Joyful Noise film Review
Author(s): Blonde and Brunette
Editor: Melissa Martinez
Published: January 19, 2012


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No one has heard of the city, Pacashau, Georgia, until this delightful, charming film, "Joyful Noise". It was written and directed by Todd Graff. The people of this depressed, ‘down on its luck’ town, are watching the success of the Divinity Church Choir to boost their moral in hopes they will win the “National Joyful Noise Competition”. The interaction, friction and rivalry  between the Choirs two leading ladies, Vi Rose Hill (Queen Latifah, The Dilemma 2011) and G.G. Sparrow (Dolly Parton, Gnomeo & Juliet 2011) heats up after G.G.'s husband and choir leader Bernie, played by Kris Kristofferson (Dolphin  Tale 2011) dies and Vi Rose is made the new Choir leader. This Musical Comedy includes outstanding singing performances by Vi Rose's daughter, Olivia (Keke Palmer, Akeelah and the Bee 2006) and G.G.'s grandson Randy (Jeremy Jordan, Pariah 2011), a rebel. The two teens add the spice, sparks and romance to the story. Top it with the righteous Preacher, Pastor Dale (Courtney B Vance, Final Destination 5 - 2011) you have all the ingredients of a warm and happy, family story.


THE BLONDE: Well, this was like watching Sister Act all over again. What a fun film Joyful Noise is. This is what going to the movies was meant to do, entertain! I loved Queen and Dolly together. So much talent was showcased in one film and the casting was perfect! No, this was not a hard movie to figure out, yes it was a tad corny, no, it was not a brilliant script, but it was fun, engaging and most enjoyable to watch…

THE BRUNETTE: I enjoyed it as well. I loved the cast, the characters, and even liked the corny moments. It was an all around fun film to see.

THE BLONDE: Dolly was outrageously adorable and Queen was so wonderful and likeable even though her character was not as loveable as Dolly’s character. Both of their roles showcased them to perfection and the chemistry between the two stars was flawless.

THE BRUNETTE:  FYI, Dolly and Latifah felt very close to the story and its characters which reminded them of their own spiritual life and memories as children. Dolly wrote 3 of the films songs and they were great. It was refreshing to see Queen Latifah play such a mature and different role than she normally plays.

THE BLONDE: The two young leads were phenomenally talented actors and singers. Jeremy who plays Randy I might add is such an undeniable hunk! They both have stellar careers ahead of them. The music from Joyous Noise was terrific, exciting and the arrangements were outstanding. It was almost “Glee-esque” how the arrangements were written. It was cool how they made rock music into gospel songs. They used songs from Sly and the Family Stone, Paul McCartney, Usher, and Stevie Wonder. The music was so inspiring you almost wanted to applaud after each song.

THE BRUNETTE: You’re right, those lead kids, Kike Plamer and Jeremy Jordan were amazing. Talk about a lot of talent! They sang, danced and acted their little hearts out. I actually look forward to seeing them again. I hope your prediction is correct!

THE BLONDE: Some of the best, down home quotes were stated in this film. For example: “People who aren’t around, make very few mistakes”, “Trying to fool me is like trying to sneak sunrise past a rooster”, “My momma told me that if people swept in front of their own doors, the world would be clean” and Don’t you look as happy as a puppy wagin 2 tales”!

THE BRUNETTE: Don’t forget about, “There’s always free cheese in the mousetrap but trust me, the mice aren’t happy” and “She’s lookin at him like I look at cake”!

THE BLONDE: The movie is worth seeing just to hear Latifah and Parton saying those quotes without breaking into laughter. They must have had a ball making this film. I would love to have seen the outtakes!

THE BRUNETTE: Though it was a small part, Kris Kristofferson made the most of it. He was the glue and the gipper that held the choir and inspiration together. It was nice to see him on screen again.

THE BLONDE: I liked watching the scenes of Kris and Dolly in the flashbacks of their love and happy times together. It was very touching. 

THE BRUNETTE: I think Dolly like Latifah, should have a queen title too. She should be the ‘Queen of Bling’!

THE BLONDE: I agree with that and probably so would Dolly. It has been a while since she has been on screen and I missed her. I find her absolutely delightful.

THE BRUNETTE: Speaking of plastic surgery, she might be the queen of that too…

THE BLONDE:  You, have had a lot of that Brunette?

THE BRUNETTE:  I didn’t mean me but, in the words of Dolly, “God didn’t make plastic surgeons so they could starve”! By the way, pick up a copy of the films sound track. Latifah and Parton both have beautiful songs worth remembering.

THE BLONDE: This was an uplifting, happy film. I rate it a C but give the music an A.

THE BRUNETTE: Good, wholesome, story the whole family can enjoy. I rate it a solid C, HALLELUJAH!

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