Confessions of a Shopaholic
Author(s): Robin Roth
Photos: Robin Roth
Editor: Mark Lewis
Published: February 12, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic, is the US film adaptation of British Novelist, Sophie Kinsella's novels, The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (Confessions of a Shopaholic in US) and Shopaholic Abroad (Shopaholic takes Manhattan in US). The movie is directed by P.J. Hogan and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

On the face of it, the adorable Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher- Wedding Crashers -2005) has it all. She appears quite confident, single and happily living in the glamorous world of New York City with her best friend Suze (Krysten Ritter- 27 Dresses -2008). In spite of her comical adventures as a confirmed shopaholic, Rebecca aspires to turn her zeal for buying clothes into her vocation. She dreams of working for a top fashion magazine, but can't quite get her foot in the door. Rebecca eventually lands a job working for the hunky Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy -The Jane Austin Book Club -2007) as an advice columnist for a financial magazine published by the same company.

Overnight, her first column becomes hugely successful, turning her into an outspoken celebrity as,"The Girl in the Green Scarf". She advises other people on the importance of budgeting and prudent investing, but her private life is a whole different story. Rebecca manages her own finances in a way that would make most of her readers' hair curl. Never-the-less, Rebecca is a woman on a mission. Even though others may look to her for financial wisdom, she just can't stop spending to save her life.

As the plot unfolds, Rebecca finds increasingly bizarre and often highly comical ways to ignore her ever-growing debts and mounting piles of bills, not to mention her unpaid Visa bills.

The Villain in her life is the bill collector (of course) Derek Smeath, (played by Robert Stanton) whom she tries to avoid at all costs. Finally, as her compulsive shopping and growing debt issues threaten to destroy her love life, friendships, and derail her career, she struggles to keep it all from spiraling out of control by joining Shoppers Anonymous.

Also, in this stellar cast are John Goodman (Evan Almightly - 2007), playing Graham, Rebecca's dad, Joan Cusack (Raising Helen - 2004) playing Rebecca's mother, Jane, John Lithgow (Dream Girls-2006) is the magazine publishing magnate and Kirstin Scott Thomas (I've Loved You So Long- 2008) is the stunning editor of the fashion magazine Rebecca aspires to work at, and many others.

Witty, light-hearted and often hilarious, Rebecca Bloomwood will chase away today's economic blues and entertains us all. The question is, can our perky Becky ever escape from this dream world, find true love, and regain the use of her Credit card? Go see "CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC" yourself and find out these important questions! You will be glad you did.

The Blonde: This film was like, "Sex and the City" (of course partly due to the genius of Award-Winning Costume Designer Patricia Field) meets, "The Devil Wears Prada" meets "Made in Manhattan" meets THE Paris Hilton. I loved this film. It is exactly what going to the movies is supposed to be about, escaping reality and having fun. Rebecca is sweet, charming, fun-loving, and totally loves to shop just like yours truly. What was so awesome and unique about this film is that it was funny throughout, there was no down time. Usually, the funniest parts of a film are given away in the trailer, not the case here. No time for bathroom breaks so believe me, go before it starts. You won't want to miss a second. Brunette, wasn't Isla Fisher also, in "Definitely, Maybe" and what the heck was Roseanne's hubby Dan Conner doing in this film.

The Brunette: Definitely, and you are such a blonde...that is John Goodman the actor, please don't tell me you actually believe that. You really need your Starbucks!

The Blonde: Definitely or Maybe, was she in that film, make up your mind? And, you are so wrong, that is Dan Conner, I would know him anywhere. Furthermore, I want a magic card like Rebecca had!

The Brunette: Who wouldn't, but SHHHH, you will give too much away... Anyway, back to our movie... I really enjoyed watching every second of Confessions of a Shopaholic. Isla, has really grown up right in front our eyes. I remember liking her back in 1993 in " Paradise Beach". She is just great in this romantic comedy. You can actually feel the chemistry between her and Hugh right off the screen. Did you feel it too?

The Blonde: 1993? 1993, I was just 6 years old in 1993. No, I never heard of that show!

The Brunette: Oh please...We all know us girls should lie about our age by 10 years, but let's get real here...PLEASE!

The Blonde: Oh, my, gosh! You are sooo totally jealous. Meow!

And, yes, I could feel the chemistry, but I just thought that was me dreaming of being with Hugh myself. What a hottie. On a personal note, Hugh Dancy who plays the editor is not only gorgeous with a sexy accent but, he can edit me anytime...

The Brunette: First of all, keep dreaming about Hugh, for that is as close as you're ever gonna get.

The Blonde: OUCH, double ouch. That's not true. One never knows what will happen in life, do they? Moving on, Isla Fisher is not only cutzy beautiful, but she is such a versatile actress and has phenomenal comedic timing. She really shines in this film. She was also, amazing in "Doubt", I might add.

The Brunette: There you go again, that was not Isla, it was Amy Adams... Only you can confuse the two. You must be a natural blonde.

The Blonde: Oh excuuuuse me! They look alike... and YES, I am natural......

Anyway, I think I went to high school with Isla in California.

The Brunette: Sure you did. But those school day memories would have had to take place in her home town, Perth Australia. When was the last time you were down under?

The Blonde: Girl, don't make me go there. I don't even want to touch that one or we will be fired. Never mind about the school, my bad!

The Brunette: I felt the movie was magical. The relationships between the characters and the way they interacted made the movie truly believable. The writing was so perfect that it made you feel what the characters were feeling from their joy to their pain. Because of the sensational character development, the audience was really rooting for a happy ending as we were all connected to the characters.

The Blonde: I agree. I could have said it better myself... I mean couldn't, couldn't. There was so much creativity and originality in this film; starting with the costume designs by the amazing Patricia Field, to the talking mannequins as Rebecca's conscience (that was so cool), to the never ending intelligent comedy writing. This film really hits the mark. In addition, all the acting was wonderful. It is quite hard to achieve believability and great acting performances in comedies. Bravo to the entire celebrated cast. I don't mean to be catty, but what is up with Julie Hagerty (the business magazine assistant), the actress from the film "Airplane". It is great to be skinny yes, but, she is a skeleton...

The Brunette: Why do you say, you don't mean to be catty, and then you say something more than catty?

The Blonde: What??? Was that catty? By the way missy, actress Kirstin Scott Thomas is so elegant. What a marvelous actress. She is aging beautifully I might add, just like you. MEOW!

The Brunette: Excuse me, but, but, aren't we the same age? I'm just going to take the high road here; as I was always taught, if you can't say anything nice...

The Blonde: UH, no not even the same decade! Whatever! This is without a doubt a must see, feel good movie. It is one of those films you can absolutely sit through more then once, and I will. You will be entertained from start to finish. It is not just a chick flick; it's a great date film. Actually, it is great fun for all ages. I rate this film a B+. For your movie snacks, I recommend a huge bucket of the theaters designer popcorn, a large Diet Pepsi with a whole box of designer Godiva Candy.

Now, in conclusion, Dan, go back to Roseanne.

The Brunette: It was a T.V. Show for heavens sake, HE IS NOT HER HUSBAND! I give up. I too, rate it a B+. It's one of those movies that you'll want to own and I look forward to getting it when it comes out on DVD. By the way, don't miss out on the original motion picture sound track. This outstanding music is a combination of alternative and rock, and boy does it ever. It enhanced the enjoyment of the film and simply put, it just made me feel good. The CD is being released on Feb 17th, under Hollywood Records. I will be first in line to get it. I recommend that you grab your friends and run out to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic"! You'll thank me.