Published: September 19, 2015
Photos By: Robin Roth
Editor: Simon Hale



Everest begins its tale of adventure with two different expedition parties climbing the dangerous journey to the top of Mount Everest. It is a life long dream hoping to come true for those experienced hikers to reach the summit of the world's highest mountain. But their dream becomes more of a nightmare as the groups encounter the most terrifying snowstorm in the history of Everest.

This 3D film production, documents how far the climbers can be challenged to survive the most impossible obstacles, which turns into one of the greatest epic adventures ever filmed. This incredible story was written about Beck Weather's Memoirs of this May 10, 1996 expedition.

Everest was directed by, Baltasar Kormakur (Contraband, 2012.) The Screenplay was written by, William Nicholson and Simon Beaufoy. This all-star iconic cast includes Jason Clarke (Zero Dark 30, 2012), Josh Brolin (Sicario, 2015), John Hawkes (Life of Crime, 2013), Robin Wright (Moneyball, 2011), Michael Kelly (Man of Steel, 2013), Sam Worthington (Avatar, 2009), Keira Knightley (The Imitation Game, 2014), Emily Watson (The Theory of Everything, 2014), and Jake Gyllenhaal (Southpaw, 2015). Rated PG-13, this adventure film is 2 hours and 1 minute long.


THE BRUNETTE: In as much as I hate to agree with ‘The Blondie,’ and believe me it kllls me, I watched this classic film in total amazement. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the real life climbers who went through such trama and struggles to stay alive.

THE BLONDE: This was a magical and stunning piece of cinematic art. I can’t even begin to comprehend how difficult this film was to bring to the big screen. The dangerous risks that must have been taken are mind blowing. This truly was a miraculous feat of filmmaking. BRAVO, BRAVO, AND BRAVO AGAIN! If EVEREST doesn’t win all of the Best Cinematography and Best Special Effects awards this year, then I will eat my hat…

THE BRUNETTE: You mean your extensions?

THE BLONDE: Wow, and a roaring MEOW back to you Brunette!

THE BRUNETTE: OH! OK Blonde, lets go with your hat! Ok? By the way, DO YOU EVEN WEAR HATS? Anyway… This film must be seen in 3-D, even if your not a big fan of this type of filmmaking. The 3-D magic and special effects had me literally feeling the freezing cold weather, I found that I was holding my breath on the mountains trecherous turns, and frightened by the death defying steep climbs.

THE BLONDE: After I got past, “Why the hell would anyone want to do something as crazy as climb Everest,” I went into the zone of understanding, that they all had their own unique individual quest that they needed to complete in their lives. Heroic, or stupid? I think a bit of both. But no doubt, and nevertheless inspiring beyond words.

THE BRUNETTE: Lord, Blondie, that’s because your quest is a good hair day!!!!!

THE BLONDE: Wow and double ouch. Brunette. I have bigger quests, thank you very much. I’m still trying to get through my doctorite degree!!!!

THE BRUNETTE: Um, perhaps you should learn how to spell it first. That would be doctorate with an A.

THE BLONDE: TYPE-O BRUNETTE. IT HAPPENS, I will have you know! MOVING ON NOW... The performances by everyone in the cast were so unbelievably, believable! I felt everything that each of the characters were experiencing right there in my theater seat. I found myself, cold, needing oxygen, frightened, anxious, in horrendous pain, and stressed to the max! Seriously, if I wanted to feel all of those things, I would have met my X-husband for a chat. But that’s a whole other movie… The chemistry was magnificent to watch as well. Each one of the climbers in the film touched my heart in one way or another several times throughout the film.

THE BRUNETTE: This is the type of picture, that no matter how many times you see it, you will still experience all the struggles and emotions, as well as finding yourself cheering on all of the characters, as if you were seeing it for the first time. This story of adventure has everything neccessary to make it a timeless classic.

THE BLONDE: I need to say that I was amazed at first to see Emily Watson in this film. But like her entire body of work, she rocked this role. I can’t begin to imagine how much physical hell and pain each one of the actors in this movie went through to film this masterpiece. There were no small performances here, including the smaller parts.Jason Clarke, John Hawkes, Robin Wright, Keira Knightley, and Sam Worthington, all brought stellar performances. I am so impressed with Jake Gyllenhaal in this film and his choice to be in it. Such a wonderful stretch for him. Brolin was fabulous as normal, but no surpise there. He is such a manly man. His real life wife, Diane Lane, is such a lucky girl. Don’t you just love her too?

THE BRUNETTE: Yes, I do as a matter of fact, but doesn’t everybody? To add to your Brolin and pain comment, this movie was not made exclusively at Mount Everest. It was filmed mostly in Iceland, where the glaciers very much resemble Everest and where the director is a native.

THE BLONDE: Brolin stated that, “Everest' was a test of acting limits.” I hear that!!! Furthermore, I so greatly applaud and appreciate how the screenwriter superbly and carefruly defined in such great depth each of the chartacters in the script. The movie goer is able to get a great sense of each person and subsequently pulls us into their world. The audience easily feels empathy and compassion for them. I hate when a script skims over the character descriptions and personalities. When you don’t have a sense of a character, you really could care less about their fate or struggles. I found myself enthralled with their personal stories and rooting for each climber going up to the death-defying mountain of Everest as well as their companions and workers on the ground.

THE BRUNETTE: Wow, this is so different for you Blonde. Are you high? How many glasses of wine did you consume? Whatever, I am whole-heartly impressed.

THE BLONDE: I can’t help it. This film wowed me, simply put… I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie. Speaking of which, why do we even say, “On the edge of my seat?” Who came up with that phrase anyway? I actually used the entire seat and not just the edge… However, I was greatly fidgeting and squirming in my seat…

THE BRUNETTE: OK, she’s back! Close call… … … I just want to remind our readers, if they don’t get enough Everest from this film (which is hard to believe), that there was a television movie made back in 1997 about Everest. It was written by the journalist, Jon Krakauer who was on that expedition and told through his experience. It was called, “Into Thin Air: Death On Everest.” Google it…

THE BLONDE:What do you mean, I’M BACK?

THE BRUNETTE: NEVERMIND! By the way, it would be negligent of us not to mention the brilliant musical score written by Dario Marialelli, that superbly added to the excitement and intensity of the film.



THE BLONDE: It was quoted, “No, filming “Everest” was not as difficult or dangerous as climbing Mt. Everest.” One can only imagine. I found this entire moviegoing experience so surreal. When Everest ended, I could not even think of getting up.

THE BRUNETTE: YEA, that’s because you were wearing 6 inch heels!

THE BLONDE; Man, somewhat forgot to take their meds this morning!

THE BRUNETTE: UMMM, someone forgot to take enough of theirs!

THE BLONDE: OUCH!!!! Anyway, my point was… I was frozen and found that I was still glued to my seat from the ride of watching Everest. It was really a “TRIUMPH of a film.” Movie fans, I can’t sing enough great praises and extend enough kudos about this film. ‘CLIMB’ if you have to, to see it. Don’t miss this spectacular and thrilling piece of amazing filmaking at its best! I beg you, don’t miss this one. Ok, beg might be a little too harsh. I rather implore you to see this film. Ok maybe not even implore you. Just go see the film… OK! You will definitely need food, candy, and anything else you can grab to munch on throughout the film. I rate Everest an A+ on every single thing there is to grade on!

THE BRUNETTE: I am not going to implore, beg or ask you to climb to see this great film. But I strongly suggest that you do! I rate Everest, an A… Thank you Universal Studios for distributing a classic masterpiece.