, guts and devotion. These 4 Navy Seals were true courageous men of valor, heroism and integrity.

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THE BRUNETTE: I agree that this film was without a doubt the most realistic war film I have ever seen to date. The movie-goer will experience every pain and emotion the soldiers go through. This movie reminds me of the great admiration I feel for all the military including the veterans and what they had to endure to protect us!

THE BLONDE: The Lone Soldier made me think about the reality of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Even the hero, who made it through as well as millions of our troops, can never be the same again. The trauma is just too much to take and go on as normal.

THE BRUNETTE: True.... Here is a piece of trivia... Before filming began, the Director visited the families of the soldiers represented in this film. Furthermore, Danny Dietz played by Ernie Hirsch was hit with 11 bullets that torn through him. What a hero! The writers of the book Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson, as well as Director/Screenwriter, Peter Berg were very cautious to get all the facts and stories correct on all accounts.

THE BLONDE: The characters in this film were so well defined, that I felt so concerned for them. I felt like I had a personal stake in their well being. The Bergs direction was unbelievable. The casting was dead on as well.


Mark Wahlberg         Ben Foster         Emile Hirsch         Taylor Kitsch         Eric Bana           Alexander Ludwig

THE BRUNETTE: Speaking of Director Berg, he had intended to make this film before Battleship in 2012, but Universal wanted him to switch the sequence.

THE BLONDE: What pulled me into this story were the many human touches and emotions that the soldiers reflected in their personal lives. By the way, I would never have made the decision the men chose that created this story.... AND...  I proved to be right... Oh and that's when I started hitting you Brunette.

THE BRUNETTE: Well, talking about Monday morning quarterbacking.

THE BLONDE: No, not that at all. I would have made that decision on the spot...By the way, I liked many of the quotes used in this film such as, "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing".

THE BRUNETTE: Don't forget, "I will never quit. My nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies".  Also, 'Americans should never forget that the founders of the country, like all who have served her in uniform, were willing to die defending everything its flag represents."

THE BLONDE: Wow, most touching indeed!

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THE BRUNETTE: It's amazing, how these seals as well as the troops are trained to work as buddies or a team. They are all expected to share the same standards.

THE BLONDE: What I find so touching is how humble all of these men and woman are. They never want to take claim for the good and the heroics but will all take blame for things that go wrong as a team. True brotherhood and sisterhood are displayed here for all to see. I am so proud of them and our country especially when these things are shown.

THE BRUNETTE: You never cease to amaze me. Blondie, I've never heard you be so patriotic. I have a tear in my eye!

THE BLONDE: Oh stop... Give me a break. I know this review is so totally different than we normally write, but this film is too serious to go there.

THE BRUNETTE: Oh... I'm GOING there. I have never seen you not eat an entire bucket of popcorn viewing a film. What's up with that?

THE BLONDE: STOP... I was so worried about our troops in the film.

THE BRUNETTE: Oh stop yourself. Stop hiding behind that stand. You were probably dieting or had a dinner date after...LOL

THE BLONDE: You know me too well. But I do care about our troops!!

THE BRUNETTE: BLAH, BLAH, BLAH... OK BLONDIE, WHATEVER YOU SAY... I give this film a strong B with the same caution mentioned as it is extremely violent and not for the weak or sensitive of hearts.

THE BLONDE:  Don't listen to the Brunette. Forget about movie snacks you won't be able to eat them even with a dinner date after. I too rate this film a solid B but an A+ for a war film.