Author(s): Robin Roth
Editor: Aaron Hulse
Published: February 12, 2014




By Robin Roth

The clever, talented, versatile, original, impersonater and comedian Dana Carvey was extraordinary on January 31st and February1st performing to sold out crowds at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. From the moment he took to the stage, this brilliant, power house, comic had the audience mesmerized and in the palm of his hand. He was nothing short of hysterical.

Dana, is best known for his work as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. He became a household name from his loveable characters Garth, of Wayne’s World, The Church Lady, as well as portraying famous stars and presidents. 

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Mr. Carvey (born June 2, 1955), in my opinion, is one of the most legendary comedians of our time. For the life of me, with his amazing versatility and quick humor, I cannot understand why he doesn’t have his own late night talk show. I believe him to be an American treasure. 

His humor is out-of -control funny and amazingly clean cut as well. When Mr. Carvey throws in an F bomb, it is well placed and truly adds to the joke at hand. His wholesome approach to comedy is obvious in comparison to other comics that just can’t think of a better word to say and flood their act with unnecessary vulgarity. 

Dana`s comedy can be somewhat political, but he doesn`t insult or offend either political party. He doesn`t stop there! He is current, topical, entertaining and beyond funny. He does so many impressions and they are all dead on perfect. Not only are the impressions stellar but, he looks and acts like the characters with all their mannerisms and wildly funny comedy lines.  Dana`s talents also, include comedy bits with Italian, Irish, British, Chinese and New York Mob accents as well as poking fun at his own dad!

He spoke and made fun of: Divorce, raising kids, aging, airlines, medical drugs, and so much more. He had the audience in tears laughing as he impersonated, Obama, Clinton, George Jr. and senior, Romney, Gore, Carter, Regan, Dick Cheney, etc.  

One of my favorite jokes of the night: “I know what all you ladies are looking for…You want a guy with a wash board stomach, kind gentle and sensitive. I get it…but ladies you can’t have that guy…that guy has a boyfriend….”

Some of Dana’s films you might remember him from are: Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World 2, Clean Slate, The Road to Wellville, Trapped in Paradise, The Shot, Little Nicky, The Master of Disguise, Presidential Reunion, and most recent, Jack & Jill.

Dana Carvey is just so likeable with his sweet boyish looks that he immediately charms the audience. His comedy offends no one and that is why he had the crowd at hello…. He is completely unique and his comedic timing is uncanny. With all his many impressions the show is fast paced and never dull.

His Celebrity impersonations performed luminously at the Orleans included: Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dennis Miller, Jimmy Stewart, Richard Nixon, John Travolta, Al Pacino, Donald Trump, Robert De Niro, Oprah, Bill Gates and on and on.

Opening the night for Dana was the very funny Mark Pitta. He came on with a bang and never stopped entertaining the audience. This shows just how secure and talented Dana is to have this brilliant comic open for him.

Mr. Carvey normally closes his show playing his guitar and singing original music comedy songs. However, Rob Schneider was in town so Carvey, Schneider and Pitta had a blast on stage doing improvisation like the `Rat Pack` did back in the day. Funny guys!!! The audience was thrilled.

I Love, love, love Dana’s show and judging by the audience, they begged for more and didn’t want him to leave the stage. Bravo Dana. A+!!!

If this brilliant comedian comes to your town, run to see him. It is a privilege.

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