Joan Rivers at the Venetian Hotel
Author(s): Robin Roth
Editor: Linda Koprin-Pardue
Published: September 16, 2009



By: Robin Roth



Is icon Joan Rivers Spunky, harsh, crude, maybe even a bit dirty? Yep maybe, but comedian Joan Rivers is the queen of funny. No matter what, funny is funny and Joan nails it every time. Appearing at the Fabulous Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on August 27 - 29 and September 3 – 5 to sold-out crowds Joan had the audience in the palm of her comedic hand and it was so obvious that she loved every second of being on stage. Joan has done it all from writing best-selling books, hosting her own TV show, hosting red carpets including the Oscars, as well as starring in films and television shows. It was no wonder after winning the Celebrity Apprentice Joan would want to return to her stand up comedy roots with her shows at The Venetian.

Joan left no stone untouched as she attacked everything and everyone equally for the enjoyment and laughter of her audience. From plastic surgery, to children to Hollywood she tore it apart with funny. From the Queen of England to the queens everywhere, to Cher and Bette no one was spared. However, hilarious was key here. It is quite clear no matter how much she pretends otherwise, Joan is a sweetheart and is just having fun with her show and her life.

 Come back to the Venetian soon Joan, you are amazing!!!



FYI about Joan:

Joan was born Joan Alexandra Molinsky on June 8, 1933 (1933-06-08) in Brooklyn. Since 1958 she has been a successful actress, comedian, talk show host, businesswoman, and designer. She was married to James Sanger (1955) and Edgar Rosenberg (1965-1987) whom she had one child with, Melissa who she adores completely.



A few years ago I had the pleasure and rare opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Joan Rivers. I would love to share it with you.

I have to begin by describing Joan Rivers. Above all… she is truly a lady! Joan is “REAL,” fun, intelligent, energetic, and filled to the brim with love. Speaking with her was inspirational, not only because of her incredible zest for life, but her COMPLETE LOVE and devotion for her craft, her extraordinary talents, but her morals and family values. I was surprised myself to experience just how grounded and centered she is. To know what is REALLY important today is rare in HOLLYWOOD. This unique woman has it all together! After our long conversation, I must say that I felt honored and privileged to have had the opportunity of even speaking with such an eloquent woman. YOU GO GIRL; YOU HAVE A LOT TO BE PROUD OF!



Robin: Joan, I have to start by stating that you are a genius and my favorite comedian ever! I am so sorry to bore you with that!

JOAN: That is never boring. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (She responded in that adorable voice of hers!)

Robin: After all this time, are you still excited to do comedy and stand-up?

JOAN: After all this time, it is beyond exciting to still do EVERYTHING!  Aren’t I lucky to be doing what I love!

Robin: With mothers and daughters usually fighting, how do you stay so close working with Melissa?

JOAN: It gets very tense at times. But you just get through it, just like you do when you are working with anybody. The difference is, when you work as a mother and daughter, it is more personal. There is a joke in my act where Melissa says to me, ‘You always criticize me’ and I say to her, ‘Oh, don’t be so stupid!

Robin: Awesome! What is your favorite part of working with Melissa, Joan?

JOAN: I trust her totally. I know that she is very smart and she knows what she’s doing. Not only is she a good performer, but she is an excellent producer. She knows what has to get done. She has an overall concept of the show and that is comforting. She doesn’t step on my lines. She’s got wonderful timing.

Robin: Joan, do you ever get nervous before the red carpet shows?

JOAN: I get nervous anytime I step out to any stage.

Robin: Joan, would you like to do another film?

JOAN: I would like to do everything! I am in love with this business exactly as I was when I was a child. I’d love to do a film. I love editing. I love the whole business!

Robin: Do you like the business side, too?

JOAN: I despise that! I need to pay more attention to the business side. I am always finding out that I should have put this in the contract. I mean, you work just as hard for a dollar as you do for a million dollars.

Robin: Would you like to do another talk show? That is so you.

JOAN: Again, everything, everything. I would design costumes. I always say to Melissa, try everything because you never know what you will fall in love with.

Robin: Does reading those obnoxious, lying rag papers upset you when they say unkind and untrue things about you?

JOAN: As long as the picture is good. The only time I get upset is if it is a bad picture. As long as they are talking about you, that’s fabulous.

Robin: Joan, how do you stay so stunningly slim?

JOAN: Oh no, I have gone up an entire dress size this year, which is very upsetting.

THE BLONDE: Oh please, you are gorgeous! Stop it! Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

JOAN: I love being a grandma. People always say, ‘You let him call you grandma?’ I love that he calls me grandma! It kills me when he says, ‘That’s my grandma!’ 
I wish she would have two more. My biggest tragedy in life is that I didn’t have anymore because of two miscarriages. You reach a certain age and say, ‘Oh, I wish I had five.’ The best stage is between 4 and 8. That is when you say, ‘Let me freeze you here.’

Robin: Have you achieved all of your dreams?

JOAN: I wish you had a lot of money in the bank! Oh and health to enjoy it with!

 Robin: Joan, how did your gorgeous jewelry happen on QVC?

JOAN: Luckily, a friend came to me and asked if I would do jewelry. I said, what the heck! I go through every door. I try everything. It’s now 16 years and it’s a major, fabulous company. I am very proud of this business.

 Robin: I am proud of you! It shows just how creative you are! What would you want in your life if I could wave a magic wand, besides a lot of money and health ... for real?

JOAN: No, that … that is for real!


JOAN: You want your family and all that… blah, blah, blah! I am very lucky. I would like to never worry about

 Robin: I always thought that was just a worry to us everyday people.
Are you flattered by impersonators, Joan, or does that upset you?

JOAN: No! You have to be known to be impersonated! I find that very flattering. When they do a sketch about Melissa and I on the red carpet on “Saturday Night Live,” that means we are in the culture. It is a compliment, even though it can be very vicious.

Robin: Who do you consider to be the best comic?

JOAN: I don’t know… there are so many good ones coming up. Lenny Bruce would have to be the best comic of the century, I would say.

Robin: Who is your hero?

JOAN: I have no heroes. I never had heroes and I never had mentors.

Robin: Favorite thing to do when you have time off?

JOAN: Time off? Oh, just going up to my country house with my family, putting on big fires and walking around in the snow. It’s fabulous!

Then Ms. Rivers proceeded to give me some great mom advice on my teenage daughter, telling me that I will have five bad years, but she will return when she is in college. So all you moms with teenagers, Joan says there is hope! Folks, I have done a lot of interviews, but I cannot tell you how much I loved these two
REAL, GENEROUS, KIND, AND HONEST celebs! I learned a lot about respect and patience from listening to them together. A BIG BRAVO to the multi-talented JOAN Rivers. I wish for you everything you dream of!