The Best Man Holiday
Author(s): Blonde and Brunette
Editor: T. Ray Verteramo
Published: November 24, 2013



By: The Blonde and The Brunette


Director, Writer and Producer Malcolm D Lee has done it again. The warm hearted story continues with the life-long college friends that Lee brought to the screen in the 1999 film, The Best Man. The characters are summoned together for an extraordinary gathering to catch up after 15 years long years living their separate lives. The reunion was further enhanced by celebrating the Christmas holidays together. The friends soon discovered that this little get together would rekindle old memories both good and bad. It also, sparked some twisted and forgotten romances that create both laughs and tension. All in all, a delightful movie that will no doubt, leave you wanting to see it each year as one of your favorite classic Christmas films.

Outstanding performances from now veteran performers Monica Calhoun (The Salon, 2005) as Mia; Morris Chestnut (Kick Ass 2, 2013) playing Lance; Melissa De Sousa (She's Not My Sister, 2012) as Shelby; and Taye Diggs (Baggage Claim, 2013) who is Harper.  Also Regina Hall (Think Like A Man, 2012) as Candace; Sanaa Lathan (Repentance, 2013) as Robyn; and Nia Long (Mooz-Lum, 2010) playing Jordan. Terrence Howard (Lee Daniel's The Butler, 2013) stood out in his characterization of Quentin; with Harold Perrineau (Zero Dark Thirty, 2012) as Julian and Eddie Cibrian (Good Deeds, 2012) as Brian.

An enjoyable Comedy the whole family will enjoy this holiday season.

The Blonde: I love, loved, loved this most enjoyable and entertaining film. It encompassed all of the reasons why one goes to the movies. It was fun, poignant and great all around, charming Christmas storyline with colorful, endearing characters.

The Brunette: Hold on there just a second, Blondie. This is not just a Christmas movie. Let’s not overlook that it is also, a friendship reunion movie with a complicated story line.

The Blonde: Ok there Brunette, CHILL!  The chemistry between the cast was stunning. Each character was so very well defined. I found myself rooting for each and every one of them to have a “happily ever after ending”.

The Brunette: I agree! It was one of my favorites of the season so far. I felt so much a part of the camaraderie between them, that I wanted to be a in this circle of friends. It took me back to my college days. 

The Blonde:  Oh, really! I didn’t think your memory could go back that far.

The Brunette: Oh really! Seriously, you couldn’t even remember how to spell camaraderie, let alone remembering YOUR college buds.

The Blonde: Moving right along, FITCH… I would say that Terrence Howard and his character Quentin, stole the film. However, although he added most of the comic relief, the entire cast had their MANY moments to shine.

The Brunette: Oh you just have a crush on Terrence!!

The Blonde: So, he’s gorgeous and an amazing actor. What’s YOUR problem?

The Brunette: Well, all I can say is who in the galaxy doesn’t have a crush on Morris Chestnut!  I, along with the entire theatre audience was thrilled by the topless scene with ‘MY’ pal Morris. Oh dear Lord, it left me breathless.

The Blonde: Yea, I know, I heard you and so did everyone else around. It was embarrassing…

The Brunette: No less noisy and embarrassing then YOU, chomping down on an ENTIRE bucket of popcorn and the whole box of Milk Duds by yourself.

The Blonde: Are you calling me fat? I skipped dinner for that!

The Brunette: It would take more than that, to get away with 10,000 calories.

The Blonde: Well, Terrence loves me just the way I am…

The Brunette: AH-Ha, whatever.

The Blonde: I loved the beautiful setting chosen for this film. It was almost a character of its own. I also, loved all the story lines within the story itself. It kept me interested and intrigued.

The Brunette: Let’s not overlook the outstanding performances from the women in the cast. For example, Monica Calhoun, who plays Mia not only nailed her part but was unforgettable in this role.

The Blonde: I agree completely. She warmed my heart and even made me shed a tear or two. I also, enjoyed the drama brought by Melissa De Sousa who played Shelby. She was so catty and manipulative. Spot on. In addition, I believed all of the anguish and independence that Nia Long endured playing the role of Jordan. She really evolves. It’s nice to see a bit of all of us on screen.

The Brunette: The dynamics between the couples, Harper and Robyn and Candy and Julian came across very real and honest. It kept me hoping their problems and relationship turned out ok.

The Blonde: I know, right? We fell so in love with the characters, we felt like they were our friends which made us worry about them. Furthermore, this film was realistic and true to the everyday problems that all of us have to deal with and overcome in our lives. Well thought out script.

The Brunette: Being the holiday season, this film also, brought out a sensitive take on spirituality as well. In today’s world of films, this was not only unique but refreshing and comforting.

The Blonde: WOW, GOOD FOR YOU BRUNETTE. You just warmed the cockles of my heart!

The Brunette:  OH SHUT UP!!!!!

The Blonde: LOL… To sum up, this was a lovely film. You will leave with the Christmas spirit and a renewed sense of friendship. The Best Man Holiday is a ‘GREAT SEASON TO BE JOLLY’, date film. I rate it a solid B-.

The Brunette: As much as it kills me, I have to agree with The Blonde and give it a B- as well. I look forward to number 3!

The Blonde and The Brunette:  P.S. WE WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!



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