Larry Crowne
Author(s): Blonde and Brunette
Editor: Melissa Martinez
Published: July 8, 2011

Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne comes alive when you combine Academy Award Winners Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts (Charlie Wilson's War, 2007) together for another drama and romantic comedy depicting an average American in his 50's getting a second chance at life.   Written by Hanks and Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 2002), the movie was also directed by Hanks and explores many issues facing America today. The movie opens with Hanks as Larry Crowne, a low paid employee who was recently divorced, and then experiences losing his job through company downsizing; the termination reason, not having a college degree. He fights to keep his home with a mortgage that is upside down due to the economy.  Sound familiar?  Many unemployed workers may relate to this story in today’s world, but the movie takes on a happy ending as Larry Crowne, decides to go to College. He meets a new generation of free thinking friends; and a Public Speaking Professor, Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts), who has her own set of issues.  An all star cast includes: Rita Wilson (Toms wife in real life) as blonde Wilma Q. Gammelgaard; Cedric the Entertainer as neighbor Lamar; Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Talia; and George Takei as Dr. Matsutani.  Find your passion in life again, but first go see Larry Crowne. Rated PG-13 with a Runtime of 99 minutes.

The Blonde: This film is adorable, very smart, and profoundly relates to life as we all know it today. This is truly a film that makes one reflect, long after leaving the theatre, about how we think and behave as a culture as well as life’s common stereotypes.
The Brunette: So are you saying blondes ‘don't’ have more fun?
The Blonde:   Of course we do; that one is a reality! Even Rita changed her hair to be a blonde!!!
The Brunette:  Aha… I think perhaps that was to capture the role she portrayed?  However, the inside scoop said that Tom really liked the wig and Rita took it home with her after the film wrapped!
The Blonde:  SEE! YA SEE!
The Brunette:  Back to the film, I thought it was very real. It was quite an interesting and unique storyline and I found all the twists and turns intriguing. What I found really fascinating was after I left the theatre, all the thoughts that kept popping into my mind that evening. The message the film provokes appears to hit home after the film instead of during. Its messages seem to come subliminally.
The Blonde:  I know, right! It was as if the messages and meanings of the film come to the moviegoer unconsciously!
The Brunette:   Do you even know the definition of subliminal?
The Blonde:  I will not even dignify that with a response.  However, I was so interested in the characters and the great acting I too, found the messages of the film came later.
The Brunette: Ok, but keep in mind you are a blonde! 
The Blonde: Wow, and might I add, a big OUCH!
The Brunette: I think the film also, gets across that in today’s world, it is acceptable that young adults are accepting older adults as friends!
The Blonde:  Well, of course… I accepted YOU, didn't I???

The Brunette: I will not even dignify that with a response. But... .... 

The Blonde:  Ha!  Moving on, it always astounds me how versatile an actor Tom is. His range of movie roles is more than remarkable. He deserves an Oscar for every single role he plays. I feel he is one of the best American Actors of all time. He is truly a brilliant artist.
The Brunette: I agree, he is one of the greats!  In addition, don't forget Julia and her accomplishments. I loved them together in “Charlie Wilson’s War” and I loved them together in this one.
The Blonde: Their chemistry was impeccable and totally believable. I heard they had a total blast working together. They are real life buddies ya know! He wrote the character, Mercedes Tainot, with her in mind and he was dead on! I too, adore Julia. She gives credibility to every role she plays. Julia is one of my all time favorites and did not disappoint me in this role either. Furthermore, I love that Tom has branched off into writing. He is not only multi-talented but had the intuition to choose a great co-writer for this film in Nia Vardalos. 

The Brunette: The film also, addresses fallacies in life. For instance, just because an older man is with a younger woman, it doesn't mean they are dating.

The Blonde:  Well… that’s been the case with me… 

The Brunette:  OK, what about the fact the movie shows that drinking doesn't solve your problems?

The Blonde: Well, now that Is a fallacy!

The Brunette:  Very funny blonde!
The Blonde: A joke is a joke!
The Brunette: There have been so many multi-action packed films released recently, that it was delightful to see a reality based movie for a change. I, myself, have so many friends suffering from the present state of the economy that I could easily relate to Larry Crowne’s predicament.
The Blonde: Of course! We all have been touched by this world crisis. That is exactly why I applaud Tom for putting it out there! The one thing that is personal for me to reiterate to young people like myself is, “GO TO COLLEGE AND STAY IN COLLEGE till you complete your degree and then some”!  This tale gets that message across beautifully!
The Brunette: It was cool the way the film shows you can get a second chance in life and rediscover new passions. Do knock yourself out on this one blonde!
The Blonde:  What are you saying; that you lose passion after 35?     Well, I certainly won't... ….   Speaking of which, I love Tom. Rita is one lucky girl! I think he is hot, smart, fun, funny and a total hunk! If Rita dumps you, I am here Tommy! By the way Tom, you looked hot in your briefs!
The Brunette: STOP! SERIOUSLY, STOP! Are you declaring you are under, 35?
The Blonde: A… YES!
The Brunette: You are hopeless…Blondie, the fact that you just said briefs and not ‘tightie whities’ shows your true age! Furthermore, Tom and Rita are the love story of Hollywood. So dear Blonde, DON'T, hold your breath.
put photo of tom kissing rita here
The Blonde: Whatever… I do give kudos to the supporting actors, Talia, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Rami, played by Steve Dibiasi. They almost stole the movie with their outstanding performances. But, when Tom Hanks directs you, one has a great advantage! 
The Brunette: I liked Lamar the next door neighbor, played by Cedric the Entertainer. He was rough around the edges but soft inside. He added a human touch and a comedic side about neighbors that made us wish we all had one just like him!
The Blonde: Truly! My neighbor and his barking all night dogs, can learn a few lessons from Lamar!
The Brunette: Larry Crowne is a must see film. I rate it a B+. Remember though, the story will linger on, so DO go with friends to discuss it on the way home.
The Blonde: I thought Larry Crowne was entertaining, sweet, realistic and intelligent that will no doubt keep your interest throughout. It was beautifully written with loveable and captivating characters. I rate this film a B-.           And Brunette, I am 35!
The Brunette: Yea right, and don't bother me now! I'm trying on blonde wigs. I need to recapture my passion.