The Trade Show at Cinemacon 2015
Published: April 20, 2015
Photos By: Robin Roth
Story By: Robin Roth
Editor: Simon Hale

The Trade Show



It just gets better and better!



The Blonde and The Brunette have observed over the past 5 years, that the CinemaCon Trade Show has gotten bigger and better with each convention.

CinemaCon provides the world’s largest Trade Show aimed specifically at the motion picture theatre owner. It provides theaters around the country and internationally a spirited, and exciting, up to the minute, endless choices for market advancements.

This show gives cinema owners from all around the globe, the opportunities to experience the most cutting-edge, modern, important, progressive, and up-to-the-minute, advancements in the realm of the theatre.

This would include equipment such as modern screens and sound systems, comfortable luxurious seating, luscious new concession products, and much more.

With all of the new products obtainable, it will, no doubt, assist theater owners, the real possibility, that their theaters will be the new, “IT CINEMA” in town. Not to mention a great place for a social gathering.

With Trade Show Space of more than 500 booths and 12 premium demonstration suite locations, this brings a candy-store of possibilities for the trade show attendees.

So let us begin explaining in more detail.

THE BLONDE: “WOWZA!” What an experience this was. This convention was so grand and spectacular that my feet hurt after only 15 minutes in.

THE BRUNETTE: Umm, had you been wearing comfortable flats, instead of your 6 inch heeled Manolo Blahniks, you would have been able to walk the whole convention floor, only stopping for lunch. I myself was totally comfy in my Nike sneakers….

THE BLONDE: OH GIRL, do get real! Seriously, get real! Did you not see the classy, elegant, sophisticated, theater owners strutting around CinemaCon? I could have met my movie soul mate at this convention. I walked just fine, thank you, and looked very tall, to boot.

THE BRUNETTE: Blondie, to coin a movie phrase, “Whatever completes you!”

THE BLONDE: To coin a movie phrase back atcha, Brunette, looking the way I did, I could have had a, “Mr. Gray will see you now,” opportunity!

THE BRUNETTE: In your movie dreams!

THE BLONDE: Then with that attitude, I will not reveal to you who I met and currently dating from CinemaCon then.

THE BRUNETTE: Please, please don’t tell me. Can we move on?

THE BLONDE: What I have noticed, especially recently, movie fans have become so much more selective, not only about the films they pay to see, but the theaters they go to see them in. I personally would rather be more comfortable and see a film in a theater with the updated, reclining seats, even if I costs a little more. Some theaters even provide you with a pillow and blanket. It’s not hard to become more discriminating, savoir-faire, and exceptionally well informed, after attending CinemaCon.

THE BRUNETTE: The way I personally feel about this topic, when it comes to choosing a theatre to see a particular film, I would rather drive the extra distance to make certain I am getting the ultimate, state-of-the-art presentation and most theatrical experience possible. I expect most people feel the same way.

THE BLONDE: I found all the new screens, including the 4-D advancements thrilling. The new regular screens out today truly make one feel as if they are inside of the movie and not just observing. It pulls you in, captivates the observer, and adds so much more excitement to the movie going experience.

Today movie lovers are more educated and therefore more demanding and that is what motivated companies to invent newer and more optimum picture screens and sound quality choices.

THE BRUNETTE: I agree, sitting in the 4-D, interactive, EFX demo theater, was not only a new experience but loads of fun. Wind was blown on me, I was splashed with water, and the chair was moving all about and matching up with the film. I would like to extend Kudos to Dan Jamele from Media Motion for keeping up with the times. OOPS, I don’t want to forget telling you about the bubbles around my head in this theater.

THE BLONDE: Are you calling me a bubblehead? Damn…I wish I had experienced that theater too. But, they wouldn’t let me in with my high shoes. Safety first, at CinemaCON…

THE BRUNETTE: “If the shoe fits… NOT! LOL!” I would like to see more creative 3-D glasses. They are still the ‘same-ole-same-ole-ones.’ I would like the opportunity of purchasing cute, rhinestone, or designer glasses.’

THE BLONDE: Did I hear designer? Did I hear Rhinestone? What has become of you Brunette? I think you have been spending way too much time with me. You might even be wearing heels next year, I dare say…

THE BRUNETTE: Yea, AHA. Ain’t, going to happen.

THE BLONDE: Well I did wear the heels, and I am currently dating someone very CinemaCon special!!!! Eat your heart out Brunette. Speaking of eating… I can’t hold back another second before telling you how delighted I am about all the new concession snacks soon to be in theaters.

For example: The, ‘Tootsie Pop Drops,’ from Adam Warden with the Tootsie Roll Company, The Tuxedos Chocolate Covered Almonds from Libby Mauro from Promotion in Motion Inc.; and Mike Kelly showed us the yummy Dove whole cranberries and blueberries candy by the Mars

Chocolate Candy Company. However, my favorite goodie from of the entire trade show was the popcorn varieties by Popcornopolis, from Mike Arnold. Oh dear lord, the Zebra Popcorn is to die for. It was worth every single calorie. Period!!!


THE BRUNETTE: It must have been, because you slugged me when I tried to take one lousy little kernel!!! You are an unmediated, horrible, popcorn hog!

Wait a second! What about the healthier snacks Blondie? Like The 100% natural fruit and nut blueberry Almonds and Cashew Crunch from Mrs. Mays Naturals, and Kickers, the all natural powdered fruit blends from Waldman Naturals. Dave Waldman showed us the multi flavors to choose from. Let me not forget about our friend Brian Taylor, at Kernel Season’s. They are taking over the seasonings market in so many theaters…

My personal 2 favorites were, the packaged Edamame from Edamovie and Daved Wilkins. I adore Edamame and even more in a movie theatre.

THE BLONDE: Don’t worry movie fans; all the traditional movie candies are still staples in all the theaters. I say, forget about healthy… Brunette. Go for the sugar!

Fans there will also, be more burger, pizza, nacho, hotdog, ice cream, and other food choices coming to a theater near you. Some theaters will also, have wine and beer selections. I am so for that!

THE BRUNETTE: No, I will not forget about the healthy. There are many new choices coming to theaters, including Humus, Dole Fruit packages, many more new healthy alternatives…

Not only are moviegoers more selective, but today’s cinema owners, too, demand, insist and discriminate, when it comes to everything from screens, sound, seats, foods, construction of new theatres, and the remodeling and maintenance of existing theatres.

In closing, the theatre marketplace is competitive and the stakes are high. That is why anybody, who is anybody, in the film industry, in front or behind the camera, the studios themselves, vendors, or the theater owners, treasures the opportunity of attending CinemaCon. Including The Blonde and The Brunette!

This year like all the others, was completely awesomazing…